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Supply Chain Management for QAD Adaptive ERP


QAD Adaptive ERP Supply Chain module manages and tracks consigned goods received from suppliers in a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) model or sent to customers from — receipt to inventory to consumption — and creates triggers for payment processing.

Demand Management

QAD Adaptive ERP helps to build and manage forecasts, either collaboratively or individually, based on mathematical models that utilize historical data.


QAD Adaptive ERP system provides comprehensive procurement and strategic sourcing capabilities, fully integrated with planning, and provides sophisticated pricing across contracts and individual and blanket orders.

Release Management

QAD Adaptive ERP provides integration into customer schedules — cumulative schedule-based (Cum) or net-based — directly into QAD Adaptive ERP. Handles sequenced scheduling and links details (Kanban, Drop Zones, etc.) to specific scheduled release lines.

Supply Chain Overview

QAD Adaptive ERP Supply Chain supports supply networks with enhanced visibility and the ability to drive margin and cost improvements, reduce lead times, increase turns, and meet industry compliance requirements.

  • Improve margins: Helps eliminate waste and reduces overstock 
  • Drive the effective enterprise: Promotes efficient business processes 
  • Streamline communication: Customer and supplier portals simplify and speed communication 
  • Increase responsiveness: Faster access to information means faster response times

Supply Chain Planning

  • Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP): Intra-company demand planning allows companies to easily plan, manage, track, and record costs associated with the transfer of items between sites 
  • Enterprise Operations Planning (EOP): Supports the highest level of S&OP and integrates with planning and scheduling

Supply Chain Portal

The collaborative portal communicates demand changes in real time and tracks the flow of orders and shipments using ASNs.

Transportation Management

QAD Adaptive ERP provides full functionality to optimize shipments by air, sea, parcel, truckload, or less than truckload; provides international documentation and assists in compliance with denied party regulations.


QAD Adaptive ERP supports the requirements of organizations with larger or more sophisticated warehouses. QAD Warehousing provides automated task management, RF-based picking, wave management, batch picking, location find/audit, put-away, picking, cross-docking, quality control, replenishment, transfers, and advanced cycle counting activities full support for global inventory views in multiple physical warehouses across multiple domains.

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