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Blue Clover Devices

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Kenandy ERP Case Study - Blue Clover Devices

Blue Clover Devices Case Study for Kenandy ERP

The Company: About Blue Clover Devices

An international company with offices in China and the United States, Blue Clover Devices is an award-winning original design manufacturer (ODM) that produces UL-certified power and audio accessories for some of the world’s most popular digital devices.

The Situation: Global Capabilities

Being global enables a literal world of opportunities for the rapidly growing company, but it also has created challenges related to conducting business in multiple languages and currencies.

Our prior ERP system only let us use one language,” says Blue Clover Devices President and Co-founder Pete Staples. Kenandy’s global capabilities are a real benefit for us because everyone can use the system in his or her own language. Now we’re all on the same page, but in the language each of us fully understands. And Kenandy’s multicurrency capability also makes it easy for us to do our purchasing in Chinese renminbi and U.S. dollars.”

The Solution: Kenandy ERP

Made for Manufacturing

Kenandy not only speaks multiple languages, it also speaks manufacturing. Designed from the outset for manufacturers, Kenandy truly knows whereof it speaks. This was an important differentiator for Blue Clover. Another cloud-based ERP system the company was considering had brochures that were tailored to manufacturers, but the system itself hadn’t been developed for manufacturing-specific needs,” says Staples. So it would have taken a lot more work to get it into a useful state for our requirements than Kenandy, which is designed specifically for manufacturing companies like us.”

A Focus on Efficiency

Blue Clover has continued to grow since its founding in 2003, but rather than setting traditional growth targets, the company seeks to enhance efficiency as a means for successful business expansion.

Our focus on continually improving efficiency was definitely a driver for moving to Kenandy cloud ERP,” says Staples. For example, the company’s purchase orders and inventory management were being handled by two separate systems that couldn’t even talk to one another. With Kenandy, these functions have been seamlessly integrated, along with many other productivity features.

In the past, we couldn’t link inventory to our purchase orders, so when we received goods, we had to manually do three-way matching,” says Staples. Now we can do that — and so much more — automatically with Kenandy. Having a robust system like Kenandy not only lets us do a lot more work, it gives us greater visibility and insight into our work at all stages, from production to shipping.”

Do-It-Yourself ERP

Another reason Blue Clover selected Kenandy was that it’s fast to implement and simple to use, unlike many other ERP systems. Drag-and-drop templates let users easily create customized objects, processes, and dashboards. The simplicity and many Do It Yourself” aspects of Kenandy became obvious to Blue Clover during their trial run of the system.

I immediately saw how easy it is to add and extend capabilities with Kenandy,” says Staples. I was convinced that this was something we could manage pretty much on our own, and that had a strong appeal to us.” The other system they were considering had many positive features, but was not nearly as user-friendly, according to Staples, who says, We felt like we would have to hire them to do everything for us, and that just made us nervous.”

Since implementing Kenandy, Blue Clover has found it easy to add their own customized objects — samples, test reports, and regulatory certificates, for example— that not only are connectable and searchable but also make the business run more efficiently and effectively. Plus, all customizations are protected when Kenandy does its upgrades.

Kenandy is like Legos whereas the traditional ERP systems are more like a stack of lumber and blueprints,” says Staples. With Kenandy, it’s fundamentally easier to put things together and make them work. We really like that. And we really like the Kenandy team, too.”

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