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BatchMaster ERP B1
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BatchMaster ERP B1 Overview

BatchMaster Software solutions help emerging and growing formula-based manufacturers worldwide bring their products to market, faster and cheaper, while reducing costs and complying with customer demands and ever more stringent regulatory mandates. 

BatchMaster ERP B1 consists of EMBEDDED BatchMaster 

Manufacturing modules within the SAP Business One framework, enhanced SAP database tables, user menus, inquiries and reports, and of course, SAP Business One’s leading front office processes.

As a pre-configured process industry solution, BatchMaster ERP B1 is affordable, quick to install, and easy to maintain and effectively run sales, purchasing, inventory, financials, product development, manufacturing, and distribution. The solution addresses the needs of Food, Beverage, Chemicals, Personal Care, Life Sciences and Nutraceutical industries. From setup to execution to reporting, you have the ability to personalize the software to meet your individual needs with minimal IT involvement. 

BatchMaster ERP B1 supports manufacturing and distribution processes:

  • Product Development: Dynamically adjust formulas during both product development and production to meet specified target physical or nutritional characteristics.
  • Batch Production: Create and schedule the optimal number of batch jobs required for a product formula and its multiple packaging configurations, based upon the aggregate demand for the given product.
  • Costing: Roll up existing and theoretical product costs, as well as fixed, tiered and scalable costs to formulas, intermediates and finished goods during product development.
  • Quality: From vendor inspection plans to formula and finished good QC testing, establish a comprehensive QA program that ensures the delivery of quality products to your customers.
  • Compliance: Keep compliant with industry specific and federal regulations, in terms of labeling, lot traceability reports, transactional audit reports and shipping documentation.
  • Inventory: Manage inventory based upon quality status, units of measure, expiration date, lot number, strength, license, serial number and location to ensure the right inventory is available for manufacturing and distribution activities.
  • Warehouse Management: Employ mobile devices to perform receiving through shipping activities, plus licensed inventory moves within your raw materials and WIP areas.

Now with access to real-time, accurate process manufacturing data, you can drill down into the granular details of your order to cash” and procure to pay” processes in order to make more informed business decisions in these Business One processes.

  • Sales Track the status, costs, and profitability of every customer quote, order, and shipment.
  • Customer Relationship: Leverage embedded CRM functionality to manage your customers and suppliers to improve satisfaction levels and meet service level agreements, respectively.

BatchMaster ERP B1 Modules

Materials Management for BatchMaster ERP B1

Inventory Management Module

Inventory addresses the management of ingredients and raw materials from receiving into production, and the management of intermediate and finished goods products from production to shipping. Inventory records are managed by their QC statuses, weights, volumes, and units of measure quantities, as well as plant locations and licenses.

Key Features:

  • Maintain expiration dates (i.e. FIFO, LIFO and FEFO)
  • Support allergen, organic, Kosher, Halal and other industry specific types
  • Auto generate lot numbers
  • Assign user defined QC statuses
  • Adjust strengths / potency and other industry specific variable properties
  • Adjust / convert weights, volumes, and units of measures
  • Perform periodic inventory checks
  • Initiate and execute inventory movements, including warehouse transfers
  • Monitor and record inventory movements and adjustments

Master Requirements Planning Module

Material Requirements Planning optimizes the procurement of raw materials. Once a production plan is firmed up, MRP can be used to create purchase orders based upon demand from Firm planned MPS orders, open production batches, sales orders and forecasts. 

MRP reports give planners a consolidated view of demand, sources of supplies and MRP generated orders. Confirmed purchase requirements within MRP will generate the required purchase orders, which initiate one’s procurement process.

Key Features:

  • Easily create purchase orders based on demand
  • Employ the Visual Workbench to view procurement orders by item, warehouse, and vendor
  • Schedule Intermediate batches required to meet MPS production
  • Run MRP by Warehouse, or by an item or a range of items across warehouses
  • Extensive reporting, including expedite reports, to manage the entire procurement function

Mobile Module

Employ Mobile Data Collection to perform receiving, putaway, pick, pack and shipping activities within and across facilities. In addition, Mobile can be used to execute QC tests, special instructions, and inventory adjustments and movements. This browser based application runs on a wide range of mobile platforms, including smart phones and tablets, as well as RF data collection devices.

Key Features:

  • Generate required labels and reports from mobile transactions
  • Provide on the spot inquiries for various processes, including inventory availability
  • Validate inventory location, license ID, quantity as well as lot and serial numbers
  • Maintain historical records of all mobile transactions for audit purposes

Regulatory Compliance Module

Compliance capabilities ensure that federal and industry specific regulatory mandates are met, in terms of generating specific product labeling and industry standard compliance reports.

