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Kenandy ERP Overview

Kenandy’s cloud ERP empowers business innovation. Built on the Salesforce platform, Kenandy has redefined enterprise resource planning by allowing customers to map their ERP to their existing business processes. Kenandy is dedicated to giving mid-sized companies the freedom to innovate products, services, operations and relationships with cloud ERP that is flexible and ready for growth. Unlike traditional ERP systems, Kenandy provides an end-to-end cloud ERP in 150 Business Ready Objects™, not thousands of tables. Now you can, with Kenandy.

Kenandy ERP Advantages

Kenandy ERP is a leading cloud ERP solution for small and mid-sized product companies. Kenandy Cloud ERP delivers the core capabilities you need to manage your manufacturing operations, supply chain and distribution channels – completely integrated order management, manufacturing management, financials, and indirect procurement – all on the cloud.

Fast Time to Value

Implement in weeks, learn in hours – there’s no hardware or software to install, making implementation fast and operation simple. Built natively on the Salesforce Platform —’s enterprise cloud computing platform – Kenandy ERP is a true multi-tenant architecture delivered as a service. It’s always up-to-date, scalable, and secure. You have a single source of truth, with easy mobile and global access by your company, customers and suppliers. With Kenandy, you only implement the capabilities you truly need to get up and running quickly.

Better Economics

There are no up-front capital costs or costly maintenance upgrades. Your system always has the latest functionality and you save because there’re no maintenance fees. Easily add new users when you need them. Customization and integration capabilities make it easy to extend Kenandy ERP on demand, for a complete – and completely agile – solution that lets you minimize costs.

Easily Adapt to Your Changing Business Needs

Need something beyond the core capabilities? You can extend Kenandy’s capabilities quickly and easily to best meet your business demands. Customization tools are built on the Salesforce Platform, making it easy for power users to make updates using reusable objects. Integrate other applications using standard APIs.

Global Collaboration. Social ERP!

Bringing products to market has always been collaborative, but never more so than today, with global supply chain networks requiring you to work efficiently and effectively with a variety of customers and partners around the world, in real time. Share live inventory data. Chat through private portals about your transactions. Contribute and share industry best practices through the Kenandy Community. 

Kenandy ERP Technology

Kenandy ERP is built natively on the Salesforce Platform,’s enterprise cloud computing platform. The Salesforce Platform provides the foundation for social, mobile, open, scalable, and secure applications. By building 100% natively on the Salesforce Platform, Kenandy maximizes these capabilities, bringing you instant benefits today and expanding capabilities into the future. And because Kenandy was built to be a true multi-tenant application on the Salesforce Platform, your apps are always up-to-date — no more costly upgrades or painful transitions between releases. No hardware. No software.

Kenandy ERP Modules

Materials Management for Kenandy ERP

Inventory Management Module

Kenandy ERP provides complete control and tracking of all your resources, throughout your business and into your extended supply chain networks. Kenandy offers unique capabilities for maintaining subinventories that specifically support distributed operations and upstream and downstream inventory visibility for inventory monitoring, stocking transactions, and inventory movement. A single screen allows direct access to a complete view into any item to include inventory locations, open purchase orders and work orders, shortages, MRP plan requisitions, assemblies, order forecasts, recent transactions, manufacturing cross-references, and cycle counts.

Kenandy can support full monitoring of inventory state, complete transactional detail for integration with financials, and extended historical data for business analytics. It puts complete, lean, simple-to-use inventory management at your fingertips.

Material Requirements Planning

Starting with order demand and forecast information, Kenandy’s Material Requirements Planning runs standard MRP processing to produce an MRP Plan. No more tedious after-hours batch processing of ERP systems, which not only locked up the system during processing hours but were also prone to periodic failures due to an incomplete setup or failed intermediate step. Kenandy eliminates all that.

By re-thinking MRP processing to take advantage of the on-demand availability of larger memory and disk storage, Kenandy MRP is significantly faster and far more efficient, opening up your operations to a whole new realm of possibilities. With Kenandy MRP, you can run what-if MRPs, making MRP work for you, rather than you being a slave to your MRP. Never again take a late-night call to recover from a failed batch job or miss a critical planning window.

Sales & Order Management for Kenandy ERP

Sales and Order Management Module

In Kenandy ERP, sales orders drive your order forecast, along with other key inputs such as your forecasts, safety stock, and rework. Order Management is completely integrated with your manufacturing and financial operations.

Managing your order-to-cash process efficiently and easily is key to an effective partnership with your sales team, resulting in better management of your purchasing and production, higher satisfaction for your customers, and an improved bottom line for your business.

Kenandy is integrated with sales​force​.com CRM. Your sales team can generate sales orders directly from your opportunities in Salesforce to streamline your order entry process with Kenandy.

Process orders smoothly and accurately, creating shipments right from your sales order. Invoicing is generated as orders are fulfilled and shipping confirmed, all with proper accounting of revenue recognition. Need to split an order? Kenandy cleanly manages multiple shipments and invoicing for partial orders.

