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RealSTEEL Overview

RealSTEEL ERP software is a real-time, automated business management solution created specifically for the steel and metals industries.

Leveraging the expanded capabilities and features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, RealSTEEL delivers enhanced functionality that streamlines and automates specialized business processes unique to steel and metals manufacturers.

RealSTEEL software gives steel and metal manufacturers unparalleled visibility into all facets of business within a single ERP system.

Highly adaptable and rich with features, RealSTEEL ERP enables metals manufacturers to successfully manage inventory control, financial management, sales and project management, and much more.

RealSTEEL is fast to implement and easily customizable to support the highly specialized needs of the metals and steel industries, such as

  • Metal Service Centers
  • Building Material/Roll Formers
  • Coil Slitters/Toll Processors
  • Pipe & Tube Processors

RealSTEEL Advantages

RealSTEEL ERP solution is designed specifically for metals and steel manufacturers seeking an all-in-one ERP system. 

RealSTEEL is a cloud-based, flexible ERP solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which provides steel and metals manufacturers with a single solution for increased productivity abilities via automated workflows and processes.

RealSTEEL ERP facilitates accurate costing to provide metals and steel companies with better decision-making via integrated inventory tracking, company-wide communications, and business processes. 

Enhanced functionality, forward-thinking financial management, supply chain capabilities, plus full and seamless integration of Microsoft Office products make RealSTEEL a solid ERP solution choice for the steel industry.

RealSTEEL Technology

RealSTEEL ERP software is a cloud-based solution developed on SOA and .NET architecture, which provides horizontal integration across all Microsoft platforms.

RealSTEEL Modules

Materials Management for RealSTEEL

Steel and metals manufacturers require the robust, flexible Warehouse Management Software (WMS) that RealSTEEL ERP offers for maximum efficiency and increased productivity. Gain real-time tracking and traceability to help boost productivity and reduce costs, ensuring a profitable end-to-end operation.

An all-in-one business management solution, RealSTEEL ERP software accurately and effectively processes all inventory data — from reception and placement to production and delivery.

RealSTEEL’s WMS functionality provides advanced, real-time detailed tracking and inventory management with a user-friendly interface to help steel and metals manufacturers streamline service and operations. State-of-the-art tracking software allows steel manufacturers to track inventory from item and material management to distribution. 

RealSTEEL ERP solution provides detailed tracking of entire metal inventories in real-time across all jobs. 

Inventory Tracking by Attributes

RealSteel’s innovative steel inventory software tracks crucial attributes such as chemical, dimensional, and physical, which is essential for systemized warehouse operations. 

Parent/Child Lineage Traceability

Easily access a complete inventory history from the user-friendly dashboard to trace parent and child lineage. Essential product lifecycle data is readily available to help meet the needs of both manufacturers and customers.

Theoretical and Actual Weight Tracking

Calculate theoretical weight based on materials attributes while capturing actual weight throughout the various production processes.

Accurate Yield Calculations

RealSTEEL ERP’s powerful inventory management functionality links inventory directly to job needs reducing overstock and minimizing costs.

Random Length and Remnant Tracking

Random Length and Remnant tracking features help steel and metals manufacturers avoid material waste and to reduce expenses.

Extensive Bar Code Labeling

Gain the ability to scan products, avoiding the need for time-consuming manual entries. RealSTEEL ERP helps metals and steel manufacturers easily identify materials to provide clear visibility into essential details and personalized attributes. Quickly generate barcode labels for both raw materials and finished products.

Full Warehouse Management Capabilities

RealSTEEL WMS connects inventory tracking and customer correspondence to ensure that all inventory is accounted for. 

Document Management

Capture and store all electronic documents confidently and securely for simplified tracking and management. 

Sales & Order Management for RealSTEEL

RealSTEEL ERP software, explicitly designed for metals and steel manufacturers, is a comprehensive, all-inclusive management system with heightened Sales & Order Management capabilities.

RealSTEEL ERP’s affordable, high-quality solution provides automated workflows to help metals and steel manufacturers monitor and manage sales and order processes efficiently. 

Advanced technology features include built-in cost calculators that accurately quote labor and material costs and overhead and outside processing costs with simplified data entry procedures.

Order-Promising Tools

RealSTEEL’s order-promising tools are built upon the robust capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, designed to benefit both sales teams and customers. 

Available to Promise and Capable to Promise calculations provide manufacturers with deep visibility into data, promoting better decision-making companywide. 

Order Processing

  • Process orders quickly and accurately with Integrated EDI processes.
  • Provide customers with 247 ordering abilities, easy returns, and self-service access to invoices and statements via eCommerce functionalities.
  • Implement fast order entries, including price matching, substitutions, promotions, and re-ordering abilities.

Sales Orders

  • Utilize automated workflows and real-time data to process and fulfill orders with ease.
  • Gain deep visibility into customer data quickly and efficiently.


RealSTEEL ERP integrates an advanced optimization engine designed to analyze remnants and suggests cutting layouts that minimize operating times and material waste. 