Key Features:

  • Alert product developers that a given formula’s ingredients exceed industry established percentages or recommended daily intake levels
  • Generate product labels, certificates of analysis and lot traceability reports
  • Support Food related labeling and reporting requirements, including GMP, FDA and GFSA requirements
  • Support Chemical related labeling and reporting requirements, including GMP, SARA Type III, REACH, HAZMAT, SDS, MSDS and INCI requirements
  • Personalize all labels and reports
  • Support the special processing and reporting of allergens and organic ingredients, as well as Kosher and Halal products
  • Bi-directional lot traceability and lot recall letters
  • Maintain change records for all formula, bills of material and batch jobs

Sales & Order Management for BatchMaster ERP B1

Sales Management Module

You can create price quotes, enter customer orders, set up deliveries, update inventory balances, and manage all invoices and accounts receivable. Advertise special promotions and updates through email and direct campaigns. All relevant sales information is moved from one document to the next (from sales quotation to the sales order to delivery note to the AR invoice) saving you time and reducing errors. 

Sales management tools include:

  • Opportunity analysis
  • Sales quotation
  • Sales Order
  • My Focus and Sales View dashboards
    • Delivery
  • Returns processing
  • Backorder processing
  • Invoicing, credit and down payments
  • Dunning wizard

Financial Management for BatchMaster ERP B1

Accounting and Financials Module

Manage your general ledger, journals, budgets, and accounts payable (AP) and receivable (AR). Conduct all your banking activities, including processing bank statements and payments by methods such as check, cash, and credit card, as well as internal and external reconciliation of various accounts. Create various financial reports including profit and loss, cash flow, balance sheet, aging, and profit center reports. 

Accounting and financial tools include:

  • General ledger and journal entries
  • Basic cost accounting and monitoring project costs
  • Basic budget management
  • Banking and bank statement processing
  • Payment processing and reconciliation
  • Financial statements and reporting
  • Sales tax and VAT
  • Multicurrency support

Financial Reporting Module

Balance sheets, profit and loss statements, cash flow analysis, profitability reports, multi-period comparisons, and budget reports are a few of the standard reports available. Microsoft Excel – based templates, Crystal Reports, Print Layout Designer, XL Reporter, and Query Manager all can assist you in creating customized financial and management reports. Reports can be converted into various electronic formats including PDF, Microsoft Excel/Word, RTF, and XML, and distributed across the company via e‑mail, fax, or other formats. 

Reporting and Administration tools include:

  • Fully integrated with Crystal Reports® software
  • Microsoft Outlook® integration
  • Drag-and-relate,” drill downs
  • Search assistance
  • Workflow-based alerts for exception management
  • Employee directory and administration, employee time
  • Data migration workbench, data archiving

Production Management for BatchMaster ERP B1

Costing Module

Finished goods costs take into consideration the costs defined in the formula and bill of materials during product development, as well as additional costs and loss factors encountered during production. Static and variable costs embedded within formulas and bills of material contribute to the costs of finished goods. These costs consist of fixed setup charges, scalable labor, tiered labor, markups, margins and losses that may be automatically adjusted based upon the total batch size at time of production. Further costing analysis and approvals can be performed during production, when adjustments are being made to the batch job formula. 

Key Features:

  • Perform what-if” cost scenarios
  • Approve formula and bills of materials based upon costs
  • Compare costs of finished goods in different packaging configurations
  • Analyze expected vs. actual costs of finished goods

Product Development Module

BatachMaster ERP B1 help Product Developers manage

  • Intermediates and finished goods, including co-products and by-products
  • Sub assembles and top level assemblies for finished goods
  • Samples for sales and customer requests

The typical manufacturing Bill-of-Materials is split up between a Formula and a Finished Goods Packaging specification, allowing you to manage each specification independently. Now you can aggregate demand and execute a single batch job for a formula that can satisfy multiple finished goods of different sizes, packaging and label requirements, as well as gain control of a reduced set of specifications. QC tests, special manufacturing instructions, losses, and costs, including material, labor, static and variable costs, are defined in Formulas and Finished Goods Packaging specifications.

Sample Management module creates the formula and packaging specifications for new products requested by either internal or external sources. Sample development is an optional precursor process to the formulation and packaging bill of materials processes. Sample Management identifies the requestor, their profile, specific product requirements and then tracks the progress of this new product from request to acceptance. 

