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Global Shop Solutions Overview

We simplify your manufacturing.™ Global Shop Solutions ERP software provides the applications needed to deliver a quality part on time, every time from quote to cash and everything in between including shop management, scheduling, inventory, accounting, quality control, CRM and 25 more. Available in the cloud or on premise, our manufacturing customers benefit from real-time inventory accuracy, improved on-time delivery, lower administrative costs, increased sales and improved customer service. Headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas includes a state-of-the-art R&D facility and Global Shop Solutions training center. Through its offices in the U.S., Mexico, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, the company supports thousands of manufacturing facilities in over 25 countries and nearly 30 industries.

Global Shop Solutions Advantages

Family-owned and family-run, Global Shop Solutions has built its legacy of trust the way it should be done — by following through. We do what we say we’re going to do, often exceeding our customers’ expectations. We’ve earned their trust by building a robust ERP software system, backing it up with comprehensive training and delivering exceptional customer service. Our implementation success rate is one of the highest in the industry.

Our goal as an ERP software company is to become a trusted partner in the long- term success of your manufacturing enterprise, someone who understands the unique challenges of your shop’s environment. As your ERP software advisors, we will be there with you every step of the way. Since 1976, our customers have experienced and appreciated the unique level of service we provide. They’ll be the first to say that you can count on Global Shop Solutions to be there when you need us.

Global Shop Solutions Technology

Global Shop Solutions ERP Software is available on-premise and in the cloud.

Global Shop Solutions Modules

Materials Management for Global Shop Solutions

Bar Coding Module

Global Shop Solutions provides the ability to print labels on demand and to track all areas of the shop via GS LableWriterTM bar coding. Using wands, scanners, or other devices, bar coded material, goods, and other aspects reduces in-direct costs through more rapid processing and turn-around.

CAD/CAM Bill of Materials Module

  • Multi-level BOMs
  • Integration with popular CAD packages
  • ECN approvals and signoffs
  • Where used
  • Engineering history
  • Full integration with inventory, workorders and demand planning system

Inventory Control Module

Coordinating all areas of the operation in a single real-time system means greater control over the movement of your inventory. Global Shop Solutions builds trust in inventory management through accurate views of levels and needs.

Inventory Management Module

  • Inventory tracking
  • Lot/bin/heat/serial number tracking
  • Multi-location inventory
  • Cycle counting
  • Revision control
  • Full integration with shop floor and demand planning system

Materials & Inventory Module

Staying on top of your material inventory and costs is crucial to meeting your manufacturing production goals and customer order deadlines. Global Shop Solutions Materials and Inventory Solutions have the capability to track every aspect of your material needs, from detailed inventory data to bill of material (BOM) cost buildups, all from one integrated program. All the functions you need to keep your production line supplied with materials, while managing costs, in one innovative system.

Accurate, Detailed Material Inventory Management

Global Shop Solutions Materials and Inventory Solutions application offers detailed inventory data in real-time for accurate management of materials needed for production. From multi-location inventory and history/usage reports to cycle counting and product line reports, material inventory tracking is made easier and more accurate with one point of entry.

Simplified Material Ordering to Manage Supply

Never miss another order for materials needed to keep your production line moving. Global Shop Solutions Materials and Inventory Solutions application allows your manufacturing management team to integrate your material ordering system with your inventory and usage. Set up automated purchasing based on material requirements, planning functions and purchase history.

Detailed Vendor Material Tracking

Keep BOM buildup costs down with improved vendor material tracking in your Material and Inventory Solutions application. Every detail needed to breakdown costs, from BOM costing detail to where used” reporting and inventory status for multi-level BOM is in this one application. 

Materials Purchasing Module

  • Automated purchasing
  • Material requirements planning
  • Purchase requisition approval system
  • Receipts to inventory or WIP
  • Integration with vendors via the BusinessWeb™
  • Full integration with accounts payable

Materials Solutions Module

Through One-System ERP SolutionsTM software, Global Shop Solutions offers complete scalability, and the virtually unlimited capacity to manage customer materials, inventory, sales, and other critical data. Lowering overall material costs and maintaining on-time delivery are part and parcel of the GS Materials Solutions component.

Global Shop Solution’s Materials Control system is integrated with Estimating, Bill of Material, Order Entry, Purchasing, Work Orders, Forecasting, and Accounting. The convergence of these modules provides unsurpassed accountability and tracking detail.

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Multi-Location Inventory/Manufacturing
  • Inventory History/Usage Reports
  • Product Line Reports
  • Inventory Supply & Demand
  • Physical Inventory
  • Automated Purchasing
  • Purchase History
  • Purchasing/Receiving
  • Cycle Counting
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Lot and Serial Number Tracking
  • Inventory Drop Tracking
  • Multiple Bin Tracking
  • Multi-Level Bill of Material Assembly System
  • Vendor Tracking
  • Where Used’ Reporting
  • Consolidated Parts List
  • Inventory Status of Multi-Level Bill of Material
  • Bill of Material Cost Build-Up and Costing Detail

Physical Inventory Module

Automated cycle counting via rules-based inventory management is necessary to ensure properly balanced inventory levels, as well as reduced cycle times. Global Shop Solutions generates accurate inventory reporting to eliminate the guesswork and improve bottom-line profitability.

Wireless System Module

Cover thousands of square feet in your shop and be assured of fast, accurate online data with the Global Shop Solutions Wireless application. Hand-held devices streamline a wide range of transactions.

  • Physical inventory
  • Shipments
  • Purchase order receipts
  • Inventory transfers (bin to bin, location to location)
  • Material issues to work order
  • Stand-alone inventory adjustments
  • Labor Transactions

Sales & Order Management for Global Shop Solutions

Complete Order Management Module

From sales order through shipping, sales orders are tracked and instantly accessible via the Global Shop Solutions One-System ERP SolutionsTM system. No more tracking down paper files, no more putting customers on hold to find their order. Everything’s there at your fingertips for rapid and efficient sales order management.

