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3‑Step ERP Implementation

With over 15 years of experience resulting in hundreds of successful ERP implementations, our consultants are some of the most highly skilled in the industry. We guarantee that our team of experts not only understand the WorkWise ERP software, but also understand the complexities and challenges that your industry faces. 

The WorkWise ERP team’s approach to implementation is both data- and goal-driven. Our experts help to plan and organize your project with our three-step comprehensive implementation.

1. Discovery

The get ready” phase ensures a solid foundation for your ERP implementation. Our consultants survey each of your functional areas in order to understand your business requirements and then custom builds an implementation plan based on those needs.

2. Implementation

The get set” phase is the most critical from an execution standpoint. WorkWise consultants train users, perform testing, and issue resolutions to certify that your new ERP system works properly. 

3. Results

The go” phase performs final conversions; training and testing are synchronized toward the cutover to WorkWise ERP. This phase also includes final modeling sessions, tests, improvements training, and support before the software goes live. 

Customizations and Integrations

WorkWise ERP software features over 45 applications and multiple integrations, all of which can be customized based on the type of software package you need. Our ERP integrations allows users to move seamlessly between applications without ever having to leave the ERP software. Easily adaptable to your business, WorkWise ERP gives users complete visibility into your manufacturing process, improving efficiencies and streamlining operations. 

In addition to customizing ERP applications and integrations, WorkWise ERP also performs customer third-party software integrations if needed. 

WorkWise ERP customizable applications and integrations include:

• Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable

• Business Metrics


• Customer Relationship Management Software

ERP User Training

With one of the industry’s most comprehensive ERP training programs, WorkWise provides its customers with resources designed to help them get the best usage of their software. The provided training ensures success for your business and a complete understanding of how your software works. WorkWise will guide you through all stages of ERP software including providing knowledge about planning and software implementation.

Training with WorkWise is flexible; choose between the options of online or on-site training sessions as well as your choice of receiving training at our location or yours. WorkWise wants to help you get the absolute most out of your ERP software, which is why we encourage customers to attend training sessions designed for your specific industry. 

Additional training resources include:

• Training classes – a comprehensive series of interactive, web-based training workshops.

• WorkWise Education Series – indulge in educational, free 60-minute webinars, if enrolled in an ERP software maintenance plan.

ERP Training Library – our customer care center gives access to our library containing hundreds of ERP video courses.

• User Group Meetings — User Group Meetings are great opportunities to meet with other software users, review product updates, engage in Q&A’s and provide software feedback.

Multi-Point ERP Support System 

WorkWise ERP understands that strong customer support is all about quick responses from knowledgeable industry insiders. WorkWise provides an efficient and friendly support team that is committed to finding solutions with our multi-point support system.

Our multi-point support system is there for every need of each customer with the latest information on any topic or question that needs a quick response. Our support system provides many avenues to get in touch with our staff including submitting requests via web, email, phone and fax as well as a substantial ERP knowledge-based library for 247 self-service support.

Our methods:

• Rapid Response – focuses on critical needs, giving ERP users quick, workable answers.

• Full Scope – a full diagnostic approach that helps users determine both root causes and relevant solutions to your questions.

• Broad Scope –allows users to scan all of the available solutions in any area, as well as determining which of those solutions can have specific benefits to your business. 

WorkWise ERP Consulting

WorkWise ERP offers consulting services that are designed to create the maximum benefit from your ERP software investment and to help users gain a competitive advantage in the form of increased productivity and profit. Our WorkWise consultants are some of the most skilled ERP consultants in the software industry with over 15 years of experience in managing hundreds of successful ERP implementations, training programs, and improvement initiatives. 

The goal of our ERP consultants is to form a long-term partnership with our customers. We listen to your specific needs and business goals, working directly with you to gain the maximum use out of your ERP software. Our results-driven consulting style will help to take your business to a new level of performance and efficiency.

WorkWise ERP consulting services include:

ERP software installation 

• Data migration

• Configuration

• End-user training 

• Business, technical, and project consulting 

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