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Campbell Wrapper Corporation

Location De Pere, Wisconsin USA Case Study - Campbell Wrapper Corporation

Campbell Wrapper Corporation Case Study by VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net ERP Software

The Company: About Campbell Wrapper Corporation

Operating in a 60,000-square-foot facility in De Pere, Wisconsin, the Campbell Wrapper Corporation has been designing and developing flow wrapping equipment since 1947. Starting out as a small steamboat and sawmill machine shop in the late 1800s, the company later became incorporated and grew to build America’s first napkin folder. Continuing to expand and diversify over the years, the Campbell Wrapper’ machine was introduced as the original horizontal flow wrapper in the United States. Since then, Campbell Wrapper Corporation has become dedicated to upholding the flow wrapper industry’s impressive reputation for manufacturing high-quality, rugged, and dependable packaging equipment. Staffed with experienced individuals, the company is committed to developing decade-long partnerships with customers, through dependable products and services.

The Industry

The demands and trends of the flow wrapping industry combined with a high company standard for producing durable, long-lasting machines create a challenge for manufacturers like Campbell Wrapper. Longevity and reliability are a must, but so too is the need for scalability to accommodate increased packaging speeds, extended automation, and the various other unique requirements of growing customers. New trends in the industry, such as the transition to ultrasonic sealing methods and re-sealable packaging, are forcing manufacturers to continuously reform the way packaging equipment is designed. Every flow wrapper begins with a basic model, but each machine is then customized to meet customer needs. As Don Stelzer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Campbell Wrapper put it, At the end of the day, they have application-related or specific components that need to be addressed for each of the machines to handle a product.”

The Situation: Organizational Efficiency

Building strong customer relationships by providing quality products and timely service is essential to Campbell Wrapper, but working with an outdated ERP system can have a negative impact on both service and sales. The ASK Manman system, previously employed by the company, lacked the efficiencies now expected from newer enterprise software packages. Having a 200,000 part equipment list meant part searches could take upwards of 20 minutes,” describes Todd Goodwin, VP of Finance. Waiting for searches to complete meant that users were unable to continue working within the single-screen system. Valuable time and resources were spent printing and viewing bulky reports, which were required to retrieve vital accounting information. System navigation meant the memorization of multiple commands and intensive training for beginners. Over time, these lost labor hours can add up to hundreds and even thousands in lost revenue.

Campbell Wrapper decided to search for an ERP solution that would maximize organizational efficiency and adapt to support business growth over many years. Performance objectives included comprehensive project and inventory control, timely and accurate provisioning of materials, and increased productivity. These goals led to the necessity of finding a system built with the latest technology available and expressly designed for engineer-to-order and configure-to-order manufacturing companies. After an extensive search, Campbell Wrapper confidently made the choice to invest in VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net.

The Solution: VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net

The VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net solution is one of the first business applications written in the Microsoft .NET framework from the ground up and is able to support either a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database. This extraordinary foundation delivers a highly functional user interface and scalable Service Oriented Architecture while sustaining a low cost of deployment and maintenance. The web-based architecture transmits information in real-time and allows users to display multiple windows within a single browser, inevitably improving work performance. All of this is achieved with a zero-client interface, reliable deployment of upgrades, and the elimination of client-side PC configuration issues. The VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net package comes complete with the integration of Operations Management, Engineering & Product Lifecycle Management, Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Financial Management, Material & Production Planning, and Business Performance Management related modules.

The Results: VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net Implementation Benefits

Providing a solid foundation for optimized productivity and efficiency, VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net has freed up time and resources to allow Campbell Wrapper to pursue further methods for increasing profit margins and satisfying customer needs. Real-time reporting eliminated the need for lengthy printed reports and the speed of working within a web-based system reduced the average wait time for searches by over 95 percent. 

Rapid drill-down capabilities and the ability to toggle between multiple windows and applications broadened access to data in turn enhancing analysis and comparisons. The customizable main desktop page or Personal Portal’ has given Campbell Wrapper’s users one-click access to the applications that are specific to each job requirement. Todd Goodwin summed it up by saying, All this enables me to focus on other things that add value to the company, such as doing more variant analysis; things I didn’t have time for before.”

Since its implementation was completed in June of 2008, Campbell Wrapper has taken full advantage of the materials requirements planning and inventory control capabilities in VIS​I​BIL​I​TY​.net. Although Campbell Wrapper’s primary business is engineering- and configuring-to-order, the company is considered more of a hybrid manufacturer as it also sells aftermarket parts. The integration of master production schedule and material requirements combines order and make-to-stock planning, which ensures that project-related items are made available to the appropriate project-related demands and that make-to-stock requirement are batched to guarantee economic order quantities. Inventory control maintains inventory records with maximum accuracy, supporting cycle counting of perpetual inventory and full stock count facilities for annualized counts. 

Campbell Wrapper knows that, with limited staff, it is crucial to have an ERP system that supports individuals as well as the entire organization. Visibility is proud to have Campbell Wrapper as another delighted customer.
It was a lot of work to implement a new ERP solution and we had some expected challenges, but I can honestly say this implementation went much smoother and was easier than our last implementation with ASK Manman – and that was merely an upgrade from one release to another!” — Todd Goodwin

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