Key Features:

  • Ingredients with theoretical characteristics can be defined
  • Establish hierarchy of intermediates and products, as well as subassemblies and top assemblies
  • Define Costs, QC Tests, Manufacturing Instructions and Losses
  • Use physical and nutritional data from USDA and Genesis databases
  • Dynamically adjust ingredients to meet target characteristics
  • Analyze and compare formulas
  • Employ workflow approval processes
  • Track all sample request sources, progress and communications

Production Management Module

Production manages all the mix, blend, fill and assemble processes required to manufacture one’s finished goods, including co-products and by-products, in a make-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed-mode manufacturing environment. Batch jobs are either manually or dynamically created, linked and scheduled. Inventory allocation, equipment scheduling, and QC test and special instructions execution are managed by the production module. Raw material inventory consumption is either manually recorded or automatically back flushed by the system, based upon the finished goods yields and the batch job formulas. From inventory appropriation to finished goods completion, all production and quality related transactions are captured and reported, including actual inventory usage, labor costs, and yields.

Key Features:

  • Dynamically re-adjust batch formulas and packaging bill of materials
  • Link dependent batch jobs together
  • Dynamically size and schedule batch jobs
  • Assign equipment and labor to batch jobs
  • Reserve inventory for specific batch job
  • Prioritize and expedite batch jobs
  • Rework intermediates and finished goods during production
  • Auto generate lot numbers for intermediates and finished goods
  • Track and trace lot controlled inventory throughout production

Quality Management Module

Quality capabilities are found throughout the production and distribution processes to ensure that raw materials to finished goods meet your corporate and customer’s strict quality standards. Establish standardized QC procedures that address the inspection of vendor delivered goods, batch jobs in WIP, intermediate inventory in the warehouse, and finished goods inventory ready for customer delivery.

Key Features

  • Define QC test accepted values, tolerance values, sample and recount values 
  • Mandate the execution of QC tasks in receiving and production
  • Generate separate QC test documents
  • Capture QC tests via mobile devices
  • Analyze QC tests results
  • Generate customized Certificates of Analysis

Supply Chain Management for BatchMaster ERP B1

Master Production Scheduling (MPS) Module

Master Production Scheduling (MPS) provides a master plan for what you need to produce, how much and when to produce it. Your open production orders, sales orders and forecast entries are used as finished goods demand, and your inventory levels, batch production jobs, and receipts are considered as supply. MPS generates an accurate, detailed schedule of orders across one or more plants, based upon this granular view of supply and demand. 

Key Features:

  • Establish short, medium and long range planning periods
  • Consolidate supply and demand of facilities
  • Perform what-if analysis” while planning production
  • Perform demand to supply pegging as well as supply to demand pegging
  • View time-phased aspects of required production, based on forecast and demand
  • Schedule MPS processing on a frequency or calendar basis
  • Auto conversation of MPS orders to purchase orders and batch production jobs

Procurement Module

Purchasing manages the complete order-to-pay cycle, from securing quotations with an optional approvals hierarchy and vendor contracts management, through multiple methods of purchase order generation, to receiving and issuing vouchers for incoming receipts. Analyze the performance of your vendors and adjust your procurement strategy as well as delivery, pricing, production losses, and more to ensure accurate re-ordering.

Purchasing supports:

  • Purchase orders and deliveries
  • Goods receipts and returns
  • AP invoice and credit notes
  • Vendor Analysis

Time-phased calculations of what you must make or buy to support your customer demand are performed by Material Requirement Planning (MRP). Generated Purchase Order requests are transferred into one’s defined procurement approval and execution processes.

Customer Relationship Management for BatchMaster ERP B1

Customer Relationship Management Module

Manage the entire customer life cycle from prospecting to acquisition to retention, and profitability for your business. Service call functions provide support for service operations, service contract management, service planning, customer interaction activity tracking, customer support, and management of additional sales opportunities. In addition, you can track sales leads and opportunities of your resellers and channel partners

CRM tools for sales and customer service reps include:

  • Opportunities and pipeline management
  • Customer contact and activity management
  • Sales quotations and orders
  • Goods delivery and returns tracking
  • Invoicing and crediting
  • Sales and pipeline forecast
  • Service contract management
  • Service call management and Tracking 

Additional Capabilities for BatchMaster ERP B1

e‑Commerce Module

Online catalogs, shopping carts, order processing and notifications, and other customer configuration tools enable companies to establish online stores”, which provide up to date stock levels and costing information to consumers.

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