Demand Management Module

In manufacturing, it’s as true today as it was half a century ago: Proper planning and procurement leads to the shop floor efficiencies that improve your on-time delivery. What is perhaps a little different today is that customers are looking for more rapid turnaround on ever-shortening lead times. Global Shop Solutions gives you the power to deliver to your customers through anticipating demand. Linked with all other data flowing through the system, demand management understands both long term and emergent variables to assess demands and to set the correct course of action to enhance planning and procurement. As your capacity planning is better informed, demand is absorbed and profit margins increased.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Module

Building efficient communication between you and your customers, that’s what GD EDI is all about. Through the exchange of routine business transactions in a computer-processable format, Global Shop Solution’s EDI translation software is the foundation of your efforts in building a value-added network. EDI functions are integrated with Global Shop Solution functions for a complete stream of information to both you and your customers.

When your customer demands that you exchange data via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Global Shop Solutions has the ability to keep you ahead of your competition. EDI is the exchange of routine business transactions in a computer-processable format. EDI Translation Software (Trusted Links Windows by Inovis) communicates with your trading partners through a Value Added Network (VAN).

EDI Mapping Software (Catalyst Mapper) translates information from standard EDI format into Global Shop Solution’s application format, or vice versa.

Global Shop Solutions offers a seamless interface with Inovis, the most commonly used VAN

Invoicing/Order History Module

  • Multiple invoicing methods
  • Integrated with A/R
  • Sales distribution
  • Track warranty information
  • Profitability reporting

Order Entry Module

  • Multiple pricing schemes
  • Contract pricing
  • Create work orders from sales orders
  • Inventory status
  • Time and material billing
  • Down payment tracking/progress billing
  • Credit checking
  • Open Order & Back Log Reports
  • Integration with credit card systems

Quoting & Estimating Module

When your customers or your prospects need a quote, they expect it in short order — and they expect you to stand behind it 100%. Global Shop Solutions ERP software gives you the complete picture for the most accurate and efficient quotes that include your direct and in-direct costs. Most importantly, through a single-source system that integrates all operational aspects, quotes and estimates are generated from a real-view baseline.

Return Merchandise Authorization Module

RMA is an advanced and robust aspect of Global Shop Solutions. Linked throughout the software, customer return items are processed and tracked according to a myriad of variables, with the resulting report providing the basis of and end-to-end return management solution.

Sales & Service Management Module

Global Shop’s One-System ERP SolutionsTM software tracks all orders, develops and manages support tickets, manage customer inquiries, and creates reports to ensure your customers get the attention they need to stay satisfied. 

Sales Application Module

To monitor the entire sales funnel in your manufacturing business, you need real-time, comprehensive information. Global Shop Solutions ERP software takes management of the manufacturing sales process to a new level. From detailed real-time custom reporting and sales analysis to overseeing shipping and simplified sales ordering, this is the ultimate in sales management tools. In one integrated system, our Sales Solutions allow you to manage customer service, sales orders, shipping, bookings reports, UPS™/FedEx™ integration and many other sales components. Spend less time managing sales processes and more time increasing revenue with our software.

Customized Sales Analysis and Reporting

See where your sales are in a glance with customized booking reports and in-depth sales analysis. All the sales data your managers need is available in one, easy-to-access software system. Adjust reports to show you just the data you need, in a format you can relate to. Integrated with Global Shop Solutions KPI Dashboards, have all the data you need at your fingertips to help you close sales quicker.

Simplified Software for Leaner Sales Processes

Global Shop Solutions simplifies your sales process through our fully-integrated Sales Solutions. Creating custom invoices, sales orders, bills of lading, and shipping labels have been streamlined to save you time and keep your sales process lean.

Real-time Access to All Your Sales Data

Stay on top of every factor involved in your sales management, with real-time access to customer inquiries, customized sales analysis by product and customer, and open order reporting. All your sales data is available in one integrated manufacturing software system.

Shipping Logistics Module

  • Multiple shipment selection methods
  • Over/under shipping of orders
  • Shipment tracking integrated with GS BusinessWeb™
  • Shipment history
  • Track shipment schedules
  • On-time shipping reports
  • Integration with popular shipping programs (UPS, Federal Express, etc.)

Financial Management for Global Shop Solutions

Accounting Module

With Global Shop Solutions ERP software Financial Solutions, managing your manufacturing business’ finances is easier and more efficient than ever. Eliminate redundant data entry that wastes time, reduces accuracy, and adds to your administrative costs with the single-point entry process. Using real-time, accurate data from the integrated ERP software, end-of-month closing can be completed faster, for a leaner accounting process.

Customized Financial Reporting, Invoicing and Payroll

Our Financial Solutions allow your manufacturing management and accounting team to access data through one system for all your reporting, invoicing and payroll needs. Accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, budgeting, and general accounting calculations are rolled into one system that can access your real-time financial information.

Itemized Accounting with Pinpoint Accuracy

Make decisions based on real-time financial data instead of information that is several weeks old. Your general ledger accounting will be kept up-to-date with streamlined data entry options such as repeat and reversed journal entries, flexible periods and multiple year accounting generation.

Integrated Software for Simplified Payroll Processes

Our Financial Solutions allow for a payroll system that is integrated into your general ledger and shop floor data, easily distributing payroll accounting by department. The program offers simple direct deposit, easy tax reporting and interfaces with ADP®, ABRA, Paychex® and more.

Accounts Payable 

  • Direct tie to purchasing
  • Repeat payables
  • Quick check/manual check
  • Aging reports
  • Integrated with general ledger
  • Contact Manager

Accounts Receivable

  • Direct tie to invoicing
  • Easy cash receipt
  • Refund checks
  • Aging reports
  • Integrated with general ledger

Business Intelligence Module

With Global Shop Solutions Business Intelligence Overviews, you can analyze your business activity with charts, reports, and detailed drilldowns, including:

  • Management Summary
  • On-Time Analysis
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Concentration
  • Purchase Price Trends
  • Outside Services
  • Quoting Won/Loss Analysis

Global Shop Solutions Business Intelligence gives you unlimited flexibility to design reports suited to the needs of diverse end-user groups. Distribute reports quickly and easily using email, Adobe PDF’s as well as Microsoft Excel and Word documents. Global Shop Solutions Business Intelligence enables you to:

  • Quickly and easily drag and drop fields from Global Shops Solutions’ SQL tables to create your own ad-hoc queries and reports
  • Customize the appearance and content of Global Shops Solution’s standard reports and forms
  • Preview the report during creation
  • Launch customized reports from the Global Shop Solutions main menu for future use

Cash Flow Module

Reconcile your AP/AR through the General Ledger. Global Shop Solution’s One-System ERP SolutionsTM software helps manage your cash flow through improved financial reporting and more accurate cost accounting.

