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More than a Software and Technical Services Company, Visibility is a Solutions Company.

Visibility Corporation provides business and technical solutions that help organizations achieve optimal results from their business information systems. Founded in 1988, Visibility is a recognized leader as an enterprise software and technical services company with client successes throughout North America, the United Kingdom, Western Europe, and Asia Pacific. Visibility’s corporate headquarters in the United States is located 25 miles north of Boston in Andover, Massachusetts, and Visibility’s European headquarters is located 10 miles southwest of Manchester Center in Cheadle, England.

Visibility ERP for Your Manufacturing and Distribution Business

Visibility, as an ERP vendor, works closely with you to understand your business objectives and assess your legacy ERP system and processes. Visibility’s ERP system solutions range from easy-to-deploy, high-impact reporting and analytic solutions to comprehensive, integrated enterprise applications built to address your specific business needs with seamless implementation from the legacy system. Optimizing productivity and recognizing an immediate return on investment are common business drivers for the organizations we serve. Remaining customer driven has been key to our business development and success. Visibility Corporation has the manufacturing business software package you need to achieve your objectives. Extend your enterprise visibility by contacting us today. Advantages

VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net is a fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for complex and mixed-mode product manufacturers. Through an unparalleled suite of business applications, VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net is the leading-edge technology enterprise system that enables organizations to significantly optimize business effectiveness and dramatically enhance performance. 

Designed to support the optimization of operational management strategies, the Visibility​ERP solution consists of integrated modules that enable effective management of customer relationships, quotes, projects, costs, material and resource planning, product engineering, and manufacturing, business performance, finance and global issues, where supply chain collaboration is key to your success.

VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net provides ERP systems for businesses with strategic insight, the ability to differentiate with increased productivity, and the flexibility needed to achieve business goals.

VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net provides a strategic advantage across the entire enterprise. Business integration, comprehensive functionality, collaborative capabilities, global features, and compliance-based controls enable effective decision-making, increased organizational productivity, and a system infrastructure optimized for profitable business growth.

The VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net ERP system is the only internet based Enterprise Resource Planning software developed specifically to meet the unique needs of complex manufacturers (including To-Order, ETO, CTO, MTO, Project Based, Discrete, and Hybrid). The Visibility ERP system will optimize performance throughout your extended enterprise, and it provides a precise fit to your business strategies with a quick implementation that accelerates your return on investment.

VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net is an integrated ERP solution and more. This fully integrated browser-based ERP solution cost-effectively delivers the power of .NET via a traditional on-site installation or deployed over the Web as a service (SaaS). VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net supports Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL Server™ databases. Technology

Having a strong foundation upon which the ERP application is supported allows organizations to operate with confidence in their system infrastructure. The VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net technology framework provides companies with a significant competitive advantage by providing a comprehensive, scalable, adaptable, and lower cost to deploy and maintain the foundation. This foundation offers database choices of Oracle® or Microsoft® SQL Server and is built using industry-standard contemporary technologies. This gives companies unmatched flexibility to meet the challenging demands cost-effectively for all business operations.


Microsoft®.NET is a set of software technologies for connecting information, people, systems, and devices. Based exclusively on .NET technology, VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net is one of a new breed of ERP products that has been architected as an Internet application from its inception while maintaining Visibility’s depth in business functionality. 100% Browser Based, Zero Client Footprint VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net provides a distinct set of advantages when it comes to deploying the application. IT administration benefits include the elimination of​“client-side” PC configuration issues and fast, reliable deployment of upgrade patches. VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net provides a highly intuitive, interactive user experience. All of this is achieved with a zero-client interface. In other words, VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net does not download any software onto a client PC in order to operate. Any client PC with Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2a or later is capable of operating VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​ERP.

System Security

System security is provided at all layers of the application and general environment. Providing for tightly secured data access between the VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net application and your database. Application security is built into each application form and individual form controls and links.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

VISIBILITY. net is constructed using the Microsoft® Visual Studio​.NET application and web service IDE toolset. This standards-based approach includes the use of managed code and associated web services to deliver a high-performance and highly scalable Service Oriented Architecture.

Database Independent

The VISIBILITY ERP system currently supports Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL Server databases.

Complete Multi-Entity/Inter-Entity/Multi-Plant/Multi-Currency Capability

In a global or multi-entity environment, take advantage of strong and deep multi-company, inter-company, and multi-currency support throughout every aspect of the application.

Multi-Lingual Capability

The VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net application is multi-language ready. All form labels, report labels, and internal codes are administered with internal translation tables, allowing for linked translation text in any alternate language. Based on a user’s login, the application can be automatically presented in the selected language. Double-byte languages such as Japanese and Chinese can also be supported. Modules

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