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Additional Capabilities for Fishbowl Advanced ERP

Fishbowl ERP offers a wide range of additional capabilities for manufacturing companies. Here are some noteworthy features:

Asset Management

  • Track and manage company assets like equipment, machinery, and vehicles.
  • Helps with maintenance scheduling and cost control.

Project Management

  • Supports project planning and tracking, including resource allocation.
  • Ideal for manufacturers involved in project-based work.

Data Security and Compliance

  • Provides full data encryption and security features to protect sensitive information.
  • Maintain compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Service and Maintenance Management

  • Manage service requests, scheduling, and maintenance tasks.
  • Supports after-sale service and support.

Third-Party Integrations

  • Integration capabilities with third-party software, such as CRM systems, e‑commerce platforms, and more.

These additional capabilities make Fishbowl ERP a comprehensive solution for any manufacturing business, from financials and human resources to asset management and project planning. The flexibility and scalability of the system make it adaptable to a wide range of manufacturing needs.

Fishbowl Advanced ERP Modules

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