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Supply Chain Management for WorkWise ERP

Supply Chain Management Module

Advanced Forecasting

The Advanced Forecasting application is a collaborative tool that allows users to develop an accurate forecast. Fully supporting a Sales and Operations Planning process users can efficiently balance their organization’s supply and demand. 

Key features:

· 3 year statistical forecast

· Export to maters scheduling

· Seasonality and smoothing factors 

eCommerce Gateway

Online businesses needs a system in place to help manage business operations. With the WorkWise eCommerce Gateway application, users can keep business information stored and organized. Automatically enter information from your online store into your ERP system to retrieve up-to-date data from one place. 

Benefits and Advantages:

· Build customer loyalty 

· Open new sales and channels

· Increase sales

· Speed order fulfillment 

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI is a flexible interface tool used to replace paper mail, fax and email by exchanging business in a standard format between business partners. Completed digitally, EDI transactions are sent to the correct application so they can be processed immediately. 

The application facilitates order entry, invoicing and Advanced Shipping Notice processes by removing the need for paper forms and filings. EDI integrates with your ERP software in order to coordinate supply chain management, reduce paperwork and streamline administrative tasks. 


· Reduces paperwork

· Lowers costs

· Increases speed and efficiency 

· Improves data quality 

Multi-Carrier Shipment Processing

If your company needs integration with major freight and LTL carriers, WorkWise has collaborated with ProcessWeaver’s xCarrier Shipment Process application, which is an industry-leading multi-carrier shipping solution designed to streamline and automate the shipping process. 

It eliminates touch points and accelerates workflows, which allows the companies to lowers costs and transform shipping departments into profit centers. Integration with WorkWise ERP provides visibility and automated communication of shipping information company-wide and with end customers. 

Key features:

· Greater visibility into shipping statuses and costs

· Speed up processes

· Help to find the lowest freight costs

UPS/FedEx Shipping Integration

If your company only needs UPS and/or FedEx, the WorkWise ERP UPS/FedEx Freight & Shipping application seamlessly integrates with UPS and/or FedEx, eliminating time-consuming/costly input errors and the need for issuing credits. 


· Shipping interfaces with UPS or FedEx

· Shipment record automatically populated with Freight Cost and Tracking #s.

· Tracking numbers available for invoice history 

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