Microsoft Dynamics AX | Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation in Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution contains the tools necessary to track opportunities, manage accounts, organize contact information, and monitor the sales pipeline. The automation of manual, repetitive administrative tasks increases productivity and allows more time to be spent making sales and building relationships with customers. Gain the insights needed to make optimal sales and marketing decisions with confidence and to manage customer relations more effectively.

The embedded Microsoft Office capabilities combined with the familiar, user-friendly interface helps to boost sales productivity, streamline sales cycles, and automate lead management. Sales Force Automation offers an intuitive layout and structure with user-adjustable menus, forms, and reports for increased effectiveness and productivity. Document sharing and handling are streamlined with full integration between Microsoft Outlook and Sales Force Automation.

An efficient, single window format allows access to all information related to sales flow including sales orders, offers, forecast data, business relationships, customers, competitors, and vendors. Quickly access the information needed for sales orders, quotations, projects, and marketing activities for each contact. Access to real-time workbooks and planners facilitates efficiency by offering the ability to synchronize appointments, tasks, and contacts companywide.

Easily view and manage the sales pipeline to identify new opportunities and make confident quotations based on customer purchasing history, stock availability, and delivery dates. Sales Force Automation integrates with other modules in Microsoft Dynamics AX to give companywide, real-time insights to customer-facing employees as well as back-office staff to allow quick accessibility to customer information.

Microsoft Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning software for manufacturing offers the following Sales Force Automation benefits:

  • Improve sales planning and management with the ability to set up territories and teams for maximum organizational efficiency. Create price lists, unit groups, and discounts to enhance offer management.

  • Capture and track all lead details in one system with lead system automation. Easily create data segments to generate leads from customer base. Automatically assign leads with tasks to boost conversion.

  • Establish an organization-wide process for lead development with opportunity management tools. Ability to view and access real-time data in the opportunity pipeline aids in effective decision making.

  • Keep all sales literature such as product information, brochures, white papers, price lists, annual reports, etc. in a readily accessible central sales literature repository for viewing and editing.

  • Establish best practices for sales reps to better manage time, create consistent processes and boost sales productivity with enhanced business process flow.

  • Allow customer data to be accessed and utilized from any device with mobility-optimized forms. Rich offline reporting facilitates robust sales status analysis.