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Production Management for Fishbowl Advanced ERP

The Production Management module in Fishbowl ERP provides manufacturing companies with the necessary tools to efficiently manage their manufacturing processes. Here are the main features of the production management module:

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

  • Create and maintain detailed BOMs for products.
  • Specify the components and materials required.

Production Scheduling

  • Schedule tasks and allocate resources.
  • Automate schedules for efficiency.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • Automatically calculate material requirements based on BOMs and workflow schedules.
  • Helps in maintaining optimal inventory levels.

Shop Floor Control

  • Monitor all shop floor activities in real time.
  • Ensure that the shop floor runs smoothly and according to plan.

Quality Control

  • Implement quality processes to maintain product standards.
  • Inspect and verify product quality at various stages.

Resource Management

  • Efficiently allocate and manage resources like labor and equipment.
  • Minimize downtime and optimize resource utilization.

Inventory Control

  • Real-time inventory tracking for materials and finished goods.
  • Automatically update inventory levels in real-time.

Production Reporting

  • Capture data on shop floor activities, including labor hours and machine usage.
  • Generate reports and performance metrics.


  • Suitable for companies of all sizes and manufacturing industries.
  • Scalable to accommodate growing business needs.

The Production Management module in the Fishbowl ERP system is designed to streamline manufacturing processes, improve efficiency, and enhance visibility into all workflow activities.

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