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Production Management for Global Shop Solutions

Advanced Production Scheduling (APS) Module

  • Forward/Backward scheduling
  • Finite/infinite workcenters
  • Improve on-time deliveries
  • Quickly change schedule via drag and drop
  • Global reschedule
  • What-If scheduling
  • Gantt Chart of jobs/assemblies
  • Multi-level assembly scheduling
  • Concurrent scheduling of routings
  • Material and outside scheduling lead times
  • Combine like steps and operations
  • Material and outside scheduling lead times
  • Dispatch list
  • Variable calendar

Cost Breakdown Application Module

Keeping manufacturing production costs down with the ability to pinpoint exactly which cost components are higher than they should be. With Global Shop Solutions FLOOOM as one part of your ERP software, manufacturers can measure Freight, Labor, Overhead, Outside Services, Other and Material to determine individual costing components. Understand exactly how much labor and materials went into a part or how cost breakdowns compare with past production with FLOOOM.

Intimately Know Your Finished Goods Costs

Take the uncertainty out of manufacturing costing. With FLOOOM, now you can see exactly how much labor or material went into a part to easily identify areas for improvement.

Receive Powerful Historical Tracking Capabilities

Get an instant time lapse view from past to present of every part that has passed through the shop floor. Manufacturers can simultaneously view old quantities, current transaction, new quantity and the cost for each, as well as complete history of finished goods cost allowing you to make better management decisions.

Fine Tune Your Manufacturing Production Process to Improve Your Bottom Line

The more ways you can look at your production data, the greater your ability to see areas for continuously improving your manufacturing processes, greatly increasing profit.

Engineer-to-Order (ETO) Module

Ironically, large projects require an unusual amount of attention to detail — dozens, hundreds, sometimes thousands of details. Global Shop Solution’s One-System SolutionsTM ERP software is an Engineer-to-Order manufacturing system providing the tools needed to efficiently manage the myriad details of ETO projects, and the manufacturing environments that produce them.

Whether your company operates in ETO, Make-to-Order, and/or Government Contracting/DCAA, Global Shop Solutions helps manage manufacturing projects via real time data tracking for prototyping, engineering, costing, budgeting, scheduling, purchasing, inventory/parts, and shop floor and outside services control.

Global Shop Solutions ETO Project Software. Our difference is trust.

Your Project Difference: Global Shop Solutions’ ETO Software Features

• Capture engineering costs
• Integrate CAD packages to reduce double entry by engineering
• Real-time job/project scheduling and costing, including BOM separations by type
• Measure estimate vs. actual over the life of the project
• Projected what-if scheduling to communicate lead times and discover constraints
• Dynamically manage inventory requirements
• Automated notification of purchasing requirements
• Vendor web portal allowing updates of real-time pricing on materials
• Contract review and release
• Complete A‑to‑Z” project management
• Project management analysis by WBS, phase, position, job, etc.
• Pre-release management for long lead time materials and production requirements
• Project based dynamic MRP for material planning and production management
• Drawing and revision control
• Electronic engineering change management
• Project analysis using Crystal Reports
• Percentage complete calculations
• Revenue recognition and progress billing for contracts

Lean Manufacturing Module

Global Shop Solutions One-System ERP SolutionsTM serves as a central organizing hub for your entire business. It makes all systems and processes leaner, more visible, and integrates every step of the manufacturing process, so employees can do their jobs more efficiently and management can make better-informed, real-time decisions. The goal is to provide you with the flexible tools that will reduce overall waste in your processes.

Best of all, Global Shop Solutions offers enhanced functionality so that the system grows with you. Whether you have 20 or 1,000+ employees, Global Shop Solutions One-System ERP SolutionsTM integrates all of your business processes into one easy-to-use system that puts you in total control of your business. You make better decisions on the shop floor and in management meetings. This translates to leaner, more efficient operations and long-term improvements to your bottom line.

Planning & Scheduling Module

Global Shop Solutions Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) application is the best solution for staying on top of every job in real-time. This application enables your manufacturing team to accurately view and schedule shop resources, outside processes and material requirements while estimating lead times for jobs, allowing you to better serve your customers. The simple and intuitive design gives you access to the information you need to get every job done on-time and on-budget for the highest levels of efficiency and productivity.

Real-Time Load Visibility

APS allows you to use advanced finite/infinite scheduling to create reliable quotes that reflect real-time data, including what if’ scenarios.

Simple, Easy-to-Use Application

The APS application is simple and easy to use with a drag and drop feature, allowing your team to quickly reschedule or reroute jobs for accurate forecasting. This saves time on the shop floor, while keeping your team on-time and on-task for every project.

High-Level Customer Service

Using APS, your team can maximize tools, materials and labor for the most efficiency, while offering your customer accurate data for the highest-level of customer service. Every job is precisely tracked and kept on-budget, from the production floor to delivery. The APS application will give you the tools you need to build customer loyalty.

Project Management Module

Control expenditures on major projects with Global Shop Solutions Project Management. Global Shop Solutions Project Management is designed for companies with very large projects that run for extended periods of time. Global Shop Solutions Project Management ties together all work orders on a project. The system captures profitability on a project across dates and assists in properly recognizing revenues by product line and actual vs. estimated costs, then posts to the general ledger. Thorough project reporting capabilities keep costs in line through a cutoff date, by project group or work order. Entire report can be saved to history, reprinted and shown on summary.

The main project ties work orders to a sales order. Projects can be viewed by work order number or by WBS (work breakdown structure).
Project grouping is a way to group together similar functions for reporting (for example, engineering costs). This is accomplished with the Project Group field on each work order operation.

The key features of Global Shop Solutions Project Management are:
• User-definable project groups;
• Group similar work order operations for reporting purposes;
• Create project budgets by work order or project group;
• Analyze estimate vs. actual over the life of the project;
• Recognize revenue for projects by product line based on a ratio of actual costs estimated costs.