Financial Management Module

Stop the wasted time of entering your manufacturing financial data twice — integrate your complete business for single-point real time data flow. Global Shop Solutions Financial software ensures general ledger, payroll, accounts, and fixed assets are efficiently maintained for accuracy and accessibility.

Bring visibility to operations finance in order to produce more accurate cost accounting, and reduce direct and in-direct costs. Global Shop Solutions, through company-wide integration and data entry, offers financial analytics via a single-screen system. No more having to bounce around a variety of screens to rapidly get the information you need. From the Global Shop Dashboard, your money as represented by production, estimate versus actual, and other financials is continuously tracked in order to make better business decisions.

Fixed Assets Module

  • Track asset depreciation
  • Choose tax vs. book depreciation method
  • Integrated with general ledger

General Ledger

  • Cash flow projection Allocations
  • Repeat journal entries
  • Reversing entries
  • Budgets
  • Prior year journal entries
  • No month end procedure
  • Financial statement generation

Purchasing & Accounts Payable

  • Buy in multiple currencies
  • Pay in multiple currencies
  • Accounting computed in home currency
  • Variance in exchange rate calculated and booked 

General Ledger Module

  • Consolidate companies with multiple home currencies
  • International consolidation in accordance with GAAP

Quoting/Order Entry/Shipping/Invoicing/Accounts Receivable

  • Quote/Invoice in multiple currencies
  • Receive cash in multiple currency
  • Accounting computed in home currency
  • Variance in exchange rate tracked and booked

International Accounting Module

Purchasing & Accounts Payable

  • Buy in multiple currencies 
  • Pay in multiple currencies 
  • Accounting computed in home currency
  • Variance in exchange rate calculated and booked 

General Ledger

  • Consolidate companies with multiple home currencies
  • International consolidation in accordance with GAAP

Quoting/Order Entry/Shipping/Invoicing/Accounts Receivable

  • Quote/Invoice in multiple currencies 
  • Receive cash in multiple currency 
  • Accounting computed in home currency 
  • Variance in exchange rate tracked and booked 

Multi-Currency Management Module

In a global economy, it’s vital to be able to speak multiple languages, and multiple currencies with fluidity. Directly through your Global Shop Solutions system, automate currency conversion in procurement and operations management between state-side operations and affiliates in other countries, and other currencies. Take advantage of supply discounts as a function of currency fluctuations within both the buying and selling process.

Payroll Module

  • Integrated with data collection
  • Integrated with general ledger
  • Direct deposit
  • Declining balance deductions
  • Tax preparation reports
  • Earnings and tax history
  • 401(k) percentage and fixed

Production Management for Global Shop Solutions

Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) Module

  • Forward/Backward scheduling
  • Finite/infinite workcenters
  • Improve on-time deliveries
  • Quickly change schedule via drag and drop
  • Global reschedule
  • What-If scheduling
  • Gantt Chart of jobs/assemblies
  • Multi-level assembly scheduling
  • Concurrent scheduling of routings
  • Material and outside scheduling lead times
  • Combine like steps and operations
  • Material and outside scheduling lead times
  • Dispatch list
  • Variable calendar

Cost Breakdown Application Module

Keeping manufacturing production costs down with the ability to pinpoint exactly which cost components are higher than they should be. With Global Shop Solutions FLOOOM as one part of your ERP software, manufacturers can measure Freight, Labor, Overhead, Outside Services, Other and Material to determine individual costing components. Understand exactly how much labor and materials went into a part or how cost breakdowns compare with past production with FLOOOM.

Intimately Know Your Finished Goods Costs

Take the uncertainty out of manufacturing costing. With FLOOOM, now you can see exactly how much labor or material went into a part to easily identify areas for improvement.

Receive Powerful Historical Tracking Capabilities

Get an instant time lapse view from past to present of every part that has passed through the shop floor. Manufacturers can simultaneously view old quantities, current transaction, new quantity and the cost for each, as well as complete history of finished goods cost allowing you to make better management decisions.

Fine Tune Your Manufacturing Production Process to Improve Your Bottom Line

The more ways you can look at your production data, the greater your ability to see areas for continuously improving your manufacturing processes, greatly increasing profit.

Engineer-to-Order (ETO) Module

Ironically, large projects require an unusual amount of attention to detail — dozens, hundreds, sometimes thousands of details. Global Shop Solution’s One-System SolutionsTM ERP software is an Engineer-to-Order manufacturing system providing the tools needed to efficiently manage the myriad details of ETO projects, and the manufacturing environments that produce them.

Whether your company operates in ETO, Make-to-Order, and/or Government Contracting/DCAA, Global Shop Solutions helps manage manufacturing projects via real time data tracking for prototyping, engineering, costing, budgeting, scheduling, purchasing, inventory/parts, and shop floor and outside services control.

Global Shop Solutions ETO Project Software. Our difference is trust.

Your Project Difference: Global Shop Solutions’ ETO Software Features

  • Capture engineering costs
  • Integrate CAD packages to reduce double entry by engineering
  • Real-time job/project scheduling and costing, including BOM separations by type
  • Measure estimate vs. actual over the life of the project
  • Projected what-if scheduling to communicate lead times and discover constraints
  • Dynamically manage inventory requirements
  • Automated notification of purchasing requirements
  • Vendor web portal allowing updates of real-time pricing on materials
  • Contract review and release
  • Complete A‑to‑Z” project management
  • Project management analysis by WBS, phase, position, job, etc.
  • Pre-release management for long lead time materials and production requirements
  • Project based dynamic MRP for material planning and production management
  • Drawing and revision control
  • Electronic engineering change management
  • Project analysis using Crystal Reports
  • Percentage complete calculations
  • Revenue recognition and progress billing for contracts

Lean Manufacturing Module

Global Shop Solutions One-System ERP SolutionsTM serves as a central organizing hub for your entire business. It makes all systems and processes leaner, more visible, and integrates every step of the manufacturing process, so employees can do their jobs more efficiently and management can make better-informed, real-time decisions. The goal is to provide you with the flexible tools that will reduce overall waste in your processes.