Drive your purchasing and product planning with ease. Kenandy can bring together your existing sales orders and order forecast, along with other supply and production demands as input for your MRP. And with Kenandy, MRP can be run on a moment’s notice, letting you adjust quickly to changes in orders or product mix, find out current product availability, or determine how to respond to emerging sales opportunities. 

Kenandy ERP provides order management that’s simple and intuitive, from creating the order, shipping and invoicing, receiving payments, to processing returns and credits.

Financial Management for Kenandy ERP

Financial Overview Module

Kenandy’s financials are tightly integrated with our manufacturing and order management applications, ensuring that your accounting, sales, purchasing, receiving, production, and distribution operations are in synch all the time. This end-to-end enterprise management approach is designed to make Kenandy easy to operate, quick to deploy, and always up-to-date for every part of your business.

Accounts Payable Module

You can enter, manage, and pay all of your supplier’s bills from one place in Kenandy. When you’re ready to process payments, Kenandy allows you to quickly organize and retrieve your bills. Pay the bills you want to pay to manage cash or take advantage of special terms. Kenandy gives you a complete view into all of your bills, including the payment amount, method, date, and status. With accounts payable and receiving working together, AP helps you track payments due and avoids payments for missing or partial shipments.

Accounts Receivable Module

Kenandy ERP tracks all of your receivables and supports multiple payment methods. When funds come in, Kenandy makes it easy to match payments to invoices and helps you easily complete the process. One simple process, designed to keep your accounts current with clear visibility into your receivables.

Employee Expense Reporting Module

Easily create expense reports to streamline the expense entry, approval, and reimbursement process. Monitor the status of all your employees’ expense reports — see reports that are open and not yet submitted, submitted for approval, approved to pay, and more. Once your report is complete, a click of a button sends it through your approval process. Expense reporting that’s simple and efficient.

Banking Module

When your receivables come in, you can use Kenandy to deposit the funds. Manage bank deposits, reconcile bank statements, and always have visibility into cash on-hand.

Financial Statements and Reports Module

Kenandy includes standard financial statements for Balance Sheet and Income Statement, plus a range of additional accounting reports to track your business. Not finding what you need? The custom report writing and analytics capabilities of the sales​force​.com cloud computing platform make it easy to quickly create even sophisticated reports combining multiple types of data.

Fixed Assets Module

With Kenandy, you can manage all your fixed assets, including depreciation schedules, making it easy for you to maintain your books as efficiently as possible.

General Ledger Module

Kenandy gives you full control over your GL accounts, making it easy not only to set up the accounts you need, but to manage sub-accounts, account types and default accounts for consistent accounting, proper classification, and the roll-up and financial reporting you need to manage your business.

Multi-currency Module

Kenandy provides multi-currency functionality to help global businesses transact, manage, and report in any number of currencies. You can do business in any transaction currency and the amounts are converted and stored in the company’s functional currency as well as multiple reporting currencies. It is easy to maintain your exchange rates (e.g. daily or monthly rates) and even vary the rate based upon the type of transaction (e.g. sales, purchase, etc.)

Standard Costs Module

Kenandy provides the capabilities you need to properly account for inventory value and cost of goods sold. You can use standard costs to properly manage COGS and inventory value, track average and most recent costs, and report on cost variance, all built with your kind of business in mind.

Production Management for Kenandy ERP

Engineering Module

Kenandy ERP enables easy and effective management of product designs, production information, and product change orders for bills of material, engineering changes, work orders, and shop floor routing. Assemblies are managed in a single screen, providing quick access to design documents and ECOs, components with effective and obsolescence dates, routing steps, and pending work orders. Kenandy makes it easy to:

  • Add and maintain assemblies
  • Add and maintain ECOs
  • Add and maintain routings
  • Add and maintain work centers

With Kenandy, you can cover the entire product lifecycle, from design through production, with a simple easy-to-use solution that works for all product companies.

Production Management Module

Kenandy ERP makes it easy to move your work orders into work-in-process with complete tracking and control. Kenandy’s Work Order Management screen provides immediate access to all capabilities for:

  • Preparing work orders for production, including picklists, kitting, dekitting, and recording and relieving shortages
  • Recording completion to stock and scrapping of parts
  • Tracking and routing of assemblies through operations 

With Kenandy, you can also take advantage of mobile devices to speed all your work order processes, bringing them right into the stock room and on to the production floor.

Supply Chain Management for Kenandy ERP

Supply Chain Management Module

Kenandy ERP offers rich functionality to support purchasing requirements for your global supply chain and manufacturing operations. Kenandy manages all your purchasing for inventoried as well as expense items and asset purchases. All purchasing and inventory management transactions are recorded for complete integration with financials, making it simple to create purchase orders, receive items, process returns, enter and pay bills. Kenandy supports a range of order types and terms for regular, subcontract, blanket, interplant, service, drop ship, expensed, and returns. A simple, integrated screen provides access to purchase orders, line items, and approval information, making it easy to:

  • Create, update, track, and close purchase orders for a broad range of order types
  • View all the GL transactions related to your POs
  • Maintain supplier information and manufacturing cross-reference data for easy supplier substitutions when necessary

The purchase order approval process is automated and managed through user roles and profiles within your organization. You create the process based on your business requirements. To ensure a complete record, all approval actions are recorded for compliance and verification. Kenandy streamlines your entire purchasing process for lean operations. With Kenandy, you can invite your suppliers to join a portal and chat with them in real time about changes to your order and shipments. This unique capability enables you to take immediate action on changes and new opportunities. You can discuss best practices, new items and pricing information, and your conversation will be maintained within your workflow.

