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Production Management for Made2Manage ERP

Bills of Material Module

M2M ERP simplifies the process of updating your bill of materials. Since bills of material (BOM) are used to generate quotations and sales orders, up-to-date information on the components and sub-contractors used to produce your product are essential. M2M ERP helps you to:

  • Balance your lead times for different parts in your production process so resources can be allocated just in time” when a component is needed. 
  • Trim inventory and avoid placing resources into components that are further out in the fulfillment process. 
  • Improve cash flow by maintaining less inventory and spending money in a timely manner. 
  • Build and maintain your BOM
  • Change BOM quickly and easily to replace or delete items. 
  • Capture and display all components with sub-assemblies at any level. 
  • Maintain reports that detail your product structures and enable you to find parts where they are being used. 
  • Ease the process of determining product costs.

Customer Notification Module

Notifying Employees, Customers and Suppliers

Keep your sales channel, customers and suppliers informed with the M2M Notifier feature. By using the Notifier workflow-enabling system, you can automatically send a message to customers, suppliers and employees when events happen that are important to them. The Notifier system works with quotations, purchase orders, job orders, sales orders, shippers, receivers and invoices. 

Made2Manage notification features also enable you to monitor any business metric and track events based on your priorities. For instance, you can receive a heads up” when a shipment goes out to a customer or when profit margins drop below a predetermined level on a sales order. In fact, you can flag any field in the system based on your needs. Made2Manage notification features enable you to: 

  • Enhance customer satisfaction by keeping customers in the loop as you fill their orders. 
  • Increase supplier confidence by informing them when you receive shipments and make payments. 
  • Keep your employees, customers and suppliers informed automatically as you make progress on job orders. 
  • Improve communication within your organization by alerting employees when important workflow events happen or when certain tasks should be performed. 

Engineering Change Management Module

The Made2Manage Engineering Change Management (ECM) feature provides full auditing of critical documents and multiple revision levels for the item master, standard BOMs and routing records. ECM manages the engineering change process, supports proper change procedures and enables effective communication during the approval and implementation process. Utilize the Made2Manage ECM feature to:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction, capture production efficiencies, and control costs. 
  • Create a process for efficiently managing engineering changes. 
  • Reduce errors by driving the clear communication of engineering changes throughout your organization. 
  • Share modifications to engineering change orders via broadcasts to employees, vendors and customers. 
  • Track planned or requested engineering changes through the use of electronic documents in the system. 
  • Create multiple revisions for an item and define access parameters

Job Orders Module

The Made2Manage job order is a sophisticated tracking tool for both customer and internal orders that lets you manage job orders in a way that fits your process.

You can quickly and easily create job orders in many ways: from a sales order, from an existing job order, from a job order template or from scratch if you want. You can also create job orders using a master job order queue or by answering Material Requirements Planning (MRP) action messages. The job order functions offer you control and precision allowing you to:

  • Manage job orders for simplified tracking of both internal and customer projects. 
  • Automate many tedious job-related tasks, freeing your people to handle more important issues. 
  • Practice full control over your production process. 
  • Create a job order automatically to drive material requirements. 
  • See cost variances at any time during the production process. 
  • Place stock manufactured components in the job order queue automatically when items have dropped below the safety stock level. 

Monitoring Production Module

The job order screen gives you the ability to view job-costing information, including accumulated job order costs, as soon as labor is recorded or material is issued. With the ability to compare accumulated cost to the estimated job order cost and the estimated sales order cost, you can better monitor the efficiency of your production facility. With M2M ERP, you can monitor your production status by:

  • Displaying all of your jobs’ key indicators in one central location. 
  • Staying informed on what’s happening in real time so you can respond quickly and effectively to changing demands. 
  • Organizing job information for review at the parent job order only or at all sub-assemblies associated with the project. 
  • Monitoring production progress, including the number of required and completed units at each work center, as well as scrapped units and reworked units at each operation. 

Order Costing Module

The order costing function accumulates and reports costs as they flow through the system. You can analyze costs from inventory, purchasing, receiving and job orders and transfer them to the general ledger. Costs from material transactions, including purchasing and receiving, are transferred to job orders and inventory. Order costing also records unplanned material and miscellaneous costs. With order costing you can: 

  • Monitor costs throughout the entire production process and identify opportunities for streamlining. 
  • Review full reports on job orders, sales orders, WIP, cost of goods sold and more. 
  • Generate subledger transactions automatically when inventory costs or costing methods change. 

Quality Management Module

Total Quality Management

Complying with the widely-established QS-9000 Quality System Requirements, which include Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and its obligatory Product Part Approval Process (PPAP), is a critical part of your manufacturing operation. These regulations necessitate millions of documents per year that you must create, revise, control and observe continuously.

In order to help your engineering, manufacturing and quality management teams comply with these international business standards, M2M ERP is fully integrated with Powerway, a comprehensive software solution that organizes and automates your manufacturing business’s paper-intensive processes. 

The Powerway Suite 2000 comprises 16 software modules and the Powerway Desktop command center. With Made2manage Systems and Powerway, you can benefit from the following solution sets:

Powerway Engineering Advantage—helps your engineering teams plan, design and produce quality products by allowing them to configure products according to APQP and PPAP standards, identify sub-standard problems early, reduce data entry, avoid late changes and streamline the documentation of the quality management process. 

Powerway Document Control—gives you complete control over the quality management documents that are so critical to your operation, allowing you to edit and route documents electronically, control access to and versions of specific documents, and ensure that everyone is updated on the status of a document throughout its lifecycle.

Powerway Factory Floor Performance—enables process control, allowing manufacturers to statistically analyze production processes on the shop floor and reduce scrap, rework and process variation.

Powerway Quality Solutions—automate critical, labor-intensive business processes, including meeting customer requirements, complying with periodic, internal audits, regulating the gages that measure your products and processes, and proactively handling preventative action steps that have resulted from internal failures or customer complaints. 

Routing Creation Module

Creating Routings

Routings sequentially list the work centers and operations needed to make the part. You can create standard routings for your standard parts, or create routings for non-standard parts as they are associated with quotations, sales orders or job orders. Maximize your routing procedures by:

  • Accurately calculating labor and overhead costs. 
  • Building solid production schedules with M2M Advanced Scheduling 
  • Displaying costs for labor, overhead, subcontract and other expenses for a quick, concise look at the total production cost. 
  • Monitoring costs and staying on schedule by tracking parts through the production cycle. 
  • Making it easy to create and maintain routings using an easy-to-learn interface. 
  • Keeping accurate costing information. 

Shipping & Receiving Module

Made2Manage Shipping and Receiving functions help you easily manage all aspects of receiving materials, returning goods, shipping finished goods, and controlling subcontract work. M2M ERP improves shipping and receiving by allowing you to:

  • Create shippers and receivers from the original sales order or purchase order without rekeying information. 
  • Ship items from multiple locations to ensure that accurate inventories are maintained. 
  • Maintain a complete audit trail of inbound and outbound materials. 
  • Recalculate the backorder quantity when the total quantity ordered is not received or shipped.
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