ERP Software Comparison for the Plastics and Rubber Industry on MS SQL Server.

A comprehensive independent review and ERP Software comparison for the Plastics and Rubber Industry with MS SQL Server. Below you will find an easy to navigate matrix comparing general data (e.g. price, financing options etc), materials management, sales order management, financial, production, supply chain, and customer management and any additional capabilities each vendor might provide. Click on the links to dive deeper into each vendor's software, or request a Free Demo to get more hands on experience.
  General Data
  Product NameEnterpriseIQSYSPROEpicor ERPSage ERP X3Global Shop SolutionsDEACOM ERPBatchMaster ManufacturingRoss ERPProcessPro® Premier Microsoft Dynamics NAVMicrosoft Dynamics AXSAP Business All-In-OneJobBOSS Shop Management SolutionInfor M3BatchMaster ERP B1MIE Trak Pro
  Version15.27.010.0072016.214.98.407.110.42016AX 7 2016201012.0M3 13.2 (Feb 2014)14.32016.04.02
  Price Range$50K- $2M$25K-500K onsite$4K -500K$2600/ user-$5K-500K$200K-$2M$6K-$175K$175/User (Saas)-$50K-250K (License)$100K-750K$8K-$250K$20K-750K$120K-2M$299-$200K-$15K-$375$ 5K-$ 500K
  Financing OptionsLease, Financing, Leasing Options, SubscriptionLease, Owner Financing, SubscriptionLease, Owner Financing, Lease to ownOwner Financing, Lease to ownFinancing, Leasing OptionsFinancingLease, Owner Financing, FinancingLease, Financing, SubscriptionLease, Owner Financing, Lease to own, Financing, Leasing Options, Subscription, Annual Payments up front for the yearLease, Owner Financing, FinancingLease, Owner Financing, FinancingLease, Owner Financing, FinancingFinancingLease, FinancingLease, Financing, SubscriptionFinancing, Leasing Options
  User Range5-Unlimited4-10001-2000+20-1000+3-100010-20003-7520-10005-10005-7505-2,25050-50001-10020-20005-5005-500
  Multi SiteYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
  Multi NationalyesYes, 60+ Countries YesYesYesYesYesYesYes40+ CountriesYesYesNoYes (40+ languages)YesYes
  ArchitectureSOA, .NETSOA, XML, WebserviceSOA SOAMicrosoft .NET.NETSOA, N-Tier.NET, ClientServer .NETSOA, .NET, CloudClient/Server or CloInfor 3 tier.NETClient-Server, RDS C
  Database PlatformMS SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC Compliant, Cloud-Based (Saas), Amazon Web services (Cloud)MS SQL Server, Other, Cloud-Based (Saas), Universally Compatible w/all Data Base PlatformsMS SQL Server, Cloud-Based (Saas), MAC OSMS SQL Server, Oracle, Cloud-Based (Saas)MS SQL Server, ODBC Compliant, Cloud-Based (Saas)MS SQL ServerMS SQL Server, MS SQL ExpressMS SQL Server, OracleMS SQL Server, Cloud-Based (Saas)MS SQL Server, Cloud-Based (Saas), MS SQL Express, MS Access, Microsoft AzureMS SQL Server, Oracle, Cloud-Based (Saas), Microsoft AzureMS SQL Server, OracleMS SQL Server, Cloud-Based (Saas), MS SQL ExpressMS SQL Server, IBM DB2, OracleMS SQL ServerMS SQL Server, Amazon Web services (Cloud)
  Server OSLinux, Windows, Unix, .NETWindowsLinux, Windows, UnixLinux, Windows, UnixWindowsWindowsWindowsWindows, UnixMac OS, WindowsMac OS, Windows, Compatible w/all Operating SystemsWindowsWindowsMac OS, WindowsWindows, IBM OS, System lWindowsWindows
  Materials Management
   Inventory Control    Inventory Management    Advanced Material Mgmt.    Inventory Control    Bar Coding    Inventory Control    Compliance    Data Collection    MRP        Inventory Controls    Inventory Management    Lot and Serial Control    M3 Procurement    Inventory Management    Materials Management Modules  
   Vendor Managed Inventory    Lot Traceability    Bar Coding        Bill of Materials    MRP    Inventory Control    Inventory Control    IC        Manufacturing    Purchasing Processes    Material Control        Master Requirements Planning      
   Wireless Warehouse Management System        Handheld        Data Collection    Warehouse Management Systems    Master Requirements Planning (MRP)    Purchase Order Processing     AWS        Material Planning                Mobile      
           Material Handler Interface        Inventory Control        Mobile Data Collection    Trace Express    Physical Inventory        Warehouse Management                Regulatory Compliance      
           Material Movement        Inventory Management                                              
           Prioritize Orders        Materials & Inventory                                              
           Sales Order Allocation        Materials Purchasing                                              
                   Materials Solutions                                              
                   Physical Inventory                                              
                   Wireless System                                              
  Sales Order Management
   Packing Slip & Shipping Management    Document Flow Mgmt.    Order Management    Purchasing Management    Complete Order Management    Sales Overview    Enhanced Order Entry for Sage & QuickBooks     Customer Portal    Order Entry    Service Management    Sales & Marketing    Sales Processes    Job Entry    M3 Sales Management    Sales Management    Sales and Order Management Modules  
   Quoting and Estimating    Ecommerce Shopping Cart    Sales Management    RF Warehousing    Demand Management        Sales Orders    Pricing and Promotions Management            Sales Management        Sales Order Processing              
   Sales Orders    Point Of Sale    Demand Management    Sales Monitoring    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)            Sales Order Processing                                  
       Report Writer    Electronic Data Interchange        Invoice Order History                                              
       Return Mgmt    Estimate / Quote Mgmt.        Order Enrty                                              
       Sales Analysis    Storefront        Quoting & Estimating                                              
