MAX ERP | Exact Event Manager

Exact Event Manager


Exact Event Manager proactively monitors your business data for changes, and alerts your staff, partners and customers early on, addressing critical issues before it is too late to respond.  By knowing about problems that arise in your business – before it’s too late – you can be alerted when inventory has fallen below safety levels, or if an order delivery date has been delayed for example.

In addition to detecting changes, Exact Event Manager can also be used to monitor your business for non-changes, such as frequent buyers who haven’t made recent purchases, or partner who haven’t receive communication from your company in the last 60 days.  If orders or communications are not happening, you need to know why.

  • Get Critical Information to Those Who Need it Most
  • Automated Report Creation and Distribution
  • EventPaks to quickly customize alerts
    • Wizard-driven event designer
    • Enterprise architecture based on secure Microsoft technology
    • Industry standard integration
    • Alert deliveries via standard communication protocols
    • Email feedback functionality
    • Scheduled & triggered forms & report distribution
    • Unlimited scheduling choices