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Production Management for RealSTEEL

Steel and metal manufacturers require powerful production software to maintain agility in order to stay competitive. RealSTEEL’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software offers a trusted ERP solution built upon the familiar Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system.

Tracking Features for Accurate Production Time

RealSTEEL ERP’s robust production planning features track projects from beginning to end, designed to help steel and metals fabricators route jobs and materials efficiently through the entire production process. 

Practical work order management tools offer the ability to calculate competitive quotes and gain deep insights into profit margins with effective pricing calculations.

AMS Eclipse Integration

Capture order changes in real-time based on shop floor and line activity to easily and quickly feed orders into production.

SigmaNEST Integration for Accurate Nesting

Quickly executed nesting processes are designed to minimize waste and reduce fabrication time and improve quality.

Plate and Sheet Burning

Quickly aggregate data from metal service centers to generate production order NESTs driven by sales demand. 

Coil Slitting

Collect information in real-time from metal service centers via MES workstations to create specific slitting layouts. Gain instant access to critical data such as set-up time, material cost, materials usage amount, and downtime.

Cut-to-Length Material

Maximize remnants and minimize scraps with optimization engines to create production order NESTs. Specific to roll forming and metrics for metal service centers.

Streamlined Vendor Processing

Efficiently capture costs and materials used with outside vendors and alternative resources.

RealSTEEL Modules

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