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Additional Capabilities for QAD Enterprise Applications

Additional Capabilities Module


QAD Analytics enables companies to become effective enterprises by monitoring performance against defined key metrics and key indicators. It provides reporting any way the user wants, from basic reporting through simple browses, to user portals or complex OLAP analysis — all in real time. It allows users to view trends and drill down into detailed data from multiple sources, providing the flexibility and accuracy to quickly make fact-based decisions, and to analyze and share critical information.

  • Drive performance to strategic metrics: Monitors and reports performance against defined strategic effective enterprise metrics 
  • Improve business performance: Provides visibility into performance trends against strategic goals 
  • Reduce business risks: Identifies issues before they become problems to keep processes running at peak performance 
  • Streamlined reporting: Consolidates data from multiple sources and provides a single point to view information, simplifying analysis 
  • Produce forms and outputs: Allows users to format common forms in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

QAD Enterprise Applications Analytics Highlights

Operational Metrics: Provides a single point of view to key effective enterprise performance measures and helps identify issues before they become problems.

Reporting Framework: Provides graphical view to status metrics to identify issues that impede performance and provides decision guidelines in line with objectives; allows the creation of browses and structured inquiries, views and WYSIWYG reports.

Workflow Alerts: Alerts and notifications ensure information flows to responsible individuals.

Business Intelligence: Promotes fact-based decisions by unifying data from multiple sources using an included ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool, allowing decision makers to access, analyze and share critical information using a browser-based portal.

  • QAD BI Data Warehouse Designer: Allows data consolidation, optimization, multi-currency consolidation, support for database maintenance tasks and impact analysis, and provides a single repository for transformation logic 
  • QAD BI Modules: Integrates with QAD apps out of the box and organized to make data easy to access without complex database queries and programming resources 
  • QAD BI Portal: Enables decision makers to create and re-use secure dashboard components placing critical data at their fingertips

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management is an integrated plant operation solution that enables companies to operate plants more smoothly by keeping equipment running at the lowest cost. EAM manages planned and unplanned equipment maintenance, including calibrations, manages procurement of MRO inventory and manages capital asset project costs.

  • Manage plant maintenance: Schedules preventive maintenance based on elapsed time or run hours to minimize downtime and maximize throughput 
  • Reduce MRO inventory: Provides greater visibility of MRO inventory across multiple facilities to enable more effective spares planning 
  • Ensure accurate project accounting: Tracks project milestones and ensures invoicing occurs according to contract terms

QAD Enterprise Asset Management Highlights

Project Accounting: Plans, tracks and controls detailed project budget and spending data for capital expense or engineer-to-order projects, providing project engineers with up-to-the-minute costing information, and displays summary and detailed spending information at the project or sub-component level.

Plant Maintenance: Drives work order functionality for maintenance and repair operations, including all Preventive/Predictive Maintenance and both planned and unplanned work, to keep equipment reliable and plants operating at optimum capacity.

MRO Management: Helps manufacturers achieve the ideal balance between having the right inventory on hand and minimizing inventory investment by providing structure and controls to ensure ordering the correct item and quantities. Ensures critical spare parts are on hand as needed and enforces company spend policies.

Interoperability Solutions

QAD Interoperability solutions are available at many layers throughout the solution. They enable enterprise and trading partner applications to interoperate seamlessly with QAD Enterprise Applications. This robust solution set relies on standard business rules. It simplifies the upgrade process and enables integration without coding.

  • Reduce costs of integrating multiple systems: Automatically synchronizes with no coding required 
  • Ensure consistent information: Ensures systems remain in sync with data repository Desktop integration: Seamlessly transfers information from common desktop applications like Microsoft Office and Excel

QAD Enterprise Applications Interoperability Highlights

QXtend: A simple message-based integration tool that runs over middleware or peer-to-peer. QXtend features a full set of APIs accommodate to most transactions addressed by QAD. QXtend has a documented set of mapped transactions that simplify integration tasks defined in QDocs. QXtend is the backbone for application-to-application integration to the QAD Enterprise Applications suite, as well as opening up the application to other sources. QXtend allows automated and rules-based data synchronization tasks and eliminates the burden of maintaining custom interfaces.

QAD Integrated Customization Toolkit: A simple customization toolset that offers anon-invasive design methodology, a set of development standards and a tool to monitor, track and debug customizations to ensure ease of upgrading and conformance to QAD standards.

EDI eCommerce: Provides a streamlined method for managing EDI communications between trading partners, including an end-to-end integration broker for B2B communications. QAD’s EDI eCommerce module supports multiple parallel EDI documents depending on trading partner or Value-Added Network (VAN) provider.

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