JD Edwards EnterpriseOne | Mobilitie LLC

Case Study: Mobilite LLC
About The Company
Mobilitie LLC, a US$600 million market capital company, is reinventing the way telecommunications assets—specifically communications towers and antennae—are managed for wireless providers. In managing a complex, ever-changing infrastructure for telecommunications carriers, Mobilitie has to contend with a complicated mix of towers, fiber optic networks, ground leases, government licenses, and rights of way. Its approach to wireless infrastructure management is designed to create greater shareholder value and to lower costs for customers.
  • Manage multiple independent funds, as well as thousands of discrete properties and tenant relationships
  • Focus on partnership approach with customers, with open lines of communication and transparency
  • Implement an integrated and scalable solution to support the growth of the business


  • Implemented Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications for financial and human capital management to centralize critical business data and improve efficiency
  • Streamlined financial management, allowing Mobilitie to improve data accuracy and vendor relationships
  • Provided customers with on-demand insight into the components of their network
  • Adopted Oracle Universal Content Management, helping the company to efficiently digest and deploy the diverse array of information and documents associated with each property that it manages
  • Provided Mobilitie with a central repository for all of its intellectual property, making it easier to manage, update, and access data
  • Minimized software customization to improve business agility

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