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Financial Management for RealSTEEL

RealSTEEL ERP software provides end-to-end visibility providing manufacturers with unparalleled financial benefits.

RealSTEEL ERP is a flexible, all-in-one accounting solution designed to give steel and metals industry companies enhanced financial functionality across all operations. Easily manage business processes and procedures to increase productivity and profits. 

Gain clear visibility into all aspects of the business to manage financial assets and effectively. 

With integrated data functions such as budgeting, forecasting, and specialized costing in one place, RealSTEEL’s Financial Management capabilities provide integrated business intelligence tools to help make confident financial decisions.

Advanced Credit Management

Improve revenue and reduce financial risk with RealSTEEL’s Advanced Credit Management System. 

Visibility into Product Profitability

Visibility into product profitability ensures that expenses are covered and profits are made by calculating and comparing varied financial metrics.

Accurate Job Costing by Sales Order Line

Gain a clear view into company finances with RealSTEEL’s Accurate Job Costing by Sales Order Line features. Easily view material and labor costs, overhead, and outside processing fees by sales order line.

Freight Cost Tracking

Proper freight cost tracking and management are essential in promoting efficient workflow movement. Gain real-time visibility to match loads with available trucks quickly and accurately.

Rebate Management

Improve margins with RealSTEEL’s Rebate Management features. Easily monitor, roll out, and pay rebates with detailed reports and automated processes.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Business analytics and reporting features within RealSTEEL ERP software provide steel and metals manufacturers with the proper tools to reveal insights and predict trends for streamlined operations. 

Document Management

Capture, manage, track, and store documents electronically for easy access while eliminating paper clutter.

RealSTEEL Modules

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