       Sales Orders            Return Merchandise Authorization                                              
                   Sales & Service Management                                              
                   Sales Application                                              
                   Shipping Logistics                                              
  Financial Management
   Financial Overview    Budget Management    General Ledger    Business Intelligence    Accounting Application     Accounting        Accounts Receivable / Payable    Accounts Payable (AP)    Business Intelligence    AP / AR    Analytical Peporting    Accounts Payable    M3 Financial Accounting     Accounting and Financials    Financial Management Modules  
   General Ledger    Accounts Payable    Accounts Payable    Data Collection    Accounts Payable            Advanced Reporting and Budgeting    Accounts Receivable (AR)    Financial Management    Financial Management Overview    Financial Business Processes    Accounts Receivable        Financial Reporting      
   Finanacial Reporting    Accounts Receivable    Accounts Receivable    Financial Overview    Accounts Receivable            Financial Management Overview    General Ledger (GL)        Fixed Assets        General Ledger              
   Accounts Payable    Activity Based Costing    Multi-Cureancy / Company        Business Intelligence            Fixed Assets    Project Accounting        General Ledger        Payroll              
   Accounts Receivable    Tax Management    Financial Mgmt Overview        Business Intelligence Application            General Ledger            International Capabilities                      
   Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)    Assests Register    Tax Connect        Cash Flow            Project Accounting            Project Accounting                      
       Payroll    Cash / Asset Mgmt        Financial Management                                              
       Analytics    Global Engines        Fixed Assets                                              
                   General Ledger                                              
                   International Accounting                                              
                   Multi-Currency Management                                              
                   Payroll Management                                              
  Production Management
   Bill of Manufacture (BOM)    Bill of Materials    Production Mgmt     Discrete Manufacturing    Advanced Production Scheduling    Formula Management    Batch Production    Maintenance Management The Maintenance Management     Advanced Scheduler    Project Management    Bill of Materials        Quality Management    M3 Manufacturing    Costing    Production Management Modules  
   Engineering Change Order    Engineering Change Control    Advanced Production    Process Manufacturing    Cost Breakdown Application    Labor Tracking System    Bill of Materials Management    Process Manufacturing    Formulation        Key Production Features        Shop Floor Control    M3 Product Data Management    Product Development      
   Manufacturing & Production Reporting     Factory Documentation    Advanced Quality Mgmt        Engineer-to-Order    Production Overview    Formulation Management    Process Planning    Manufacturing ( BOM)        Product Builder            M3 Project Management    Production Management      
   MES    Cost Tracking    Job Management        Lean Manufacturing        Product Costing    Product Costing    Quality Control ( QC)                        Quality Management      
   Material & Capacity Requirements Planning    Planning and Scheduling    Lean Manufacturing        Management Solutions        Production Management    Quality & Compliance Management    R & D                              
   Production Overview    Projects and Contracts    Manufacturing Execution Systm.        Planning & Scheduling        Quality Control    Ross Production Manager    Security Regulations                              
   Quality Management    Quality Mgmt    Planning & Scheduling        Production Configurator        Samples Management    Ross Quality Manager    Standard Reports                              
   Real Time Monitoring    Quotations    Planning and Scheduling        Project Management Application                                              
       Requirements Planning    Product Data Management        Quality Control Application                                              
       Shop Clock            Quality Tracking                                              
                   Shop Floor Control                                              
                   Shop Floor Data Collection Application                                              
                   Shop Management                                              
                   Software Preventative Maintenance Application                                              
                   TrueView Data Display Application                                              
  Supply Chain Management
   Capable to Promise    EDI Solution    Supply Chain Mgmt.        Advanced Planning and Scheduling    Purchasing Overview    Master Production Scheduling (MPS)    Advanced Planning and Scheduling    Dock Scheduling    Supply Chain Management    Key Supply Chain Features    Operational Planning    ShopView    M3 Supply Chain Execution    Master Production Scheduling (MPS)    Supply Chain Management Modules  
   Demand Planning    Freight Calculator    Inventory Management        Forecasting Trust        Purchasing for Sage and Quickbooks    Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)            Parts Demand Planning        M3 Supply Chain Planning    Procurement      
