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Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition

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Production Management for Aptean Industrial Manufacturing ERP WorkWise Edition

Production Management Module

Advanced Forecasting

The Advanced Forecasting application is a collaborative tool that allows users to develop an accurate forecast. Fully supporting a Sales and Operations Planning process, companies can efficiently balance supply and demand. 

Key features:

  • 3‑year statistical forecast
  • Export to materials scheduling
  • Seasonality and smoothing factors 

Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)

The powerful Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP) application provides real-time adjustments of Load and Capacity to resolve conflicts. This function grants users with the ability to run simulations and use the shop floor scheduling tools to view capacity requirements.

The CRP provides the following capabilities:
  • Color-coding load/overload by day
  • Adjusting calendars for work center capacities 
  • Drilling down to shop order detail 
  • Checking material stock status 

Equipment Maintenance 

Minimize your downtime while scheduling maintenance with the equipment maintenance application. Equipment maintenance gives users the ability to review, update, and schedule maintenance operations quickly, right along with production requirements. 

The application interfaces with WorkWise ERP applications in order to plan, order, and schedule the necessary maintenance activity and required materials throughout the Shop Floor Control system. 

Key features:
  • Schedule and track the maintenance of equipment
  • Create a standard maintenance schedule 
  • Provide a view to the impact of PM on the Shop Floor Schedule 


Kanban is a communication system that controls the shop flow and synchronizes the level of production to customer demand. The visual system allows users to see flow and to adjust to the level at which it is set. By using signals to determine when an operation should start, the signals can be cards, containers, emails or electronic notice. 

Use WorkWise ERP Kanban in circumstances where the demand is stable and operations are not shared on multiple product lines with variable demands. 

Key features:
  • Barcode scan for visual replenishment 
  • Kanban card printing and management
  • Single and multiple step production Kanbans.

Master Production Scheduling (MPS)

The Master Production Scheduling application is the most critical function in a Ship-from-Stock/Make-to-Stock environment. It provides a stable and efficient environment for your production area. 

The MPS application increases material requirement predictability by establishing a consistent production schedule that considers both forecast and customer orders. Improve your customer service through available-to-promise features, which allow users to check item availability and quote an achievable promise date. 

Key features:
  • Exception notices
  • Rough-cut capacity planning 
  • Net change and regenerative 

Production Dispatch & Reporting 

Manage the complexities of the shop floor environment with the Production Dispatch & Reporting application, which provides up-to-date information on production dispatch and data collection that can be ran on mobile-devices or from a browser. 

This application provides a complete document management system where employees can share tips, problem notes, and quality notes to track problems. 

Features include:
  • Time approval
  • Real-time production reporting 
  • Group sequencing to reduce setup times

Quality Management

Automate your company with built-in quality methodologies and advanced user workflow, while also eliminating all manual forms, files, and spreadsheets. 

Additional features:
  • Send electronic NC/CPA documents and To-Do notifications using email
  • Written reports in Crystal, allowing users to modify and create new Quality reports
  • Evolve to paperless quality system” where documents can be shared, viewed or emailed

Shop Floor Control & Visual Scheduling

Shop Floor Control & Visual Scheduling is the head of the MES and is designed for manufacturers to use in the scheduling and control of production, as well as the capture of labor, materials, machines, and time used in production. 

The application is a real-time database of shop floor activity including new work, current work-in-progress, and completions. Receive instant feedback to respond back to effectively as work moves through the plant and operations are completed. 

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