Plex Manufacturing Cloud | Human Capital

Human Capital

·       Employee Management Modules - Effectively manage your company’s greatest asset: your employees. Get the most out of the people who power your company by better managing employee information in a comprehensive human resources management system. Create and maintain department and employee lists, positions and job descriptions. Track training with an integrated skill matrix. Use the in/out board and visual employee list to know who’s where and who’s who.

·       Human Resources Modules - Better manage your employees with advanced human resources management features and deep functionality. Take advantage of time and attendance labor tracking using traditional time clocks, badges or biometric devices to automatically generate data files for payroll services. Track and manage employee disciplinary actions, expenses and reimbursements, time off, and health and safety incidents to ensure your business remains compliant with regulatory requirements. Collect employee suggestions and manage performance review schedules to prepare your business for growth.

·       Time and Attendance Integration Modules - Track work hours and attendance with time clocks, badge scanners or biometric devices connected to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Keep track of employee attendance and work hours using electronic or biometric time clocks that are in sync with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Your time recording data that is reflected in your costing and payroll information is always accurate and up-to-date.