   Materials Ordering    Inventory Forecasting    Purchase Management        Shipping & Receiving Management            Inventory and Replenishment Planning    Master Production Scheduler                              
   Outsource Central     Shipping Mgmt    Shipping & Receiving        Supplier Relationship Management                 Purchase Orders (PO)                              
           Sourcing        Supply Chain Manager                                              
           Supplier Relationship Mgmt.                                                      
           Warehouse Management                                                      
  Customer Relationship Management
   Customer Relationship Management (CRM)    Contact Management    Customer Relations Overview    CRM    CRM Application    Customer Realations Management        Aptean Sales for Process Manufacturing    CRM    Sales & Marketing    Marketing Automation    Customer Relationship Management    Customer Relationship Management    M3 Customer Lifecycle Mgmt    Customer Relationship Management     CRM Modules  
       CRM for Syspro    Campaign Connect        Customer & Prospect Management                        Sales Force Automation                      
           Case Management        Customer Relationship Management                                              
           Customer Relationship Management        Sales Forecasting                                              
           Information Worker        Sales Opportunity & Marketing Management                                               
           Lead / Opportunity Mgmt        Service Management                                              
           Mobile Connect                                                      
           Service Management                                                      
  Additional Capabilities
   Payroll Processing    Document Mgmt    Cloud Deployment    Multi-Channel Retail and Direct Marketing     Simplified Label Printing    Business Intelligence    Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing    Business Process Management    Business Intelligence    Human Resources    Alert System    Groupware Integration    Automated Workflow    M3 Business Intelligence    e-Commerce    Additional Modules  
   Work Force Management    Espresso Mobile    Compliance Overview    Wholesale Distribution    Business Web    Direct Store Delivery    Quickbooks Manufacturing    Document Connect    Comprehensive Lot Traceability        Business Intelligence and Reporting    Human Capital Management        M3 Product Lifecycle          
           Composite Applications        CAD Interface Application    Formula Management    Sage ERP Manufacturing    Event Management Framework    FDA Compliance        Compliance Management    Intuitive Navagation                  
           Composite Applications        Crystal Reports    Labor Tracking System    SAP Business One Manufacturing    Process Analytics    MSDS        Human Resource Management                      
           Document Mgmt        Data Conversion    Point-of-Sale System        Ross Data Manager    Multicurrency        Service Managment                      
           Enterprise Content Mgmt        Document Control    Regulatory / Environmental Reporting        Ross Insight    Nutritional Labeling                              
           Enterprise Performance Mgmt        Document Control Application                System Manager                              
           Epicor Everywhere FrameworkEpicor Everywhere Frame        Electronic Data Exchange                                              
           Global Business Mgmt        Global Application Builder                                              
           Human Capital Mgmt.        Key Performance Indicators Application                                              
           ICE Business Architecture        Messaging System Application                                              
           Mobile        Mobile Wireless Application                                              
           Product Data Mgmt        Online System / Time and Attendance                                              
           Service Mgmt. Overview        Process Documentation & Training                                              
           Social Enterprise        RFID Technology Application                                              
           Subscription Services                                                      
           Web 2.0                                                      
  Services Support
   IQMS EnterpriseIQ Training Programs     STARS    Business Process Outsourcing        FastRESPONSE    Consulting        Customer Service & Support    ClientAdvantage    Support Options    Support Options        Customer Portal    M3 Rental Management        Service & Support Modules  
   IQMS Professional Services and Consulting    Support    Epicor Consulting        Global Shop Solutions Consulting    Implementation        Managed Services    ProductAdvantage™                Customization     M3 Services Management          
   IQMS Technical Support    Training and Education    Hosting Services        Global Shop Solutions University    Support        Professional Services    Professional Services                Training and Education              
   Software Updates and Maintenance Program        Learning & Educational Services        Learning & Educational Services                                              
           Managed Services        Training Strategies                                               
           Professional Services                                                      
           Subscription Services                                                      

View the other technology platforms for ERP Software Systems in the Plastics and Rubber Industry:

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