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Materials Management for RealSTEEL

Steel and metals manufacturers require the robust, flexible Warehouse Management Software (WMS) that RealSTEEL ERP offers for maximum efficiency and increased productivity concerning materials usage. Gain real-time tracking and traceability to help boost productivity, monitor machine downtime, and reduce costs, ensuring a profitable end-to-end operation.

An all-in-one business management solution, RealSTEEL ERP software accurately and effectively processes all inventory data — from reception and placement to production and delivery. Process change orders and view semi-finished products or finished goods for total inventory control. Your production line is under full control and efficiency with this ERP system.

RealSTEEL’s WMS functionality provides advanced, real-time detailed tracking and inventory management with a user-friendly interface to help steel and metals manufacturers streamline service and operations. State-of-the-art tracking software allows steel manufacturers to track inventory from item and material management to distribution. 

RealSTEEL ERP solution provides detailed tracking of entire metal inventories in real-time across all jobs. 

Inventory Tracking by Attributes

RealSteel’s innovative steel inventory software tracks crucial attributes such as chemical, dimensional, and physical, which is essential for systemized warehouse operations. 

Parent/Child Lineage Traceability

Easily access a complete inventory history from the user-friendly dashboard to trace parent and child lineage. Essential product lifecycle data is readily available to help meet the needs of both manufacturers and customers.

Theoretical and Actual Weight Tracking

Calculate theoretical weight based on materials attributes while capturing actual weight throughout the various production processes.

Accurate Yield Calculations

RealSTEEL ERP’s powerful inventory management functionality links inventory directly to job needs reducing overstock and minimizing costs.

Random Length and Remnant Tracking

Random Length and Remnant tracking features help steel and metals manufacturers avoid material waste and reduce expenses.

Extensive Bar Code Labeling

Gain the ability to scan products, avoiding the need for time-consuming manual entries. RealSTEEL ERP helps metals and steel manufacturers easily identify materials to provide clear visibility into essential details and personalized attributes. Quickly generate barcode labels for both raw materials and finished products.

Full Warehouse Management Capabilities

RealSTEEL WMS connects inventory tracking and customer correspondence to ensure that all inventory is accounted for

Document Management

Capture and store all electronic documents confidently and securely for simplified tracking and management. 

RealSTEEL Modules

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