Best of all, Global Shop Solutions offers enhanced functionality so that the system grows with you. Whether you have 20 or 1,000+ employees, Global Shop Solutions One-System ERP SolutionsTM integrates all of your business processes into one easy-to-use system that puts you in total control of your business. You make better decisions on the shop floor and in management meetings. This translates to leaner, more efficient operations and long-term improvements to your bottom line.

Planning & Scheduling Module

Global Shop Solutions Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) application is the best solution for staying on top of every job in real-time. This application enables your manufacturing team to accurately view and schedule shop resources, outside processes and material requirements while estimating lead times for jobs, allowing you to better serve your customers. The simple and intuitive design gives you access to the information you need to get every job done on-time and on-budget for the highest levels of efficiency and productivity.

Real-Time Load Visibility

APS allows you to use advanced finite/infinite scheduling to create reliable quotes that reflect real-time data, including what if’ scenarios.

Simple, Easy-to-Use Application

The APS application is simple and easy to use with a drag and drop feature, allowing your team to quickly reschedule or reroute jobs for accurate forecasting. This saves time on the shop floor, while keeping your team on-time and on-task for every project.

High-Level Customer Service

Using APS, your team can maximize tools, materials and labor for the most efficiency, while offering your customer accurate data for the highest-level of customer service. Every job is precisely tracked and kept on-budget, from the production floor to delivery. The APS application will give you the tools you need to build customer loyalty.

Project Management Module

Control expenditures on major projects with Global Shop Solutions Project Management. Global Shop Solutions Project Management is designed for companies with very large projects that run for extended periods of time. Global Shop Solutions Project Management ties together all work orders on a project. The system captures profitability on a project across dates and assists in properly recognizing revenues by product line and actual vs. estimated costs, then posts to the general ledger. Thorough project reporting capabilities keep costs in line through a cutoff date, by project group or work order. Entire report can be saved to history, reprinted and shown on summary.

The main project ties work orders to a sales order. Projects can be viewed by work order number or by WBS (work breakdown structure).
Project grouping is a way to group together similar functions for reporting (for example, engineering costs). This is accomplished with the Project Group field on each work order operation.

The key features of Global Shop Solutions Project Management are:

  • User-definable project groups;
  • Group similar work order operations for reporting purposes;
  • Create project budgets by work order or project group;
  • Analyze estimate vs. actual over the life of the project;
  • Recognize revenue for projects by product line based on a ratio of actual costs estimated costs.

Quality Control Module

Quality starts with a very orderly, well-defined work flow which requires minimal input in tracking, costing, and quality. Global Shop Solutions One-System ERPTM was developed by listening to the customer and includes many options which make the system easy to use in many different environments.

Tired of scrap and rejects eating into your profits? You can win the scap/reject parts battle with Global Shop Solutions Quality. As reject parts are tracked through your shop, the system captures the work in process value up to the moment it was scrapped and communicates seamlessly to your Quality Department.

The Global Shop Solutions Quality system is easy to set up and gives you firm control from start to finish.

  • Create a table of reject reason codes.
  • Purchasing and manufacturing rejects are captured to the Global Shop Solutions Quality database and given a tracking number.
  • Timecard entry and online shop floor are written to a quality file.
  • Isolate Quality Information by tracking number, date, part number, part description, workorder, vendor, purchase order, receiver, or department.

Select a Disposal Action from the following options:

Accept As Is, Scrap, Rework on Same WO-Rework Sequence, Rework on, New WO, Create New PO, Put Back on Original PO, Return to Vendor.

The Global Shop Solutions Quality system measures quality many ways. You can:

  • View scrap trend dollars by date range, workcenter, op code, vendor, department, employee, and scrap reason code.
  • Report on the cost of quality for your shop.
  • Isolate major areas of quality and focus your efforts for continuous improvement.

Quality Control Application

With Global Shop Solutions ERP Quality Control application, your manufacturing management team can isolate and measure the quality components of manufactured and purchased parts in your manufacturing business. The Quality Control application allows you to breakdown scrap trend quantity or cost by date range, vendor, department, employee, various codes or work center. You measure quality in the way that works best for your business, allowing you to focus on improving quality in the areas that will impact your manufacturing business the most.

Simplify Managing Rework, Rejects and Scrap

Improve your quality efforts with simplified data entry and reporting for rework, rejects and scrap. The Quality Control application allows customization of definable reject and discrepancy codes for easier tracking. Keep your quality database accurate and efficient by capturing all purchasing, inventory and manufacturing rejects with specific control numbers, while tracking disposal actions with various coded options.

Customize Control of Quality Requirements

Create customized quality records to meet internal and external QC requirements with electronic sign off and Global Shop Solutions Company Messaging System to monitor step completions. The Quality Control application allows you to keep an accurate history record of quality control details for all completed transactions for thorough documentation.

Detailed Control of Engineering Change Notices

Global Shop Solutions Quality Control application makes controlling engineered part changes simple with the use of the our engineering change control system. Control every step of part revisions or inactivations through the ERP system, including sign-off requirements, department communications and tracking.

Shop Floor Control Module

  • Real time from all aspects of system
  • Job tracking
  • Job costing
  • Employee performance system
  • Estimate or standard vs. actual analysis

Shop Floor Data Collection Application Module

Take control of your manufacturing floor activity with the Shop Floor Data Collection application in your Global Shop Solutions ERP software. Shop floor and related employees will clock in and out of jobs, machines, and your facility providing you real-time and accurate data on labor and production costs. Real-time labor and material data from the shop floor is the backbone of improving your manufacturing business and reducing costs. Shop floor managers can use the recorded data to manage productivity, accurately predict delivery dates, make more efficient purchasing decisions, and measure employee performance for scheduled employee reviews often viewing it in real time on the shop floor through Global Shop Solutions TrueView™ software product which modernizes the manufacturing shop floor.

Flexible Job Management Access

Give your managers the tools they need to effectively manage all jobs, including logging a combination of employee, jobs, unattended jobs and work centers under one integrated manufacturing software system. Within this application, jobs can be completed individually, by employee or by work center. Use this accurate data to improve productivity and make needed changes to job time allotments.

