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Materials Management for WorkWise ERP

Materials Management Module

A key ERP application for manufacturers, Bill of Materials (BOM) allow users to outline the structural composition of products they sell, assemble, cost, or plan. Encompassing every style of BOM, this application integrates all functions in the supply chain from Customer Order Processing through Production Costing.

An additional feature of the BOM application is the ability to associate materials to an operation. It allows your material planning program to schedule materials to be available when the operation begins instead of when a work order is scheduled to begin.

Key features include:

• Date and ECN affectivity

• Attaching operations

• Auto issue based on production


Enable your WorkWise ERP software and CAD system to work together. Pass data bidirectionally between CAD and WorkWise ERP to move directly from on-screen renderings and share it between two systems.

CADlink delivers an efficient and productive engineering and product development process by improving the production time, offering visibility and accuracy, freeing up engineering time and resources, and reducing shop floor errors.


• Intuitive visual interface

• Error notification

• Direct CAD integration

• Reduced engineering costs 

Inventory Management Module

Enhance customer service and increase inventory turns with the WorkWise ERP Inventory module. The Inventory module enables the replenishment of materials and products without increasing inventory investments.

Project phased inventory and access available to promise” information instantly. Information is updated with every transaction and includes all consumption and replenishment actions. Quickly drill down to see specific orders involved during any period.

The Inventory module in WorkWise ERP includes the following key features:

Unlimited locations, bins, lots and serial numbers

Cycle counting and physical inventory

Reorder advice with Order Point Logic

Stock status with Time Phased Projected Balances

Detailed summary transaction history/audit

Item classifications and stocking flags

The benefits of the WorkWise ERP Inventory module includes the ability to anticipate demand, increase inventory turns, gain more accurate forecasting and real-time access to information, and enhanced customer service.

The WorkWise Material Control management (MCM) module provides materials personnel with control over all material functions, augmenting the capabilities provided by other WorkWise modules.

Material Control Management (MCM) provides integration with other WorkWise ERP modules, including Mobile Data Collection, for wireless hand-held transactions with bar-code support.

Comprehensive Material Control Functionality includes the following features: 

  • Better Inventory Control by Staging Material Picks Separately from Issuing
  • Shop Floor Control Electronic Pick Requests with Availability Checking
  • Customer Order Electronic Pick Requests with Availability Checking
  • Manually Generated Move Requests, with or without Bin Tracking
  • Real-Time Electronic Moves for all Moves, Picks and Transfers
  • Automatic Serial Number Assignment for Items that Require Serial Control
  • Automatic Lot Number Assignment for Items that Require Lot Control
  • Shop Floor Control Back-flushing Using Hierarchical Bin Type Sequencing
  • All Functions Provided in a Comprehensive MCM Workbench for Easy Transaction Control
  • Optionally Deploy with MDC Mobile Devices (With MDC License), including easy to use One Scan” bar code deployment for even easier scanning

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

The Materials Requirements Planning application determines the products that should be produced, in what quantity, and by what specific date. Easily schedule and forecast product demand while creating a complete material plan that determines the quantities and delivery schedules of needed components.

Using WorkWise ERP capabilities, MRP can assist in lowering inventories and making them more flexible. The multi-location and multi-level drill-down pegging alerts production planning personnel quickly of any potential problems.

Key features:

· Automated replenishment advice

· Full pegging to source of demand

· Fast regeneration

Mobile Inventory Control

Validate and update transactions in real-time with WorkWise ERP’s Mobile Inventory Control (MIC) capabilities.

Mobile Inventory Control (MIC) is a set of mobile transactions designed for hand-held devices. MIC capabilities allow users to deploy bar-code enabled, hand-held mobile devices selectively.

With WorkWise’s MIC, transactions validate and update in real-time. The MIC ERP application includes Inventory, Shipping, Receiving, and Shop Floor transactions, all with bar code label printing functionality. MIC works directly with the WorkWise ERP database to improve inventory accuracy; inventory control; provide better lot, bin and serial management, and improve lot traceability.

WorkWise ERP Mobile Inventory Control (MIC) includes the following features:

Purchase Order Receipts

Customer Order Shipping

SO Completions

SO Material Issues

Item / Bin Look-up

Physical Inventory

Cycle Count

Bin-to-Bin Transfer

The benefits of WorkWise ERP MIC include the ability to eliminate paperwork throughout the supply chain, connect workers with real-time information to reduce error rates, and improve accuracy and productivity.

