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Deacom ERP Overview

Deacom, an ECI Software Solution, is a comprehensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform with a rich set of capabilities and extensibility designed for growing manufacturing and distribution businesses. All functionality specific to these industries is developed in-house and written into the core platform. This includes a warehouse management system, formulation, inventory management, CRM, point-of-sale, direct-store-delivery, lot traceability, forecasting, and eCommerce.

The ERP software transforms complex and industry-specific business processes into a simpler solution. The sustainability of the ERP platform as well as predictability of implementation results, efforts, and investments, builds the foundation of our customer’s success.

Deacom’s philosophy results in a solution architecture of ONE System, ONE User Experience, ONE Predictable Price, and ONE Team.

  • ONE System – Native capabilities like CRM, QC, WMS, DSD, Ecommerce and many more, are all part of the base ERP solution meeting your complex requirements.
  • ONE User Experience – Intuitive and consistent working experience across all departments, platforms, and devices.
  • ONE Predictable Price – Pricing transparency and no surprise fees for the software, process engineering, enhancements, and training during the implementation.
  • ONE Team – A single partner for everything you need — software, implementation, training, service, and support.

Understanding that an ERP implementation is a significant investment, businesses that implement Deacom have full pricing transparency going into the project. Deacom’s predictable price provides you with full visibility into what your total cost of ownership will be and allows you to plan for the growth of your business. Additionally, the support of a strong team of ERP and process manufacturing experts drives the software’s implementation success rate of 98% which drastically exceeds the industry standard.

For more information, visit Dea​com​.com and request a free demo.

Deacom ERP Advantages

  • Deacom exists to make ERP software simpler and more powerful for customers like you.
  • Centralized software system
  • Robust functional foundation
  • Configured to meet the needs of your company
  • Evolves with your industry & to meet rapidly changing demands of the global marketplace
  • Designed to eliminate costly customizations
  • View entire operations from one screen
  • Support based in-house, no outsourcing
  • Implementations with onsite and remote training
  • Real-time, live data reporting, transaction posting
  • Handles every requirement of your business from raw materials to finished product
  • Developed specifically for process manufacturers
  • Performs foreign currency & measurement conversions
  • Regulatory compliance data reporting, FDA validation

Deacom ERP Modules

Materials Management for Deacom ERP

Inventory Module

  • Maintain perpetual inventory costing for all items based on FIFO, LIFO, average cost, or standard cost
  • Track lots for all items automatically; see where parts came from and where they go
  • Maintain item locations and location types across multiple facilities
  • Manage item expiration dates
  • Maintain and view a permanent part history for all items
  • Maintain item master file with 30-character, alpha-numeric part numbers
  • Manage catch weight items
  • Roll back inventory to any date in time to view quantities and values
  • Maintain multiple warehouses and track inventory across individual warehouses or across the organization
  • Manage item costing across multiple facilities
  • Use materials requirements planning (MRP) functionality for purchase orders and jobs to be created as needed
  • Build item forecasts based on historical data or setup manual forecasts
  • Create multi-level bills of material
  • View WIP at any point in time
  • Set up user-definable fields for GHS/SDS compliance, supplemental facts, nutritional facts, and guaranteed analysis


Provides a filtered list of only items requiring action by the use. 

Calculates demand based on scheduled sales orders, scheduled production jobs and indirect requirements. (Indirect requirements are defined as the quantity of materials required to satisfy suggestions for the displayed item in the Bill of Materials. Ex: a raw material used to make a finished good will have an indirect quantity showing in MRP if a sales order for the finished good is entered.)

Production jobs are not required to see the material requirements for a specific raw material — scheduled sales orders are taken into consideration when calculating MRP.

Looks at the demand for items, based on sales orders, production jobs, or reorder points, and projects the usage of intermediates and raw materials based on that demand and the active default bills of materials for all items.

Can be used to provide two different views of the supply and demand for items.

A single bucket (which may or may not be filtered by a specific time period) displaying all the supply and demand for items including unscheduled purchase, job and sales orders, even if they do not have a due date assigned.

