ERP Case Study

3 Sigma

Location Troy, Ohio USA
Solution Kenandy ERP
Industry Chemical
Kenandy ERP Case Study - 3 Sigma

3 Sigma Case Study by Kenandy ERP

The Company: About 3 Sigma

Established in 1980, 3 Sigma is a fast-growing innovator of pressure-sensitive adhesive coated products. We use our solvent, emulsion, and hot melt technology expertise to produce both specialty and complex adhesive constructions at our headquarters in Troy, Ohio.

The Situation: Critical Tasks

For medium-sized 3 Sigma Corporation, moving to a new back-end system was a no brainer. Not only was this leading provider of custom adhesive and top-coated materials for the pressure-sensitive industry using a back-end system so antiquated it ran on MS-DOS, but pencil and paper were increasingly being used to complete orders and other critical tasks. A change was needed…and fast.

The Solution: Kenandy ERP

We knew we wanted our new back-end system to work with our front-end Salesforce system, which has been great for us,” says Tony Rowley, 3 Sigma’s president. We just had to decide which one best met our needs.” After researching various options and meeting with several vendors, 3 Sigma selected Kenandy ERP. The Kenandy team really knew what they were doing,” notes Rowley, and they quickly understood exactly what we needed to do, too.”

Rowley was not only impressed with Kenandy’s range of back-end functionality, but with the team’s ability to readily address challenges specific to 3 Sigma. For example, the number of digits the Kenandy system used to code materials was different from 3 Sigma’s internal coding. The Kenandy team rapidly came up with a perfect solution, and they’ve done that kind of smart, quick-thinking repeatedly throughout the installation, which itself has been fast,” says Rowley, appreciatively.

The Results: Kenandy ERP Implementation Benefits

With Kenandy ERP extending the flexibility and customization capabilities of Force​.com — Salesforce’s social enterprise cloud-computing platform — 3 Sigma’s front- and back-end systems now work together seamlessly. Now, everyone across the organization can view precisely the information they need, exactly when and how they need to see it, thanks to Kenandy’s customizable dashboards. So 3 Sigma’s sales manager can focus on what’s selling in each region while the accounting managers can know when the invoices are paid.

Before Kenandy, none of this was even possible,” explains Rowley. We were using a variety of tools, spreadsheets, databases, pencil, and paper and we still couldn’t come close to having the kind of information that’s now instantly, and accurately, at our fingertips.” Since 3 Sigma implemented Kenandy, the company has increased its ability to play in far bigger markets. We now have billion-dollar companies buying from us,” says Rowley. We could never have sold to companies of that size using our old system and a pad of paper.”

Rowley notes that while 3 Sigma is a medium-sized business, customers are increasingly praising the company’s sophisticated capabilities. For example, when calling on customers, 3 Sigma salespeople can now use Kenandy on their cell phones to provide detailed order and account information, which often isn’t readily accessible to the customers themselves. Our customers typically have to go through their own accounting departments to find information that we can pull up instantly right in their office,” says Rowley. 

The Kenandy system gives us the appearance of being larger than we actually are,” he continues. Customers often assume we have a large staff to manage such advanced systems, while it’s really Kenandy that provides the backbone for these systems to work.” And because Kenandy resides in the cloud, 3 Sigma never has to worry about software or server crashes, or even IT in general, which saves the company significant time and money.“Kenandy offers a much better and more customized solution for a fraction of the cost,” explains Rowley. And unlike on-premise legacy systems, Kenandy is continually being updated so it can grow right along with our business.” A business which, while medium-sized, now really knows no bounds.

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