Accurate Data for Reporting

Through the Shop Floor Data Collection application, time and attendance data is input into one fully-integrated system that allows you to get real-time access to current work progress by employee, job, department, work center or supervisor. With all time and attendance recorded in one application by various departments, you can easily track pieces through the shop for quality control and inventory. And pulling up reporting for dispatch lists and viewing job packets is quick, accurate and simple. All the information needed for human relations and labor management is input from one module and validated and integrated with Global Shop Solutions Shop Management Solutions.

Control Labor Costs Through Integrated Reporting

The Shop Floor Data Collection application allows employees to clock in, log onto work orders, log off work orders and clock out, providing easy-to-access data for balancing labor costs by shift, work order, project or department for better control of labor costs. Everything relating to employee costs is conveniently consolidated in one application and fully integrated with your payroll application.

Shop Management Module

To effectively manage your manufacturing projects, you need the right data in real time. The Shop Management Solutions in your Global Shop Solutions ERP software are the tools your manufacturing business needs to meet all your customer’s demands as they happen. Your shop managers have access to live data as projects are being completed, from detailed information on the current job to scheduling and shop floor reports. Stay on track and meet production deadlines utilizing the data your team needs to get the manufacturing job done.

Detailed Project Information

Every detail about your manufacturing projects is right there a click away, including job costing, material review, variance reports and performance measurement. All your project information is at your fingertips, from the office to the production floor.

Accurate Work Center Data and Scheduling Information

Glop Shop Solutions has made it simple to access all your work center data, as you need it, including load details, efficiency reports and backlog reports. With the Shop Management Solutions application, you can also access all your scheduling information, from the master work order schedule to multi-level BOM scheduling.

Customized Analysis Reporting

Analyze and review report data, creating customized reports to give your team the exact data they need. You can create daily dispatch lists and outside process scheduling reports, plus review production planning and your overhead, all from this one application that designed specifically for the needs of manufacturing.

Supply Chain Management for Global Shop Solutions

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Module

Job/production scheduling is one of the most important — and complex — processes in the manufacturing environment. When managed properly, it lays the foundation for a lean, efficient manufacturing process. When managed poorly, it drives costs higher, lowers productivity, and contributes to inefficiencies in all areas of the business.

Global Shop Solutions Advanced Planning & Scheduling System (APS) provides amazing flexibility on the shop floor, while delivering unprecedented levels of scheduling accuracy and efficiency.

Powerful scheduling features dramatically improve shop floor efficiencies through forward/backward scheduling, capacity planning, precise employee, tooling and materials scheduling, and more.

The simple drag and drop” feature allows you to instantly reschedule jobs or make routing changes. 

Advanced finite/infinite scheduling feature allows you to quote jobs more accurately through custom job forecasting and what-if” scheduling. Real time, real shop” reporting features enable you to respond instantly to customer demands and changes in the marketplace.

Global Shop Solutions APS gets the production process started off on the right foot each and every time. With each job, orders are accurately estimated, priced and quoted. Materials, labor and tools are utilized at maximum efficiency. Finished goods are packaged, shipped, tracked and invoiced with a high degree of precision. Deliveries are made on time, quality is assured, and the numbers balance out each and every time.

With the most robust Advanced Planning & Scheduling system in the industry, Global Shop Solutions puts you in control of the entire production process, for more control over your business and your bottom line.

Forecasting Trust Module

There is nothing more critical in manufacturing than controlling inventory. But, in a roller-coaster global economy where no one is certain where the next demand will come from, commodity-based end-product production is often a tricky undertaking. It takes a great measure of intuition and capacity planning to stay competitive. In short, manufacturing mandates unerring forecasting capabilities.

Global Shop Solutions One-System ERP SolutionsTM software is designed to enhance forecasting, and to make inventory management a part of the profit formula. Working capital and carrying costs are reduced through increased inventory turnaround, better visibility to the supply chain and your vendors, and improved capacity planning.

Through a robust Advanced Planning and Schedule system (APS), in combination with Automated Purchasing, Global Shop Solutions is able to manage inventory levels for the most efficient outcomes. For manufacturers, especially those working in modes such as make-to-stock, accurate forecasting is a treasured commodity.

Global Shop Solutions’ Forecasting Features

  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS), and production/capacity planning
  • Dynamically manage inventory requirements
  • Automated notification of purchasing requirements
  • Inventory tracking
  • Multi-location inventory/manufacturing
  • Inventory supply & demand
  • Automated purchasing and vendor tracking
  • Purchasing/receiving, purchase history
  • Cycle counting
  • Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Lot & serial number tracking
  • Consolidated parts list
  • Inventory status of multi-level BOM

Shipping & Receiving Management Module

Complete monitoring of shipping and receiving as a function of work order progression all the way through tracking inbound purchasing and outbound products. Shipping and Receiving Management allows dock area personnel to easily manage operations from a single screen that integrates data from vital areas of the process. 

Supplier Relationship Management Module

Building trust along and within the supply chain requires a sense of order both upstream and downstream. As you are confident in your own supplier performance history, so too can you be counted on for promised delivery, quality, and value. Global Shop Solutions’ powerful ERP software integrates cross-referenced supplier history data to ensure the relationships with your vendors are fully informed, and one that ultimately brings order to the supply chain stream.

Supply Chain Manager Module

Global Shop Solutions newly enhanced Global Shop Solutions Supply Chain Manager module integrates all work order, purchasing, and shipping functions into one easy to manage screen. Global Shop Solutions Supply Chain Manager is one of the most powerful tools in the industry for the way manufacturing runs today. Product requirements, supply chain configurations, forecasting demand, capacity planning, scheduling, shipping, and tracking are integrated components of the Global Shop Solutions Supply Chain Manager that lets you know where you are in the production picture.

Customer Relationship Management for Global Shop Solutions

Customer Relationship Management Module

Global Shop Solutions takes customer relationship management to a new level with single-screen simplicity.”

Everything you need to know about a customer or prospect — from order history to work in progress to credit rating and payment status — is instantly available from one central screen. With nothing more than a P.O. number, employees can:
Access all customer information, including job title and function, multiple email accounts, multiple contact numbers, and more

  • Track new sales tied to a prospect or a customer, forecast the sale close date, or research the sale dollars, type of sale, and ship date. 
  • Drill down to access financial information, such as payment history, credit limits and days outstanding.
  • Document customer preferences, quality issues and other information vital to building strong customer relationships.

Never again will your employees have to waste time using stand-alone systems, Excel spreadsheets, etc. And never again will you have to tell a customer, I can’t seem to track down that information. Let me get back to you.” 