Multiple time buckets (days, weeks, and months) based on the due dates assigned to purchase, job and sales orders in the system. This approach is useful when dealing with items requiring a significant lead time.

Users can create PO’s and jobs directly from MRP.

Warehouse Management Systems 

  • Fully integrated scanning system for managing warehouse operations
  • Real-time transaction posting
  • Setup 3 of 9 or GS1-128 barcodes for tracking inventory
  • Receive purchase orders and put inventory into designated location
  • License plating for tracking lots
  • Pick and stage inventory for production jobs
  • Reserve inventory for sales orders
  • Find and move specific items in the warehouse
  • Perform paperless physical inventory counts
  • Implement snake picking strategies for order fulfillment

Sales & Order Management for Deacom ERP

E‑Commerce Module

  • Use e‑commerce to provide real-time inventory levels to customers
  • Create individual customer logins with contact information and personal preferences
  • Access updated data within DEACOM instantly when orders are saved or canceled
  • Allow users to set up order templates for recurring purchases
  • Consolidate sales reporting across all sales channels
  • Configure product exclusions for certain customer groups
  • Ensure secure credit card transactions with AES256 encryption
  • Deliver a consistent brand experience with support for company graphics and color schemes
  • Provide a positive user experience with a fully responsive site layout that works on any platform and any device

Sales Module

  • Post in real-time to general ledger and accounts receivable
  • Automatically import orders through integrated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) tool
  • Configure customer specific items through a visual feature tree
  • Orders instantly appear on demand in inventory and MRP reporting
  • Calculate available-to-sell quantities automatically during order entry
  • Calculate, collect, and pay sales and use taxes for multiple tax regions
  • Set up deal pricing by customer, salesman, product, product group, cost plus, list minus, and many more
  • Leverage built-in sales analysis, reporting and commission calculation tools
  • Print customizable packing lists, bills of lading, pick lists, invoices, and customer statements
  • Enter notes to print on delivery tickets or invoices
  • Sell from multiple warehouses and view inventory on hand for each warehouse
  • Create intercompany transfers to ship items between facilities
  • Turn one sales order into multiple based on ship-to information
  • Leverage inventory calendars to manage delivery schedules and truck route maps

Financial Management for Deacom ERP

Accounting Module

  • Real-time postings allow instant access to financial results
  • Drill down to transactional details from accounting summaries and reports
  • Leverage a configurable chart of account structure allows for reporting by profit center, division,locations, or any other business entity
  • A/R, A/P, labor tracking, inventory control, and job costing all flow directly into the general ledger
  • Create an infinite number of custom financial statements
  • View financial data based on any time period desired
  • Perform transactions in multiple currencies
  • Conduct online bank account reconciliation
  • Create journal entries for requiring and reversing entries
  • Create budgets and compare to actual results
  • Manage large projects using progress billing to generate invoices based on percent completion
  • Store customer credit card information in accordance with PCI (payment card industry) compliance standards for data security
  • Integration with PayPal credit card processing
  • Set and fulfill different sales commission plans based on customer, product, position, facility, etc.

Production Management for Deacom ERP

Formula Management Module

  • Make changes to formulas that instantly impact inventory, production requirements, and planning
  • Set up formulas once, then scale to any batch or package size
  • Complete lab functions in your own style with infinitely configurable, user-definable calculations and user fields
  • Quote total production costs quickly based on unit material, labor, burden, etc.

