ERP Case Study

Copps Industries

Location Mequon, WI, USA
Solution Deacom ERP
Industry Chemical
Deacom ERP Case Study - Copps Industries

The Company: About Copps Industries

Since 1979, Copps Industries has provided epoxy resins to civil engineering, mining, electronics and adhesive markets around the world. Its reactive polymers had countless applications, yet the company could only scale to meet market demand once it had strong process control and flexibility delivered by Deacom’s Managed Cloud Services. 

The Situation: Scalable Processes

Before adopting Deacom ERP, Copps ran on dated technology coupled with a significant number of manual workarounds to fill in process gaps. A company with customers around the world, Copps relied on people to deliver scalable and repeatable processes and, as a result, had to limit the volume of SKUs so it was manageable for their small team. In addition, Copps was saddled with an outdated disk-operating system (DOS) that no longer supported its business needs and employees struggled with managing a paper trail of documents.

Copps also endured the retirement of two 20+ year veterans, who took with them their skills and processes when they left the company. This led to issues with process control and even onboarding and educating new employees. Copps Industries needed a solution that would tighten process control, scale with its business, and centralize information so that anyone could access it, at any time. 

In order to overcome these challenges, Copps needed to upgrade to a more robust cloud-based offering. The company was in search of a solution that would allow them to easily scale their business, ensure process control and centralize information. Copps outgrew the existing ways of working and needed a solution that would provide the flexibility they needed to improve productivity and efficiency. 

The Solution: Deacom ERP

Copps explored several solutions and, after thorough consideration, selected Deacom ERP, a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for global manufacturers and distributors worldwide, in 2008. Twelve years later, the company upgraded its system to Deacom’s Managed Cloud Services (MCS).

Deacom’s MCS provides Copps employees with fast access to the data they needed to perform their jobs securely, reliably, and without worry. Copps began to migrate to the cloud and run a full Deacom upgrade in October 2019 and was fully operational by February 2020. Better still, the switch to the cloud allowed Copps to completely eliminate the need for what was once a necessary expense: outside IT support to maintain the server. 

With Deacom, Copps employees now access everything they need digitally. Likewise, Deacom’s Managed Cloud Services solved a universal issue of how to best provide vital information to employees. Before Deacom, this process was very people-dependent and relied on a bit of tribal knowledge. Now anyone on staff can get the answers they need when they need them without having to bog down a colleague with endless questions. 

Today, Copps has relied on the Deacom ERP solution for 13 years. Approximately 91% of the company’s staff uses the system on a daily basis. The number of Copps employees who use the software has increased by 44% in the last two years. 

In addition to all of the anticipated outcomes, Copps quickly learned that it had deployed Deacom’s MCS at precisely the right moment. The world turned upside down as the COVID-19 pandemic surfaced mere weeks after the cloud migration was complete. By switching to Deacom’s MCS, Copps not only prepared the company for further growth, but it successfully moved to remote work without scrambling or the need to deploy makeshift solutions. 

The Results: Deacom ERP Implementation Benefits

Greater efficiencies have also delivered great success. Deacom has provided Copps with better process control to more efficiently scale their business and unparalleled savings in operational costs and IT expenses, including: 

  • Copps Industries’ sales have tripled since going live with Deacom in 2008 
  • Copps experienced a 20% reduction in outside IT support just by moving to the cloud version of Deacom 
  • Copps now has peace of mind knowing that its Deacom database and backups are in the hands of experts 
  • Deacom users within Copps have increased by 44% over the last two years 
  • Copps active customers have more than doubled (400 customers) in 27 countries since going live with Deacom in 2008 
  • Copps SKUs have increased by 500%, reaching 1500 SKUs today

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