Sales Module

Build reliable models for sales forecasting through Global Shop Solutions powerful CRM. Sales forecasting capabilities integrate a wide range of prospect and opportunity data as reported within the system. Features include:

  • Fully integrated with Global Shop’s One-System ERPTM software
  • Single point of entry to access all of the key information of your customers, prospects, and vendors
  • Opportunities/campaigns
  • Open sales orders, open shipments, sales history, work orders
  • Website information
  • All notes
  • To-do lists
  • Ability to create quotes and sales orders from an opportunity
  • Extensive searching capabilities
  • Reporting
  • Versatile contact management screen includes prompting for all daily events including customer follow-up, sales campaign management, letter creation, labels, and email
  • Extensive sales funnel with reminders
  • Forecast modeling

Sales Opportunity & Marketing Management 

Through Global Shop Solutions CRM, sales and marketing staff can keep close tabs on orders and accounts in terms of status, opportunities, sales, and service. Key data is available 247 from any location to ensure continuous visibility into your sales pipeline for increased management of prospects and customers. Evaluate opportunities as they move through the sales cycle and measure results against sales forecasts.

Additional Capabilities for Global Shop Solutions

Simplified Label Printing Module

Avoid the complications that can come with printing from a non-integrated label software. When you include Label Printing in your Global Shop Solutions ERP software, label information is automatically pulled direct from the source application which means no duplicate data entry, complex merging, or field matching is required. Have trust and confidence in the accuracy of your labels as mailing and shipping labels pull their addresses direct from your Global Shop Solutions CRM application and bin labels are created right from your Material and Inventory Solutions application to name a few. The tight integration between CODESOFT and Global Shop Solutions results in greater efficiency helping you to ship a quality part on time, every time.

Simplified Label Printing

No more manual data entry. No more incorrect labels. No more extracting data from a file to drop into label templates. Easily create, print and reprint the labels you need to run your business more efficiently and meet your customers’ deadlines.

Mobile Printing to Streamline Your Day-to-Day

Moving physical inventory around the shop floor is quick and easy with Global Shop Solutions Label Printing. Print barcode labels on the spot during physical inventory counts. Move tickets can be scanned into the system and then printed with a portable label printer from anywhere on the shop floor.

CODESOFT Labels are the Standard Selection

CODESOFT labels are set as the Global Shop Solutions standard sequence as part of our continued expansion of our Teklynx integration. Existing Crystal Report and Bartender labels are and will continue to be available under user sequence codes.

Global Shop Solutions BusinessWeb™ Module

  • E/Commerce for customers, vendors, management, and employees
  • Communication with customers, vendors, and employees
  • 24-hour customer service on the web
  • eCommerce at a fraction of the cost and personnel

CAD Interface Application Module

No longer will your engineer have to sit for hours each week writing bills of material (BOMs). With Global Shop Solutions CAD Interface, give them back time to do the things that matter to your business and affect your bottom line. Engineering can seamlessly import the dynamic bill of material (BOM) into Global Shop Solutions ERP software from your CAD software removing the task of manual data entry. Get your BOM into your ERP system and on the shop floor faster and error-free. Through our fully-integrated system, your engineer is then able to use the imported BOM to compare to the material and inventory located in your ERP software to make certain each job has the needed material to complete on time and on budget.

Seamless Integration with Your Design Programs

Global Shop Solutions CAD Interface flawlessly integrates with SolidWorks®, Solid Edge™ and Autodesk Inventor®. We also offer integration opportunities with AutoCAD®, SketchUp®, and most CAD programs. This integration allows you to marry your CAD designs to your manufacturing – simplifying and expediting this once time-consuming process.

Save Engineering Time and Money

Engineering time is valuable and expensive. With CAD Interface, you cut out the time-consuming and error-prone data entry of re-creating BOMs within your ERP software. Now with a few clicks, your team can import the dynamic BOM from your CAD software into your ERP system – saving you thousands of dollars a year.

Avoid Delays

In this fast paced world, getting data to your shop floor faster is critical to getting your product out the door on time. With CAD Interface, the BOM is now in your ERP system and pushed to the shop floor faster – helping you avoid costly delays.

Crystal Reports Module

Customize reports to suit your specific production and administration needs with the Crystal Reports function that is a completely integrated part of Global Shop Solutions One-System ERP SolutionsTM software. Reports can be created to incorporate job and BOM option choices, front office filing, sorting, and merging needs, and a host of other possibilities. Information can be celled and/or summarized in any number of ways, and to reflect desired outcomes relative to your reporting criteria desires.

Data Conversion Module

  • Data can be imported easily into Global Shop Solutions from multiple files (.mdb, .dbf, .xls, ascii, etc.)
  • Global Shop Solutions will convert your data for a fee, or you may choose to convert your own data.
  • Global Shop Solutions offers a Data Conversion class through our FastNet™ Virtual Training
  • Interfaces with Popular Software Packages (Excell, Access, Crystal, etc.)

Document Control Module

Global Shop Solutions’ built-in documentation manager allows you to attach all types of files to transactions within Global Shop including:

  • CAD files
  • Drawings
  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Pictures/photos
  • Sound clips
  • Video clips

Shop floor employees have immediate access to these files without excess paperwork to clutter their workspace. The GS Document Control is available in numerous modules: 

  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Employees
  • Work Orders
  • Shop Travelers/Routers
  • Inventory parts
  • Bills-of-Material
  • Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders

Document Control Application Module

Eliminate time spent hunting for paper documents. Files can be scanned into the ERP system and attached in digital format. With Global Shop Solutions Document Control™ any type of file can be attached to any major data entity in the system, including but not limited to work orders, sales orders, inventory lists, purchase orders and more.

Quick Document Access

Move closer to a leaner, paperless manufacturing environment in your offices and on the shop floor. Any document can be stored in digital format and attached to the related project, transaction or order. Simply click and pull it up on your computer monitor.

Version Management System

Maintain a full historical record of all changes made to a document along with the capability to rollback to previous versions when necessary. Customizable security settings are available for documents based on link type and file extensions.

Print Your Documentation

With all your related documentation attached in digital form, printing of all related materials becomes a simple click of the mouse. Within minutes you can have a complete set of quality requirements and inspection plans.

