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Materials Management for Made2Manage ERP

Multi-Dimensional Inventory Module

The Made2Manage Multi-Dimensional Inventory (MDI) feature provides measurement of inventory in multiple dimensions. With MDI, you can specify component requirements in multiple dimensions and capture inventory transactions in alternate units of measure. You can define units of measure to include units used to count or measure inventory (e.g., pieces, bars and/or sheets) or units used to quantify dimensions (e.g., feet or inches). The Made2Manage MDI feature gives precision to your inventory by allowing you to:

  • Predefine valid units of measure independent of individual parts. Count or measure inventory in up to five dimensions. 
  • Specify component requirements in multiple dimensions. 
  • Capture inventory transactions with an unlimited number of alternate units of measure. 
  • Review component quantities specified in multiple dimensions on the bill of material. 
  • Apply MDI to purchase orders as well as the issuance, receipt and return of materials. 
  • Transact in alternate units of measure with automatic conversion to the primary stock keeping or costing unit of measure. 

Inventory Control Module

Inventory control in M2M ERP is designed to manage all your inventory-related transactions. You can identify and track information for each standard part within the item master. With real-time visibility into your parts, you can make more accurate inventory management decisions. The item master is your information source for generating bills of material, routings, production schedules and other application areas throughout the Made2Manage Enterprise Business System. M2M ERP will assist your inventory control efforts by enabling you to:

  • Reduce costs through efficient inventory management. 
  • Organize important information about each part for easy access. 
  • Generate a detailed material availability report so you can view critical inventory information and make better inventory management decisions. 
  • Perform everyday inventory transactions — including scraps, transfers, movements and more. 
  • Provide fast access to related information without having to retype anything. 

Lot Control Module

Lot control within Made2Manage makes it easy for you to keep track of part identification information. It allows you to track raw materials, sub-assemblies and final assemblies to their origins. Lot numbers can be applied to inventoried items or to items purchased for a specific job.

Lot control lets you track parts throughout production and quickly identify where each lot-controlled item was used, or determine what lots were used in developing the end product.

Each part or assembly produced or carried through inventory can be tracked with online documentation for specific components. Lot numbers appear on inventory reports. Search by customer, part number, job order number, and/or lot number to find each occurrence of a specific lot number or serial number.

For a lot-controlled assembly, you can choose whether to lot-control all or only some of its component parts. In addition, you can set expiration dates for lots to ensure that they will be used in the right order and to prevent expired lots from being used.


• Organize important information about each part for easy access.
• Simplify the process of tracking parts throughout production.
• Gain control over lot size down to lots of one (when you need serial numbers).
• Identify materials with lot controls on purchase orders and shipping orders.
• Assign expiration dates to material that has a limited shelf life. 

Physical Inventory Module

Whether you keep your inventory accurate through cycle counting or through annual physical inventories, M2M ERP gives you the tools that make it easy to collect, reconcile and post count quantities against on-hand inventory balances and in turn generate needed general ledger transactions.

Cycle counting in M2M ERP allows you to set up pre-established rules for the frequency of and method for counting items. You can then print pre-populated cycle count worksheets for simple count collections and for easy count data entry. Inventory Movement reports are available to monitor transactions performed during the cycle count to ensure accurate reconciliation. 

Physical Inventory is an annual event for most manufacturing companies, often taking place at the fiscal year end. This function is completely integrated within Made2Manage ERP and accommodates both complete (i.e., wall-to-wall”) and partial inventories. Using M2M ERP, you can freeze” inventory, issue and control count tags, enter tags, analyze variances, post differences to the general ledger and update on-hand quantities. You can continue to make transactions and receive warning messages; M2M ERP accommodates both inventory management techniques so your company has the flexibility to choose. M2M ERP keeps an accurate account of your physical inventory, permitting you to:

  • Automate many tedious tasks — everything but the counting itself. 
  • Set up pre-established rules for the frequency of and method for counting. 
  • Provide inventory movement reports so you can accurately reconcile variances during cycle counts. 
  • Automatically update on-hand quantities and general ledger accounts

Shop Floor Data Collection Module

The Made2Manage Shop Floor Data Collection device automates the entry of your daily labor, inventory, and shipping and receiving transactions and improves the accuracy of your data. Users can choose between hardwired or radio frequency wireless connectivity options to capture key enterprise data. The Shop Floor Data Collection device also supports a wide variety of data terminals. 

By swiping a bar code wand over the bar codes you print out, your labor, inventory, shipping and receiving data get updated automatically. Bar codes print automatically on part number labels, pick lists, purchase orders, shipping lists, physical inventory reports and even employee name badges. You can: 

  • Improve data accuracy and save time by eliminating manual data entry into your M2M ERP system. 
  • Decrease shipping errors by ensuring the right quantities of the right products are loaded for shipment.
  • Strengthen detailed labor collection.
  • Reduce your carrying costs by having a real-time picture of inventory levels.
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