Labor Tracking System

  • Automatically collect payroll and job costing data from the shop floor
  • Monitor warehouse staff’s time, attendance and performance
  • Track hours across work centers and operations
  • Track rework, downtime and maintenance costs
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO)
  • Schedule preventative maintenance tasks to avoid equipment failures and increase machine productivity
  • Create maintenance schedules alongside the production schedule to ensure optimal efficiency
  • Automatically generate requisitions and purchase orders by utilizing minimum stocking levels for maintenance parts and MRP functionality
  • Create on-demand work requests for facility maintenance tasks and track all maintenance requests to completion
  • Assign maintenance tasks to worker groups or individual workers for completion
  • Build reports to analyze the life of machines and track the cost of maintenance across all facilities
  • Track depreciation on all machine assets
  • Attach ISO 9000 and OSHA documents for maintenance to all machines

Production Overview Module

  • Schedule jobs directly through MRP functionality
  • Create jobs for stock or those directly linked to sales orders
  • Track accumulated hours on each job, show remaining hours, and estimated completion dates
  • Take advantage of job scheduling tools for visual production management
  • Schedule by separate production facilities, different product categories, and other user-defined criteria
  • Determine bottlenecks based on loading of work centers
  • Set up job routings for production
  • Easily calculate actual job costs with materials, labor, machine costs, purchases, and overhead
  • Directly connect production equipment to the system through integrated APIs
  • View live data showing each worker’s current task
  • Gain a deep level of insight into production capacities for accurate forecasting
  • Visually organize and manage production routings with the Master Production Calendar

Serialization and Catch Weight

  • Automate production of serialized products at each and case levels as well as catch weight goods
  • Sync production data from the AutoFinisher tool to DEACOM for real-time reporting
  • Palletize and generate license plate labels for all finished products
  • Run production in offline mode and collected data will automatically update in DEACOM when connection is re-established
  • Receive catch weight values directly from scale or machine without vendor configurations
  • Set minimum/maximum thresholds directly from the main application
  • Move jobs from scale to label in under one second
  • Create product labels with GS1-128 barcodes and 2D barcodes as well as required information (product number, catch weight, serial number, and expiration date)
  • Monitor performance of work centers and operators directly from DEACOM
  • Perform tests of AutoFinisher runs without interrupting production

Supply Chain Management for Deacom ERP


  • Access purchasing analysis and reporting tools
  • Perform price optimization based on user pricing rules with capability to automatically create POs for materials based on these prices
  • Purchase the same item from multiple vendors with pre-defined pricing
  • Convert vendor units and quantities to your units’ quantities automatically
  • Buy items with internal SKU or vendor part number
  • Purchase to multiple warehouses and view inventory on-hand at each warehouse
  • Create Printouts that can be grouped with like items on a single line with multiple size descriptions
  • Automatically generate 1099 forms
  • Automatically generate backorders when required
  • Schedule shipping/receiving of materials and manage times through the Dock Calendar

Customer Relationship Management for Deacom ERP

Customer Relationship Management Overview

  • Manage customers through workflows, tasks, and opportunities with the built-in contact management system for sales teams
  • Track sales commissions
  • Execute marketing campaigns through contact groups
  • Access the CRM on-the-go with iOS and Android Mobile apps

Additional Capabilities for Deacom ERP

Business Intelligence

  • View any aspect of the company with flexible reporting management tools
  • Access performance reporting in real-time
  • Display and access the most important information in one location with report previews
  • Create triggers to automatically send documents and emails after a system process is completed
  • Set up languages by user in main application to instantly translate across all functionalities
  • Design dashboards based showcasing data from business area

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

  • Access the app from any mobile Apple device
  • Leverage full functionality even while in airplane mode
  • Specify and select an unlimited number of routes
  • Start and end routes from a single interface
  • View and edit order details including status, start/end dates, bill to, and ship to customer information
  • Print customized receipts directly to a wireless mobile printer
  • Accept customer signatures and new customer payments
  • Scan barcodes and shipping labels
  • View, edit, re-calculate, and apply promotional codes to orders
  • View route location information via Google maps
  • Create new customer orders
  • View and edit real time order changes

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • Utilize the support for both ANSI ASC X12 and EDIFACT standards
  • Configure the flexible setup based on individual business processing rules
  • Work with any Value Added Network (VAN)
  • Leverage the multiple document formatting options available based on industry, trading partner, and VAN