Electronic Data Exchange Module

Meet the technology expectations of your manufacturing customers with single-entry data using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology. EDI sets you above the competition by offering your manufacturing customers the simplicity and accuracy of EDI transactions. It saves administrative time and costs for both you and your customers within a secure, trusted environment.

Stronger Customer & Vendor Relationships

Get the edge over your manufacturing competition by offering seamless integration with your customer’s software. Global Shop Solutions ERP offers EDI integration with a growing list of top EDI solutions, including Ariba, BizManager™, DataTrans Solutions, 123 EDI, Liaison/Softshare, OB10, RedTail Solutions, SPS Commerce, TrueCommerce, TrustedLinks™ Windows and others.

Precision Leads to Opportunities

Saving time, paper and processing is something all manufacturers want and you can get it for your manufacturing business with EDI. EDI also allows you and your company to reduce errors and opens the door for new markets and opportunities. Some companies will overlook you and your product if you do not integrate EDI into your manufacturing business.

Reduce Administrative Costs

As transactions flow through the EDI, one single entry replaces the need for a second entry on the other side of the transaction. Accounts with your customers remain in balance without the hassle of time consuming reconciliations.

Global Application Builder Module

With Global Shop Solutions Global Application Builder (GAB) SDK, you can create customized applications and reports for your manufacturing business beyond the scope of the standard ERP applications. You can also download one of the nearly 1,200 applications and reports that are free to Global Shop Solutions customers. GAB allows you to create applications that are specifically designed to meet your business’ needs, including customizing screens for users, increasing functionality and running reports at scheduled intervals. It is the ultimate tool to further customize your ERP software for maximum productivity and profits.

Enhance Your Existing Screens for Increased Functionality

GAB gives your team the ability to alter your screens from the standard format for maximum user capabilities. Customize screens for specific users, add supplemental data for increased functionality, and create visibility that matches your manufacturing business needs.

Customize Reporting and Schedule Processing with Specialized Applications

With the Global Shop Solutions GAB application, you can customize your ERP software to meet specific manufacturing reporting and scheduling needs. Create and schedule specialized reports and processing at regular intervals beyond what is already included in the standard applications of Global Shop Solutions ERP software.

Control Data Integration for Maximum Efficiency

Manage the flow of data into or out of your ERP system with customized integration packages for your Global Shop Solutions ERP software. GAB gives you the ability to determine the highest efficiency for data flow control and create an application to monitor all types of data needed for improving your productivity. Plus, the innovative technology of GAB allows you to extend your ERP parameters without risking changes to your underlying data structure through the use of business data objects.

Key Performance Indicators Application Module

Move beyond crisis management to a true leadership management culture by implementing KPI Dashboards (Key Performance Indicators) specifically designed for your manufacturing environment. Global Shop Solutions provides you the support for identifying, building and implementing industry specific key performance indicators (KPIs). Our ERP manufacturing KPI Dashboards comes standard with 50+ KPI metrics that are searchable, flexible and customizable to help build trust and ensure communication within your management team.

Proactive Decision Making

The key benefit of implementing KPI Dashboards in an organization is the creation of a culture that revolves around proactive decision making rather than reactive decision making. Predict the crisis rather than react to it. Move to a model of evidence-based management that allows you to improve predictions of market trends and collaborate effectively with your teams.

Industry-Specific Metrics

Use the Global Application Builder (GAB) to create industry-specific KPI Dashboards utilizing data within your Global Shop Solutions ERP software as well as external industry data. Drill down into data that will affect your bottom line.

Training and Business Management Tool

KPI Dashboards is a valuable training tool for new managers starting on the shop floor to easily learn management terms, data and information and put it into practice in real-time. Use this tool to help you quickly identify and spend time on the areas of your business that require your attention to maximize efficiency and improvements.

Messaging System Application Module

Avoid costly mistakes, errors and missed communication with the Global Shop Solutions Company Messaging System for manufacturers. You create the event triggers, thresholds, and parameters for each message that is generated from your ERP software. Setup system notifications to be sent out to customers, vendors, and employees via email or SMS text automatically. Critical messages are not delayed or forgotten with this system. Never miss a milestone because someone didn’t know.

Automated Internal Communication

Improve efficiency through automated alerts and notifications triggered by events within your Global Shop Solutions ERP software. Trigger notifications to shop supervisors, controller, management executives or sales representatives.

Customizable Event-Driven Customer Emails

Keep your customers automatically informed about the status of every order by setting the Company Messaging System to send out emails when critical events occur, such as receipt of order, delays or shipment confirmations.

Email Vendor Notifications

Suppliers and vendors can be emailed notifications triggered by events related to a purchase order, billing or change request. Material handling for manufacturers increases in efficiency as a result of the Company Messaging System.

Mobile Wireless Application Module

Global Shop Solutions allows your shop floor to go paperless with GS Mobile. This product redefines the entire materials management process by utilizing the latest in barcode scanning, handheld printing and mobile technologies, including iOS™, Android™ and Windows® mobile/embedded. From physical inventory to shipments, purchase order receipts, inventory transfers and more, GS Mobile wireless technology gives you unprecedented speed, visibility and control.

Inventory Accuracy

Get fast, reliable count verifications and updates. You can run cycle counts in real-time (without having to temporarily stop production), make on-the-fly adjustments to part and lot-bin counts, and print new barcode labels on the spot on the manufacturing shop floor or in the field with ease.

Real-Time Data

Whether receiving incoming raw materials, counting inventory in the warehouse or in the field, or transferring parts on the shop floor, the person handling the material simply scans the barcoded label and GS Mobile records the transaction in real time.

Cut Shop Floor Labor Costs

GS Mobile eliminates the process of recording material handling on paper and then transferring it to the computer. All the tracking of raw materials, inventory, tools and finished product can be done from your handheld wireless device.

Online System/Time and Attendance Module

Global Shop Solutions makes tracking of time, attendance, labor costs and employee performance easier and faster than ever for dramatic productivity gains throughout the shop floor.

  • Time & Attendance
  • Real-Time Labor and Material Data Collection
  • Employee Performance Measurement
  • Payroll Links
  • Bar Code/Touch Screen Labor, Material, and Outside Services Input

Global Shop Solutions Online Time and Attendance system provides enhanced tools for managing your employees’ shop floor activity. A shift schedule for each employee indicates which shift the employee works per day of the week. Vacation, holiday, and excused absence codes can be added to the table so that it is easily apparent who is supposed to be in the shop and who actually is. View current work in process in your shop by employee, workcenter, job, department, or supervisor.