Quality Control Module

Quality starts with a very orderly, well-defined work flow which requires minimal input in tracking, costing, and quality. Global Shop Solutions One-System ERPTM was developed by listening to the customer and includes many options which make the system easy to use in many different environments.

Tired of scrap and rejects eating into your profits? You can win the scap/reject parts battle with Global Shop Solutions Quality. As reject parts are tracked through your shop, the system captures the work in process value up to the moment it was scrapped and communicates seamlessly to your Quality Department.

The Global Shop Solutions Quality system is easy to set up and gives you firm control from start to finish.

• Create a table of reject reason codes. 

• Purchasing and manufacturing rejects are captured to the Global Shop Solutions Quality database and given a tracking number.

• Timecard entry and online shop floor are written to a quality file.

• Isolate Quality Information by tracking number, date, part number, part description, workorder, vendor, purchase order, receiver, or department.

• Select a Disposal Action from the following options:

• Accept As Is, Scrap, Rework on Same WO-Rework Sequence, Rework on

• New WO, Create New PO, Put Back on Original PO,

• Return to Vendor.

The Global Shop Solutions Quality system measures quality many ways. You can:

• View scrap trend dollars by date range, workcenter, op code, vendor, department, employee, and scrap reason code.

• Report on the cost of quality for your shop.

• Isolate major areas of quality and focus your efforts for continuous improvement.

Quality Control Application

With Global Shop Solutions ERP Quality Control application, your manufacturing management team can isolate and measure the quality components of manufactured and purchased parts in your manufacturing business. The Quality Control application allows you to breakdown scrap trend quantity or cost by date range, vendor, department, employee, various codes or work center. You measure quality in the way that works best for your business, allowing you to focus on improving quality in the areas that will impact your manufacturing business the most.

Simplify Managing Rework, Rejects and Scrap

Improve your quality efforts with simplified data entry and reporting for rework, rejects and scrap. The Quality Control application allows customization of definable reject and discrepancy codes for easier tracking. Keep your quality database accurate and efficient by capturing all purchasing, inventory and manufacturing rejects with specific control numbers, while tracking disposal actions with various coded options.

Customize Control of Quality Requirements

Create customized quality records to meet internal and external QC requirements with electronic sign off and Global Shop Solutions Company Messaging System to monitor step completions. The Quality Control application allows you to keep an accurate history record of quality control details for all completed transactions for thorough documentation.

Detailed Control of Engineering Change Notices

Global Shop Solutions Quality Control application makes controlling engineered part changes simple with the use of the our engineering change control system. Control every step of part revisions or inactivations through the ERP system, including sign-off requirements, department communications and tracking.

Shop Floor Control Module

  • Real time from all aspects of system
  • Job tracking
  • Job costing
  • Employee performance system
  • Estimate or standard vs. actual analysis

Shop Floor Data Collection Application Module

Take control of your manufacturing floor activity with the Shop Floor Data Collection application in your Global Shop Solutions ERP software. Shop floor and related employees will clock in and out of jobs, machines, and your facility providing you real-time and accurate data on labor and production costs. Real-time labor and material data from the shop floor is the backbone of improving your manufacturing business and reducing costs. Shop floor managers can use the recorded data to manage productivity, accurately predict delivery dates, make more efficient purchasing decisions, and measure employee performance for scheduled employee reviews often viewing it in real time on the shop floor through Global Shop Solutions TrueView™ software product which modernizes the manufacturing shop floor.

Flexible Job Management Access

Give your managers the tools they need to effectively manage all jobs, including logging a combination of employee, jobs, unattended jobs and work centers under one integrated manufacturing software system. Within this application, jobs can be completed individually, by employee or by work center. Use this accurate data to improve productivity and make needed changes to job time allotments.

Accurate Data for Reporting

Through the Shop Floor Data Collection application, time and attendance data is input into one fully-integrated system that allows you to get real-time access to current work progress by employee, job, department, work center or supervisor. With all time and attendance recorded in one application by various departments, you can easily track pieces through the shop for quality control and inventory. And pulling up reporting for dispatch lists and viewing job packets is quick, accurate and simple. All the information needed for human relations and labor management is input from one module and validated and integrated with Global Shop Solutions Shop Management Solutions.

Control Labor Costs Through Integrated Reporting

The Shop Floor Data Collection application allows employees to clock in, log onto work orders, log off work orders and clock out, providing easy-to-access data for balancing labor costs by shift, work order, project or department for better control of labor costs. Everything relating to employee costs is conveniently consolidated in one application and fully integrated with your payroll application.

Shop Management Module

To effectively manage your manufacturing projects, you need the right data in real time. The Shop Management Solutions in your Global Shop Solutions ERP software are the tools your manufacturing business needs to meet all your customer’s demands as they happen. Your shop managers have access to live data as projects are being completed, from detailed information on the current job to scheduling and shop floor reports. Stay on track and meet production deadlines utilizing the data your team needs to get the manufacturing job done.

Detailed Project Information

Every detail about your manufacturing projects is right there a click away, including job costing, material review, variance reports and performance measurement. All your project information is at your fingertips, from the office to the production floor.

Accurate Work Center Data and Scheduling Information

Glop Shop Solutions has made it simple to access all your work center data, as you need it, including load details, efficiency reports and backlog reports. With the Shop Management Solutions application, you can also access all your scheduling information, from the master work order schedule to multi-level BOM scheduling.

Customized Analysis Reporting

Analyze and review report data, creating customized reports to give your team the exact data they need. You can create daily dispatch lists and outside process scheduling reports, plus review production planning and your overhead, all from this one application that designed specifically for the needs of manufacturing.

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