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Horne Label

Location Rock Hill, SC U.S.
Striven Case Study - Horne Label

Horne Label Case Study by Striven ERP

The Company: About Horne Label

Horne Label is the largest manufacturer of custom labels and tag products in South Carolina. They also stock shipping supplies and packaging products. Family owned and operated, they have been in business for over 30 years.

The Situation: More Capacity

The company was previously using a desktop version of Quickbooks, which limited how many items and open orders they could use at one time. As they grew from 1 million to 5 million dollars in revenue, they had to manually delete old orders from their system.

Needing a solution with more capacity, they adopted Fishbowl to track inventory. Every few hours, they’d have to export information from one system to the other. Because they did their ordering in Fishbowl but managed accounting in Quickbooks, they would jump between systems constantly. Their process became overly complicated, with many employees not knowing where to go for accurate information.

Their customer service representatives needed to see invoices and orders all in one place. So they moved to Quickbooks Online, but when they tried to integrate with Fishbowl, the two systems stopped communicating entirely. Calls to customer service for each product resulted in representatives blaming the other system for the failure.

Horne Label looked at Netsuite and other enterprise level systems. However, most of these were far out of their price range. When they came across Striven, they appreciated that it has the same functionality as the systems they reviewed, but at a much more reasonable price point.

The Solution: Striven ERP

Ultimately, Striven was able to provide Horne Label with quoting, accounting, orders, inventory, and project management in one coherent and user-friendly interface.

The company notes that the transition to Striven was incredibly easy. The Striven team showed the employees at Horne Label exactly how to back up their data from Quickbooks and Fishbowl. They complete a guided transition with custom forms before going live. Overall, the Striven team made sure that everyone had the right information and training before they officially started working in the system. Overall, the entire transition took less than a month.

Using Striven, Horne Label can easily go to an order to see the order number, purchase order, bills, and invoices that go to the customer. They appreciate not having to change systems to get all of the information they need on a single screen.

The Results: Striven ERP Implementation Benefits

Horne Label is now using Striven for a completely centralized process. They have saved over 50% of their time inputting orders. Overall, Striven has earned them significant savings, with an entire system matching the yearly cost of Fishbowl alone. The company notes that they are much happier with the customer service they get from Striven.

Currently, Horne Label does almost everything in Striven. In addition to much improved processes, they are also able to travel for business and enter an order remotely through a phone or tablet. As the company continues to grow, they are looking forward to seeing how Striven will grow with them.

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