Global Shop Solutions Online system gives you the flexibility to:

  • Add jobs to an employee;
  • Add employees to a job;
  • View job packets;
  • Pull up dispatch lists;
  • Log any combination of jobs, employees, and workcenters including unattended jobs;
  • Complete a job, all jobs on a workcenter, or any jobs on which an employee is working.

Process Documentation & Training Module

Make staying on top of your manufacturing quality certifications and process documentation for ISO, QSO or training purposes easy with Global Shop Solutions Process Documentation and Training (PDT) application. PDT allows you to record and document your processes for auditing, certification, and training. And with each version upgrade, Global Shop Solutions will trigger an audit of your PDTs to allow you to easily update your process documentation. With immediate and up-to-date access to all your processes, training is made more efficient and cost effective, reducing the need for paper documentation.

Easy, Simple Process Tracking in a Fraction of the Time

As processes change in your manufacturing business, you need a fast, easy way to update your documentation. With the Global Shop Solutions PDT application, you can easily update simple and complex process changes, maintaining and updating versions as your business needs change. Save time and money, while keeping all your manufacturing processes up-to-date and in one easy-to-access format.

Documentation of Manufacturing Quality Certifications

Maintain the records you need to comply with all quality certifications for your manufacturing operation with PDT. All process documentation for quality certifications like ISO and QSO is kept safe and secure, with no need for bulky paper binders. Access any quality documentation information you need with a click of a button.

Improved New and Continuing Employee Training

Never risk trainers using outdated information for training your employees. With the PDT application as part of your ERP software, all processes, tasks and programs can be automatically recorded to update any new information. You have the ability to record or access libraries with just one click for a cost effective and efficient training tool.

RFID Technology Application Module

Gone are the days of fumbling to get a barcoded badge under the scanner, removing a work glove to access your fingerprint, or pressing your fingerprint to the pad only to have it not read correctly. With a simple scan of a badge that contains an RFID tag, your employees can now easily clock in and out for the day or on the shop floor with Shop Floor Data Collection. Combine your building locking system with Global Shop Solutions ERP software for maximum integration, streamlined daily processes, additional security, and reduction of redundant processes.

Consolidate Access Systems

Your employees used to have one badge to enter a building or unlock a door and a separate way to log into Global Shop Solutions ERP software – biometric scanner, additional badge, or barcode scanner. Now with our RFID technology, you can consolidate all those access procedures into one fully-integrated system. With the ability to eliminate multiple badges, barcoded employee lists, and human error, utilizing RFID technology to capture information in Global Shop Solutions ERP software is a no-brainer.

Increase Reliability and Speed

Alternative forms of log-ins are slow and unreliable, causing long waits while employees are trying to clock in and out for the day – causing you lost production time and decreasing employee morale. Utilizing RFID technology allows you to make sure the correct person is clocking in and out – and does so quickly, efficiently and simply.

Enjoy Strong Security and More Accurate Data

With the simple scan of a badge, every employee will have a unique and secure identification mechanism that will allow you to be certain that employee log-ins and job information is correctly stored in Global Shop Solutions ERP software. Utilizing this technology, you will no longer need an employee barcode list – all that information is stored in your ERP software and accessible with just the scan of a badge.

Services & Support for Global Shop Solutions

ERP Consultants

A guided implementation and launch of your Global Shop Solutions ERP software for manufacturers is critical to achieving the best ROI from your software. Global Shop Solutions ERP software Consultants are there to offer expert guidance in the implementation, launch and continued refinement of your manufacturing ERP software operations all the way from the initial planning stages on into the years ahead.

Our ERP Consultants live by one motto — anytime, anywhere and whatever it takes to make our customers successful. If this means showing up on Saturday — done. If this means working 16-hour days — done. Anytime, anywhere and whatever it takes.


Global Shop Solutions is widely noted throughout the ERP software industry for offering an unsurpassed level of superior customer service — 247 service, and within a maximum response time of two hours. All service calls are handled by dedicated Global Shop Solutions service staff located in our headquarters just outside of Houston, in The Woodlands, Texas. Completely web-based service and support, we operate through WebEx for maximum clarity in resolving your issues quickly so you can get back to what you do best. 

Global Shop Solutions University

Global Shop Solutions customers may attend series of week-long class sessions, free of charge, at Global Shop Solutions University in our campus outside of Houston in The Woodlands, Texas. Offered every month, Global Shop Solutions University is taught by dedicated Global Shop Solutions instructors, and is designed to build skills in both new users and long-time customers of the software. Subject areas cover all general aspects of Global Shop Solutions functionality in both the Manufacturing and Accounting operations.

Learning & Educational Services

The annual Global Shop Solutions Users’ Conference is a major learning opportunity for Global Shop Solutions customers in which they attend a wide variety of topic specific classes over a series of days. New advancements and additions to the software are covered, as well as operational issues that are common to all users. 

It’s also seen as an opportunity for customers to interact directly with Global Shop Solutions instructors, R&D staff, service personnel, and each other, in order to better understand the Global Shop Solutions software system for improved productivity.

Other continuous education of the software is provided free in our weekly Friday Features program and through FastTRAINTM opportunities:

FastTRAINTM Classes

Our thorough and ongoing FastTRAINTM classes are available on a regularly scheduled or as-needed basis for customer convenience.

FastTRAINTM Virtual Training

Includes hundreds of learn-at-your-own-pace video courses.


Comprehensive FastHELPTM topics are listed within the Global Shop system on your PC.

Training Strategies

Throughout the year, Global Shop Solutions holds a series of regional Users’ workshops — we call the events the Global Shop Solutions Road Show. In smaller group setting of customers from a particular area of the country, Global Shop Solutions staff provide additional instruction on the operation of Global Shop Solutions software. 

In everything we do, our approach in training and education is to enhance awareness of what lean thought and processes can do for you. Global Shop Solutions One-System ERP SolutionsTM software is a system designed to streamline your manufacturing and job shop operation around lean thinking. Our training strategies incorporate these ideals in what you do on your shop floor and in your front office.

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