Multi-Carrier Shipment Processing

Simplify the shipping process with WorkWise ERP’s multi-carrier shipment processing feature. Streamline and automate shipping processes with all major freight carriers and LTL carriers. WorkWise ERP has partnered with ProcessWeaver’s xCarrier solution to offer a comprehensive, best-in-class multi-carrier shipment process application.

xCarrier is an industry-leading multi-carrier shipping solution designed to streamline and automate shipping processes. By eliminating touch points and accelerating workflows, xCarrier allows companies to lower costs and transform shipping departments into profit centers. Tight integration with WorkWise ERP provides visibility and automated communication of shipping information company-wide and with end customers.

xCarrier seamlessly integrates with all major Freight Carrier Systems and LTL carriers, eliminating time-consuming/costly input errors. Its certified 250+ logistics trading partners include FedEx, UPS, TNT, Canada Post, Purolator, DHL, LTL, TL, Freight Forwarders, 3PL, 4PL and more. It is a single solution that replaces multiple carrier solutions and is designed to handle 100% of the customer’s shipping including small parcels, couriers, LTL shipments and company vehicle shipments.

By eliminating touch points and accelerating workflows, xCarrier allows companies to lower costs and transform shipping departments into profit centers while providing the following features:

Reduce errors by eliminating double data entry

Increase accuracy of shipping information

Gain greater visibility into shipping statuses and costs

Improve employee productivity

Reduce shipment-related inquiry calls

Speed up processes

Improve cash flow by reducing SDO (sales days outstanding)

Improve the ship-to-bill cycle

Improve the bill-to-collect cycle

Help to find the lowest freight

Product Configurator

Simplify the production of engineered, ordered, planned, and controlled products that are configured or assembled uniquely for each customer order. The product configurator gives users great flexibility. Reduce the proliferation of items, bills, and routings for uniquely configured products.

Make it easy for customers and distributors to buy your products with the Product Configurator. It allows both sales and customers to select, configure, price, and order product all while making sure only valid features, dimensions, and options are selected.

Benefits include:

• Features and options selection

• Table lookups

• Dimensionality calculations

Purchasing and Requisitions

The Purchasing & Requisitions module within WorkWise’s ERP solution efficiently handles all aspects of the procurement cycle, including purchase order creation, plus printing, receiving, providing vendor price quotations, management of blanket orders and extensive vendor analysis reporting. Collect and maintain accurate records of all important transactions.

The Purchasing and Requisitions module in WorkWise ERP includes the following key features:

Purchase order and change printing

Go paperless with optional integrated fax/email capability

Blankets and releases

Create shipping documents for vendor returns

Create return forms to document defective materials

Vendor quotations with quantity breaks

Purchase for stock, jobs (WIP) and MRO

Outside process services

Inspection processing

Complete purchasing history

Vendor on-time and quality tracking

The benefits of the WorkWise ERP Purchasing & Requisitions module includes the ability to maintain accurate records, save time with automation, streamline workflow with vendors, accurately track details, and increase efficiency.


The Routing application provides flexible and accurate scheduling, which is the basis for work loading and the source of the planned costs for direct, indirect, and overhead costs associated with plant equipment and personnel.

With the Routing application, gain the ability to establish Matrix Routings to allow for cross-referencing master operation lists to a configured product’s requirements. Enable the establishment of a single routing that can be attached to multiple products requiring the same basic operation steps.

Additional Features include:

• Unlimited alternate routings

• Total costs and complete scheduling view

• Report actual work performed


Eliminate the need for expensive middleware with the use of SOLIDWORKS CAD Connect. The two-way data integration between the WorkWise ERP Engineering Workbench and SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD or PDM seamlessly moves engineering data between technologies. 

Import bills of material, item engineering data, part attributes, and engineering drawings from SOLIDOWRKS into WorkWise ERP. SOLIDWORKS CAD Connect increases engineering productivity helping to speed up product development. 

SOLIDWORKS CAD Connect Benefits:

• Improved responsiveness

• Duplicate data entry elimination 

• Improved responsiveness 

UPS/FedEx Integration

The UPS/FedEx Integration module allows your ERP solution to work seamlessly with major shipping carriers including UPS and FedEx. Eliminate costly input errors as well as the need for issuing credits. 

For companies that only need integration with UPS and/or FedEx, the WorkWise ERP UPS/FedEx Freight & Shipping application seamlessly integrates with UPS and/or FedEx, eliminating time-consuming and costly input errors.

The UPS/FedEx Integration module in WorkWise ERP includes the following key features:

Shipping interfaces with UPS or FedEx

Shipment record automatically populated with freight cost and tracking numbers

Tracking numbers available in invoice history

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