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 M2M University/Education

To help you succeed in gaining immediate and continuous value from your business system, Made2Manage offers unlimited education through the M2M University program. Whether you are just beginning to implement your Made2Manage Enterprise Business System or you are an experienced user, the M2M University program provides you with unlimited educational offerings for your entire organization. Since Made2Manage believes that comprehensive system education is very important to the success of your business, we will include this service in your standard maintenance agreement after your first year as a customer.

Made2Manage provides educational course offerings designed for your convenience. Whether you prefer instructor-led virtual (i.e., Internet) courses, self-paced computer-based training, or traditional classroom instruction, M2M University services fit your budget and time constraints.

You can even take instructor-led classes without leaving your desk. Through the Virtual Classroom service, you can take real-time classes via the Internet while avoiding travel expenses and minimizing employee downtime. In addition, the sessions are short and conveniently offered during business hours at various times throughout the day, providing flexibility for participants.

The M2M University program is designed to fit your unique business needs. Whether your aim is to get up to speed fast or better leverage your existing system, course offerings are available to support your business goals.

  • Accelerate and ease the transition to a new business system.
  • Eliminate the travel time and expenses associated with continuous training.
  • Enable staff to take classes as often as needed to internalize the information.
  • Reduce time away from the job by taking virtual courses.
  • Better leverage your existing Made2Manage system.
  • Offer continuing education opportunities for experienced users.