Plex Manufacturing Cloud | Human Resources Overview

Human Resources Overview
Plex Online provides a complete Human Resources system. The foundation of the Plex HR system is the Employee List, which stores all the pertinent information about each employee. The fully-integrated Time and Attendance module feeds information to the cost tracking system, and supports the downloading of hours data to payroll services. Here are some of the modules provided within the HR subsystem:
Employee List  
This module provides a master Employee List, including all employee data, such as Name, Address, Phone, Department, Insurance Type, Gender, Marital Status, Tax Status, and all other HR data.

Manufacturing Masters  
This module is used to tie together and manage a long manufacturing process that involves a complex interconnection of parts, routings, BOM and Multi-outs. For example, this will schedule the component parts of an assembly.

Positions & Job Descriptions  
A module for maintaining a master list of employee Positions (titles), along with their Job Descriptions, Cost Rate, and other peritnent data.

Visual Employee List  
The visual employee module gives you a view of an employee's photograph with a listing of their department, position and assignment. With a link for the employee to include a personal message to the company.

Discipline Tracking System  
A flexible module for setting up and managing employee discipline tracking systems (aka Point Systems).

Employee Records  
Employee Records is a sub-module to the employee list, you store records such as reviews, disciplinary actions, key events for your employees.

Injury Tracking  
The injury-tracking module will keep a history on all injuries for active and inactive employees fulfilling your needs for OSHA, workers comp. and internal time loss tracking.

Health/Safety Incident Tracking  
The Health/Safety Incident Tracking is used to track special events related to health, safety, and the environment. The module is ideal for tracking Hazardous Material Spills and results from Safety Walkthroughs. This is a sister module to the Injury Tracking system.

Training Tracking  
Training Tracking is used by those companies who are/goal ISO or QS certified to track employee training.

Skill Matrix  
A module for setting up and maintaining a Skill Matrix. Employees are displayed down the left side of the Matrix, and Skills are displayed across the top. User-definable colors, text and/or images are displayed in each cell to indicate the skill level attained. Each Position is defined with a list of required skills.

Grievance Log  
The Grievance Module is used to track union grievances (or other grievance issues). Each Grievance record has a Description, Date, Article Violated, Resolution, Status, Grievance Type, Employee Involved, Shop Steward and so on. Excellent module for tracking and documenting the grievance process.

Employee Expense Tracking  
A module for entry and management of employee expenses and reimbursement, such as travel and educational expenses.

Disclosure Log (HIPPA)  
A log of information disclosures. This module is configurable to different purposes, but is often used by the HR Department to track Medical Record Disclosures for HIPPA compliance. This module can also be used for tracking disclosures related to confidentiality agreements, legal proceedings, and so on.

Employee Suggestion System  
This module allows Employees to enter in Suggestions (Quality, Safety, Cost Savings, etc), and for management to respond and maintain a status of those suggestions.

Employee Review Priority List  
A list of employees, along with various HR/review data, sorted by Months Since Last Review, Hire Date, and a variety of other options for helping to prioritize and schedule Employee Reviews.

Badge Printing  
Prints users' ID badges, with optional barcode for quick log-in ability.

Employee Reimbursements  
Third-party (Supplier) reimbursements by employees.

Work Calendar  
Visual calendar of scheduled and historical work shifts.

Time & Attendance Labor Tracking  
This module is used to track the time and attendance of employees, and at the same time track labor activity against specific parts, jobs, and operations. This is especially useful in job shop environments, where accurate and real-time job costing is critical. Also useful for Activity Based Costing (ABC) in larger production facilities. This module also tracks Lateness, Vacation, Funeral Time and other special attendance issues. Plex can configure this module with custom business rules in order to calculate Regular, Overtime and Double Pay (including approvals by supervisors) which can then be exported and sent to your payroll service (such as ADP, Paychecks, etc).

Timeclock Payroll Interface  
Functionality that processes the raw labor tracking data into a format suitable for weekly download to a payroll package or service.

Team/Group Setup  
A module for setting up a team or group, and defining its champion and members.

Employee Priority Lists  
A simple-to-use tool for managing and communicating high level Priority Lists for employees. This approach emphasizes ease-of-use and the flexibility of quick changes. For more advanced/detailed task management, use the Activity Manager.