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Production Management for

CAD Interface

The CAD Interface provides for the export and import of parts and BOMs. VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net provides online links from ERP product data to part drawings and electronic files.

Engineering & Product Life Cycle Management (EPLM)

The VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net ERP Engineering & Product Lifecycle Management suite provides an integrated product backbone in support of multi-department enterprise requirements. Complex product manufacturers require robust product data management, continuous engineering, and support for cradle-to-grave and cross-domain elements, all of which are facilitated using the VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net application. Common data access and efficient transaction handling allow complex manufacturing companies to develop, describe, manage, and communicate information about their products.

Operations Management

The VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net Operations Management suite simplifies the day-to-day and longer-range operational tasks of complex product manufacturers. VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net delivers cost-effective Operations Management capabilities throughout the manufacturing system. This integrated suite of modules and subsystems ensure superior business process in the areas of Quality Systems Management, Labor Management, Shop Floor Control, Work In Process (WIP), Maintenance Operations, and Data Collection. Functionality in these areas is critical to realizing the benefits of an optimized manufacturing business operation.

Quality Systems Management

VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net Quality Systems Management module is integrated throughout the application and business process. It delivers integrated quality assurance management by extending standard shop floor control and provides for the creation and use of revision-controlled,​“process-oriented” routings. Quality Systems Management also offers a number of tools to assist in quality control data collection and analysis. This module can help businesses achieve ISO compliance with a well-defined process throughout the business from the shop floor and in all aspects of the production cycle.

Labor Management

VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net Labor Management provides all companies with the ability to generate timely management information, in addition to facilitating the company’s ability to ensure the smooth running of Human Resource (HR) administration. VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net provides comprehensive tools for capturing both production-related and overhead time bookings, ranging from hourly timesheets to web-based time collection for remote employees.

Shop Floor Control

The VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net Shop Floor Control module provides maximum flexibility to deploy plant-wide resources using finite, infinite, backward, or forward scheduling. Users may split work orders, track material, and change routing operations content and scheduling to meet the critical needs in the time required. VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net also provides comprehensive shop floor control capabilities to enable full definition of routings along with primary and alternate work centers, alternate work centers, man/machine resource costing capabilities, and the ability to manage sub-contracted operations.

Work in Process

The VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net WIP module allows each business to effectively manage the production functions of the business. It identifies assemblies to be built, channels material for work orders into the production floor, and returns finished assemblies to the warehouse for shipment to all customers. VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net delivers real value for WIP management and provides complete support for mixed-mode (hybrid) and To Order manufacturing.

Maintenance Operations

The VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net Maintenance Operations module assists with the tracking and resolution of customer service calls through its integration with the controls, labor, and order entry features of other VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net modules. This allows you to track and report equipment failures and service calls, and repairs.

Data Collection — Analyze Critical Business Data

Support for barcode-identified inventory data collection is available for a variety of inventory-related transactions. In addition, using web services and its open architecture, VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net supports linkage to data collection systems such as wireless data capture or barcode systems. Approaches such as these offer the opportunity to further reduce the cost of collecting and improving the timeliness and accuracy of all inventory, work in process, and related operations data.

Parts & BOMS

VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net focuses on ergonomics as well as rich functionality in creating and maintaining product data. Elimination of duplicate entries and access to both​“quick entry” and​“full maintenance” forms allows engineers to focus on engineering, not data entry.

Product Configurator

The VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net Product Configurator provides powerful, rule-based generation of product structures, costs, and pricing, in a flexible guided user interface. The product configurator is fully integrated with quoting, order entry, and engineering, delivering efficient data entry and reliable generation of simple to complex Configure-To-Order items.


VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net Routings define the steps within the process required to build a​“make” part. Routing files contain instructions on how and where to build products. Each routing contains the sequence of operations that need to be performed and identifies the work centers where the operations are to be performed together with the resources, machines, and labor used to perform each operation. Times listed in the routing determine the labor costs, scheduling, and capacity required to manufacture the product. Modules

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