Formula Management

  • Completely integrated formula management module allows changes to formulas to instantly impact inventory, production requirements and planning
  • Set up formulas once, then scale to any batch or package size
  • Infinitely configurable, user-definable calculations and user fields allow lab functions to be done in your own style

Labor Tracking System

  • Automatically collect payroll and job costing data from the shop floor
  • Monitor warehouse staff’s time, attendance and performance
  • Track hours across work centers and operations
  • Track rework, downtime and maintenance costs


  • Review custom formatted reports that are optimized for your organization’s team
  • Drill down to the source transaction from any summary level report
  • Enter an order anytime, anywhere with DEACOM Mobile
  • Capitalize on the power of order entries available in real-time, enabling tools like MRP, the sales calendar, and production scheduling from your mobile device
  • Add information into the CRM, such as notes on a critical meeting, and have them available for the entire team in real-time
  • Stay updated on opportunities to win business while on the road via CRM workflow and activities
  • Access your entire list of contacts from the palm of your hand
  • Rely on the same user security parameters as the main ERP software.
  • Whitelist specific devices, ensuring they can be disabled by a system administrator if necessary
  • Create order entry templates to simplify the submission of large quantity orders

Point of Sale (POS)

  • View real-time updates of customer and inventory records
  • Use pricing rules that are defined in one location
  • Apply various pricing options and promotions
  • Leverage the same security restrictions as the main ERP
  • Accept split payments
  • Sell lot controlled items
  • Process returns
  • Reconcile accounts and view corresponding reports

Regulatory/Environmental Reporting

  • Create regulatory documents in DEACOM with real-time data
  • Calculate hazardous materials, gather data, and comply with SARA reporting requirements
  • Automatically create Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) based on actual ingredients used in each formulation
  • Deliver regulatory compliance data directly to online MSDS forms
  • Automatically generate Certificates of Analysis (COA) documents
  • Create MSDS template forms using shared data groups for ease of maintenance
  • Create QC test groups with test ranges and target values, permanently store results for reporting
  • Track revisions to formulas to know exactly how a product was made in each batch

Services & Support for Deacom ERP


Deacom’s consulting team has extensive experience delivering simple solutions to our customers’ most complex problems. Drawing on our extensive ERP and industry knowledge, Deacom offers a number of different consulting services geared towards delivering tangible results to your organization:

  • Process engineering services
  • System and hardware services
  • DEACOM training services
  • DEACOM upgrade services
  • Project management services


Deacom understands that customers have a day job so the company provides options for both remote and on-site implementation services. A Deacom implementation requires at least two hours a day, three times a week via GoToMeeting, supplemented by homework for both the Deacom and customer resources (e.g. locating data, determining how processes should work, documenting SOPs, etc) to be completed between meetings. This ensures that Deacom and the customer makes the best use of their time. 

Progress of the implementation can be seen in the Project Dashboard which is accessible to all project stakeholders. This dashboard aggregates all data with drill-down capabilities into the different project areas, a project scorecard, and project health at the top level. This transparency fosters a collaborative relationship throughout implementation as well as post Go-Live. 


ERP is not just about software – it’s also about the services that implement and support the software. Deacom’s service teams leverage deep industry knowledge to help customers meet the rapidly changing demands of today’s global marketplace. Deacom’s team experience will help your organization identify your operational needs and architect a simple solution to achieve your business goals faster and at a low cost.

The Deacom support team provides on-demand support to ensure that you realize all the benefits of the Deacom solution. All support team members are Deacom employees based out of our headquarters and have substantial Deacom experience. Each support issue is logged in Deacom’s Support Tracker and is visible to you throughout their life cycle. If you feel a support specialist is not handling a support issue correctly, the Deacom management team is always available to escalate an issue. The support team is also available to review your organization’s requests for enhancements to the Deacom software. All requests are thoroughly reviewed by Deacom and, when approved, are built into the Deacom software. 

Support team hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 AM5:30 PM EST. Emergency contact numbers are provided for off-hours as well as a comprehensive web portal ensuring 247 support. 

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