Plex Manufacturing Cloud | Customer Care

Customer Care 

Plex offers a choice in how you engage with Customer Care — from the included Silver Care program to our higher touch Gold and Platinum programs that offer a more personalized and intimate support experience. Choose the one that’s right for your business needs.

·       Silver Care is included with every Plex module for coverage during critical hours of operation.

o  High-touch support program with two authorized support contacts

o  Real manufacturing professionals on the Customer Care team that speak the language of manufacturing

o  24/7 system monitoring

o  24/7 online case access

o  Support lines open 24/5 for coverage during normal business hours

·       Gold Care is a higher touch offering with quicker response time, uninterrupted support hours and monthly mentoring sessions.

o  Premium level of care designed for mid- to large-sized customers

o  Quicker response time, more authorized contacts and 24/7 coverage

o  Live phone case submission

o  Four authorized support contacts

o  Monthly mentoring sessions

o  Quarterly support services review

·       Platinum Care is our highest touch program offering greater intimacy with your Plex deployment.

o  Designed for mid- to large-sized customers with the most demanding business needs

o  All Gold Care services plus a dedicated support manager

o  Annual business review

o  Available via phone, our on-line incident management system, or scheduled on-site visits.