1D and 2D Optimization Calculators

1D and 2D calculators improve optimization by reviewing sales lines and inventory of remnants to help keep material costs down and margins up.

Burn and Cut-to-Length Calculators

Burn and cut-to-length calculators automatically calculate labor rates to determine cost, processes, and run times. 

Costing/Margin Management

Analyze margins unique to the steel and metals industries, including material, labor, overhead, and outside processing costs. 

Document Management

Easily link customer-driven documents to orders for easy accessibility. 

Financial Management for RealSTEEL

RealSTEEL ERP software provides end-to-end visibility providing manufacturers with unparalleled financial benefits.

RealSTEEL ERP is a flexible, all-in-one accounting solution designed to give steel and metals industry companies enhanced financial functionality across all operations. Easily manage business processes and procedures to increase productivity and profits. 

Gain clear visibility into all aspects of business to manage financial assets simply and effectively. 

With integrated data functions such as budgeting, forecasting, and specialized costing in one place, RealSTEEL’s Financial Management capabilities provide integrated business intelligence tools to help make confident financial decisions.

Advanced Credit Management

Improve revenue and reduce financial risk with RealSTEEL’s Advanced Credit Management System. 

Visibility into Product Profitability

Visibility into product profitability ensures that expenses are covered and profits are made by calculating and comparing varied financial metrics.

Accurate Job Costing by Sales Order Line

Gain a clear view into company finances with RealSTEEL’s Accurate Job Costing by Sales Order Line features. Easily view material and labor costs, overhead, and outside processing fees by sales order line.

Freight Cost Tracking

Proper freight cost tracking and management are essential in promoting efficient workflow movement. Gain real-time visibility to match loads with available trucks quickly and accurately.

Rebate Management

Improve margins with RealSTEEL’s Rebate Management features. Easily monitor, roll out, and pay rebates with detailed reports and automated processes.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Business analytics and reporting features within RealSTEEL ERP software provide steel and metals manufacturers with the proper tools to reveal insights and predict trends for streamlined operations. 

Document Management

Capture, manage, track, and store documents electronically for easy access while eliminating paper clutter.

Production Management for RealSTEEL

Steel and metals manufacturers require powerful production software to maintain agility in order to stay competitive. RealSTEEL’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software offers a trusted ERP solution built upon the familiar Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system.

RealSTEEL ERP’s robust production planning features track projects from beginning to end, designed to help steel and metals fabricators route jobs and materials efficiently through the entire production process. 

Practical work order management tools offer the ability to calculate competitive quotes and gain deep insights into profit margins.

AMS Eclipse Integration

Capture order changes in real-time based on shop floor activity to easily and quickly feed orders into production.

SigmaNEST Integration for Accurate Nesting

Quickly executed nesting processes are designed to minimize waste and reduce fabrication time.

Plate and Sheet Burning

Quickly aggregate data to generate production order NESTs driven by sales demand. 

Coil Slitting

Collect information in real-time via MES workstations to create specific slitting layouts. Gain instant access to critical data such as set-up time, material cost usage, and downtime.

Cut-to-Length Material

Maximize remnants and minimize scraps with optimization engines to create production order NESTs.

Streamlined Vendor Processing

Efficiently capture costs and materials used with outside vendors.

Supply Chain Management for RealSTEEL

RealSTEEL ERP software’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) features, built upon Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s ERP solution, are designed to help steel and metals manufacturers maximize asset productivity and operational efficiency. 

Easily synchronize logistics across warehouses to reduce costs and optimize fulfillment. RealSTEEL’s SCM features provide enhanced visibility into supply chains via agile product fulfillment options and intelligent order fulfillment options.

Workforce Optimization

Digitize business processes for an optimized workforce. Enable better business decision-making with a single-platform, centralized data system.

Demand Forecasting

Effectively fulfill customer demand via AI-enriched demand forecasting features such as streamlined sales and operations planning. 

Enhanced Production Floor Visibility

Eliminate data siloes via external manufacturing execution systems to optimize production processes.

Customer Relationship Management for RealSTEEL

RealSTEEL ERP solution’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features include Campaign Pricing, Contact Management, Opportunity Management, Relationship Management, and much more.

Built-in CRM functionality provides metals and steel manufacturers with the tools necessary to track customer activities and turn sales quotes into sales orders. 

Additional Capabilities for RealSTEEL

Low Ownership Cost

Built upon Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP solution, RealSTEEL ERP software provides metals and steel manufacturers with a low-cost, subscription-based model with low IT and infrastructure costs and no maintenance or upgrade fees. 

Simple-to-Scale Flexibility

Easily scale as company growth determines with the ability to access data from any device or location.

Seamless Integration

RealSTEEL ERP seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft applications for easy and complete customization.

Security and Compliance

Built-in enterprise-level security features ensure that all data is securely stored.

Services & Support for RealSTEEL

RealSTEEL ERP software provides expert services & support to help streamline the ERP needs of steel and metals manufacturers from implementation to integration.

Experience fully-managed support and services such as seamless migration from other platforms, custom development, case management, automated customer self-service, plus marketing and sales automation.

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