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Services & Support for Fishbowl Advanced ERP

Fishbowl ERP offers extensive services and support to help its users make the most of the software and ensure smooth implementation and ongoing usage. Here are some of the services and support options typically available:

Implementation Services

  • Assistance with setting up and configuring the software to align with your manufacturing processes.
  • Data migration services to transfer existing data into the ERP system.

Training and Onboarding

  • Training resources, including documentation, videos, and user guides.
  • On-site or remote training sessions for users and administrators.

Customer Support

  • Provides access to a support team for assistance with technical issues and questions.
  • Support channels such as phone, email, app, and online chat.

Software Updates and Maintenance

  • Regular software updates to ensure the system stays current and secure.
  • Access to new features and improvements.

Consulting Services

  • Expert consultation is available.
  • Guidance on best practices and process improvements.

Customization Services

  • Assistance with customizing the software to meet specific business needs.
  • Development of custom reports, forms, and workflows.

User Community and Forums

  • Access to an online user community and forums where users can share experiences and gain insights.
  • Collaboration and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Fishbowl Advanced ERP Modules

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