Microsoft Dynamics AX | Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system is part of the Sales and Marketing module. It provides the necessary insight needed to plan, design, and produce targeted and powerful marketing campaigns. A user-friendly campaign window consolidates all the functionality and information needed to communicate successfully via call centers, direct sales, email, fax, and the Internet.

Create Web-based questionnaires to obtain customer feedback and build more effective and personalized campaigns. Instantly gather and distribute questionnaire responses for immediate marketing use and to help with planning based on future demands. Segment target audiences into useful profiles to create personalized campaigns for specific customers.

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Marketing Automation abilities include the following:

  • Measure campaign profitability by linking a campaign with a project: Leverage rich ERP data to monitor the return on investment (ROI), view revenue and costs of each marketing effort, and compare campaign cost with the revenue generated from it.

  • Improve customer relationships with the ability to define relationships, track correspondence and automatically generated activities with access to real-time views of customer and prospect data.

  • Plan effective campaigns by leveraging valuable ERP data to simplify campaign planning, execution, and analysis of specific target groups.

  • Increase sales force productivity with real-time access to integrated sales information. Evaluate sales activity against the profitability of each campaign and increase closure rates.

  • Obtain insight into customer needs and optimize sales with the ability to manage sales and marketing activities together.

  • Meet customer expectations with complete integration of data to connect sales, marketing, and customer service.

  • Obtain more effective outreach with the ability to view relationships between multiple marketing efforts in an organized, hierarchical structure.

  • Gain a wider scope of information with a marketing encyclopedia where all information is kept and accessible to multiple departments.

  • Produce more impactful campaign planning by quickly identifying customers and prospects.

  • Increase marketing campaign value with built-in integration of the entire Microsoft Dynamics AX database.