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Production Management for BatchMaster ERP B1

Costing Module

Finished goods costs take into consideration the costs defined in the formula and bill of materials during product development, as well as additional costs and loss factors encountered during production. Static and variable costs embedded within formulas and bills of material contribute to the costs of finished goods. These costs consist of fixed setup charges, scalable labor, tiered labor, markups, margins and losses that may be automatically adjusted based upon the total batch size at time of production. Further costing analysis and approvals can be performed during production, when adjustments are being made to the batch job formula. 

Key Features:

  • Perform what-if” cost scenarios
  • Approve formula and bills of materials based upon costs
  • Compare costs of finished goods in different packaging configurations
  • Analyze expected vs. actual costs of finished goods

Product Development Module

BatachMaster ERP B1 help Product Developers manage

  • Intermediates and finished goods, including co-products and by-products
  • Sub assembles and top level assemblies for finished goods
  • Samples for sales and customer requests

The typical manufacturing Bill-of-Materials is split up between a Formula and a Finished Goods Packaging specification, allowing you to manage each specification independently. Now you can aggregate demand and execute a single batch job for a formula that can satisfy multiple finished goods of different sizes, packaging and label requirements, as well as gain control of a reduced set of specifications. QC tests, special manufacturing instructions, losses, and costs, including material, labor, static and variable costs, are defined in Formulas and Finished Goods Packaging specifications.

Sample Management module creates the formula and packaging specifications for new products requested by either internal or external sources. Sample development is an optional precursor process to the formulation and packaging bill of materials processes. Sample Management identifies the requestor, their profile, specific product requirements and then tracks the progress of this new product from request to acceptance. 

Key Features:

  • Ingredients with theoretical characteristics can be defined
  • Establish hierarchy of intermediates and products, as well as subassemblies and top assemblies
  • Define Costs, QC Tests, Manufacturing Instructions and Losses
  • Use physical and nutritional data from USDA and Genesis databases
  • Dynamically adjust ingredients to meet target characteristics
  • Analyze and compare formulas
  • Employ workflow approval processes
  • Track all sample request sources, progress and communications

Production Management Module

Production manages all the mix, blend, fill and assemble processes required to manufacture one’s finished goods, including co-products and by-products, in a make-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed-mode manufacturing environment. Batch jobs are either manually or dynamically created, linked and scheduled. Inventory allocation, equipment scheduling, and QC test and special instructions execution are managed by the production module. Raw material inventory consumption is either manually recorded or automatically back flushed by the system, based upon the finished goods yields and the batch job formulas. From inventory appropriation to finished goods completion, all production and quality related transactions are captured and reported, including actual inventory usage, labor costs, and yields.

Key Features:

  • Dynamically re-adjust batch formulas and packaging bill of materials
  • Link dependent batch jobs together
  • Dynamically size and schedule batch jobs
  • Assign equipment and labor to batch jobs
  • Reserve inventory for specific batch job
  • Prioritize and expedite batch jobs
  • Rework intermediates and finished goods during production
  • Auto generate lot numbers for intermediates and finished goods
  • Track and trace lot controlled inventory throughout production

Quality Management Module

Quality capabilities are found throughout the production and distribution processes to ensure that raw materials to finished goods meet your corporate and customer’s strict quality standards. Establish standardized QC procedures that address the inspection of vendor delivered goods, batch jobs in WIP, intermediate inventory in the warehouse, and finished goods inventory ready for customer delivery.

Key Features

  • Define QC test accepted values, tolerance values, sample and recount values 
  • Mandate the execution of QC tasks in receiving and production
  • Generate separate QC test documents
  • Capture QC tests via mobile devices
  • Analyze QC tests results
  • Generate customized Certificates of Analysis

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