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Additional Capabilities for Made2Manage ERP

Business Metrics Module

M2M BI: Business Intelligence

As part of the Made2Manage ERP solution, the M2M BI applications deliver powerful data analysis tools, performance notifications and rapid access to key operational parameters that you need to improve the performance of your business. With M2M BI, you get the right information, at the right time.

Monitoring Metrics

M2M BI applications enable you to configure your Made2Manage Enterprise Business System so you can focus on just the key business metrics you wish to monitor. What would you like to know about your business? M2M BI applications help you uncover the answers to key business performance questions. You can access reports on all areas of your business quickly and easily. Get answers to questions like:

  • What are the sales numbers for the quarter? 
  • What are the sales numbers by region and sales rep? 
  • How much is it costing us to produce each job? 
  • Which products are most profitable?

Custom Reports Module

The M2M Reporter lets you create custom reports based on the criteria you choose to review. Best of all, you don’t need any programming skills to craft reports. With Made2Manage’s wizard-style interface, building reports is easy. Reports are even available via the Internet. The M2M BI Reporter application enables you to craft or select any kind of report you require. You can:

  • Generate the reports you need, quickly and easily, from the Made2Manage Enterprise Business System. 
  • Empower employees at all levels of your organization. 
  • Automate the report creation process while retaining control over output formats. 
  • Extract critical information based on the unique needs of your organization

Development Services Module

The flexible nature of Made2Manage enterprise software allows it to be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. You can request software modifications, custom written reports or data integration services to enhance your business performance. Made2Manage also has implementation consultants who can make recommendations on other ways of using your Made2Manage manufacturing software or help you write a request that makes sense for your requirements. Made2Manage ensures that: 

  • Projects are conducted using tested philosophies and methodologies. 
  • Projects do not modify the source code or data structures of the core product. 
  • Updates to the core product or customization can be applied without interference from one another. 

Enterprise Explorer Module

Exploring Operations

The Made2Manage Enterprise Explorer in M2M BI is a window into all that’s happening in your enterprise. It lets you quickly identify the challenges you face today and anticipate possible future obstacles to your business success. When a problem arises, you can drill right into the supporting documents to analyze the root cause. The Made2Manage Enterprise Explorer enables you to:

  • Gain early visibility into trouble spots in your operations. 
  • Customize your system for viewing only the data that is important to you. 
  • Find information quickly with just a few mouse clicks. 
  • Manage by exception.

Events & Actions Module

With the Events and Actions (EA) tool, you can define, monitor and control a wide variety of production scenarios. For example, you can automatically be notified when inventory drops below safety stock, when changes occur to designated fields anywhere in the system or when there are shortages in material received for producing jobs. You can define these business events with priorities of green, yellow or red and a stoplight icon flashes when the event has occurred. The M2M BI EA tool allows you to:

  • Manage by exception. 
  • Improve interdepartmental communication. 
  • Monitor any business metric. 
  • Display defined events and monitor your priorities with the alert central panel.

Human Resources Module

Meet the daily challenges of managing employee relations, government mandates and the ever-changing benefit options with confidence and efficiency.

Made2Manage has partnered with Sage Software to bring you Sage Abra HR, the heart of the totally-integrated Sage Abra HRMS solution that puts you in complete control of HR management, benefits, administration, recruitment and payroll. Sage Abra HR can make it possible for you to:

  • Manage all of your HR functions. 
  • Integrate your HR functions with M2M ERP and take advantage of employee information throughout your enterprise software. 
  • Use reporting and analysis tools that can be resources for strategic decision-making. 
  • Analyze salary information by organization levels. 

M2M FastForm Module

You can extend the capabilities of your M2M ERP back office to meet your specific business processes without disrupting the availability of your system or calling Made2Manage each time a modification is needed. In addition, you can avoid the cost of paying for technical resources to implement baseline changes. With innovative tools like M2M FastForms, you can immediately make the basic modifications you require to get the most out of your system investment — without the hassles associated with hiring technical consultants. With M2M FastForms, you can tailor your M2M ERP system to work the way you do.

  • Extend the capabilities of the forms within your M2M ERP system. 
  • Tailor your forms to your unique and changing business requirements. 
  • Reduce the costs commonly associated with form modifications. 
  • Make changes easily without requiring specialized IT skills. 
  • Implement form modifications more rapidly.

Time and Attendance Module

M2M Time and Attendance provides a flexible, efficient and user-friendly workforce management solution to help control your labor data. Fully integrated with M2M Shop Floor Data Collection, this system automates the collection, calculation and preparation of payroll data. This reduces the opportunities for error that can occur in a traditional paper-based time keeping system, and increases the efficiency of your operation. 

M2M Time and Attendance can be implemented stand-alone or integrated with M2M Shop Floor Data Collection. It is an open solution that can work with most scanners and controllers. This can eliminate the need for expensive proprietary hardware and allows you to use existing M2M Shop Floor Data Collection devices. 

Eliminate double entry, avoid mistakes and reduce time spent keying-in data, all while increasing your labor productivity and your bottom line. M2M Time and Attendance includes interfaces to the most popular payroll packages — Abra, ADP, Ceridian and Paychex. This allows easy export capability to your current payroll software. 

Reduce payroll processing time by automating the collection, calculation and preparation of payroll data across multiple locations Reduce the likelihood for errors Manage complex payroll formulas and rules with easeAchieve high cost effectiveness by leveraging existing hardware

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