Customer Relationship Management for Kenandy ERP

Salesforce CRM

Kenandy ERP is fully integrated with sales​force​.com CRM. Your sales team can generate sales orders directly from your closed (won) opportunities in Salesforce to streamline your order entry process with Kenandy.

Additional Capabilities for Kenandy ERP

Kenandy eProcurement

Purchase requisitions are complex, time consuming and inefficient. Electronic procurement does away with that — but most solutions on the market are hard to use, do not provide adequate visibility, and are not integrated with your corporate ERP. The result? Most users work around the system, and you don’t save the way you should. Kenandy eProcurement puts you in control by giving you real-time information about your corporate spend. Why use Kenandy eProcurement?

  • You’ll immediately recognize and know how to use the familiar shopping cart.
  • Continuous sourcing keeps your buyers in control — Your catalogs will always be relevant, with the latest products at the best prices. Users will keep coming back, and your negotiated prices will keep coming down.
  • Get social with procurement — Follow your order as it moves through your purchasing process. By using Salesforce Chatter, requesters, managers, buyers, and suppliers can communicate and check the status in real time.
  • You save — Increased visibility gives you more global bargaining power. Your procurement process is more efficient, plus you save IT costs because it’s 100% on the cloud.
  • Get visibility into your total corporate spend — Real-time analytics shed light on the black hole of corporate spending. Get reports by product, commodity code, department, supplier, and requestor. Dashboards provide insight into your total corporate demand and spend for better bargaining power.
  • Connect with your corporate ERP — It’s part of Kenandy ERP, managing your entire procure-to-pay process. Or you can easily integrate with your current ERP or financial system using standard web services.

Make everyone more productive:

  • Search a catalog of the products, supplies, and components your company uses, with negotiated items at the top of the results.
  • Filter search results by category, supplier, and catalog.
  • Easily access punch-out catalogs, getting the best prices from preferred vendors.
  • Request new products, keeping your catalogs current.
  • View and modify carts before checking out.
  • Save shopping carts for frequent orders and preferred requests.

When you’re ready to check out, you only need to enter shipping and cost center information, or select from your preferences. The familiar look and feel will get users to love your system — and shop, using your negotiated prices.

Services & Support for Kenandy ERP

Consulting Services

Have additional needs for integration with existing applications and systems within your operations? Our consulting services partners provide professional services for advanced development and integration with your other manufacturing systems, including designing specific reports and dashboards for your specific industry and operations, building custom objects for vertical industry needs, integrating with warehousing, shop floor control, logistics, transportation, and other supply chain applications.

Implementation Services

Kenandy Implementation Services get you up and running in the ERP cloud — quickly, easily, painlessly. We help you through the complete process, from mapping and loading existing data through delivery of your environment. This includes loading all active data for GL accounts, item master, inventory locations and balances, engineering data and assemblies, open work orders, suppliers and cross-reference information, open purchase orders, order forecasts, and more. Contact your account representative and team with Kenandy to build an implementation plan and get started on your move to the cloud.

The Kenandy Community

The Kenandy Community is about you — our customers and partners. We’re committed to building our success on your success. Get social with the Kenandy Community. We’ve built a private site so customers, partners and Kenandy employees can collaborate with each other around product questions and ideas. Have a question about Kenandy ERP you’d like to pose to the community? Just enter it into the Questions channel, and responses will be sent directly to your email address. Have an idea about a new product feature? Just enter it into the Ideas channel, or vote on an idea that’s already there. Kenandy takes all recommendations seriously. Or share your best practices or KPIs.

The site is also a place where we provide you with the tools to ensure your success – a searchable Knowledgebase, links to all of our resources and videos. If you want to report a company-specific problem, you can submit a support ticket. If we find a problem, we’ll report it to the community. Transparency is key to our mutual success.

Become a valuable contributor, and get recognized as a community champion” with special privileges to interact in the community. We’ll even give you a Kenandy shirt off our back! The Kenandy Community is available directly from Kenandy ERP – collaboration and support whenever you want it, just a click away.

Service and Support

Putting our decades of enterprise management expertise to work for your ongoing success, we offer all the services you need to maximize the benefits from your Kenandy ERP applications. From getting you up and running in weeks to keeping you at peak performance, Kenandy services deliver whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Get the most from Kenandy Customer Support with the plan that’s right for your specific business needs. Whether you choose our Standard or Premier support, you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered with the expert assistance that keeps your business operating at peak efficiency.

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