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Acumatica Distribution Edition
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Acumatica Distribution Edition Overview

Acumatica delivers an unparalleled experience for users and customers alike. It is built on a scalable and future-proof cloud ERP platform with open architecture and backed by the best value-added reseller (VAR) network in the industry. Acumatica Cloud ERP provides the best business and industry management solution for transforming your business to thrive in the new digital economy. 

Acumatica Distribution Edition helps distributors boost sales, automate warehouse operations, optimize inventory, and streamline purchasing. Distributors using Acumatica can:

  • Simplify item and inventory management with matrix items, lot and serial tracking, and configurable unit of measure conversions.
  • Boost sales with flexible pricing, promotions, and integrated CRM for marketing and sales automation. 
  • Use powerful replenishment features to optimize stock levels to avoid rush orders and stock-out situations with increased inventory turns and lower carrying costs. 
  • Make perishable inventory management easy with lot expiration dates for stock rotation and first-expired-first-out picking. 
  • Delight customers with inventory stock reservations, faster order processing, and streamlined order fulfillment. 
  • Leverage automation, workflows, and document management to connect data and processes throughout all parts of the distribution business for improved customer service, customer retention, and growth.

Commerce, point of sale, and field service applications extend Acumatica for distributors who sell online (B2B or B2C) or provide on-site installation services. 

For manufacturing businesses take a look at Acumatica Manufacturing Edition.

Acumatica Distribution Edition Advantages

Acumatica is an ethical ERP leader and reliable ERP veteran centered on growing businesses and organizations through innovative technologies. 

Acumatica Distribution Edition provides ease of use and rapid integrations to connect modern technologies, including cloud computing, big data and analytics, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) for streamlined processes and meaningful insights into distribution operations. 

Acumatica provides the best business and industry management solution. Built on a future-proof platform with an open architecture for modern technologies, rapid integrations, scalability, and ease of use, Acumatica delivers an unparalleled experience for users and customers alike. 

Improve Data Visibility

A comprehensive distribution ERP system connects information and workflows across departments. Efficient workflows improve data accuracy. Accurate and timely data allows management to better serve customers with shorter order and fulfillment cycles and improved communications. 

Boost Distribution Efficiency

Acumatica provides everything distributors need to automate inventory transactions, reducing time to pick, pack, ship, or transfer inventory between locations. Automated inventory transactions result in faster and more accurate shipments. 

Reduce Costs

Improved data visibility and efficient operations allow distributors to reduce write-offs for obsolete or expired products. It also allows them to process more orders with fewer staff. Reduced carrying costs and increased inventory turns help distributors cut costs to provide more competitive pricing. 


Tailor your back-office system to match the way you do business with the flexibility to adapt to any customer or vendor requirement, compliance regulations, or other business demands. 

Easy Connectivity

The Acumatica platform connects to modern technologies for bi-directional improvements in data and processes for improved efficiency and accurate and timely data capture across systems and platforms. 

Reduce IT Costs

Acumatica Distribution Edition saves distributors on costly third-party applications, one-off integrations, and intrusive customizations. Avoid lost productivity due to inefficient, manual processes prone to human data entry errors. 

Increase Sales

Convert more quotes to sales. Improved distribution processes result in lower costs and more competitive pricing. Make it easy for customers to self-serve through integrated customer portals with access to order entry, inventory inquiries, and order status. Sell anywhere with integrated B2B and B2C commerce storefronts or in-store point of sale applications. Extend sales with field service for on-site installation and repair. Sell more to existing customers with meaningful sales analysis and sales order creation using customer order history. 

Customer Retention

Improved customer service, on-time deliveries, competitive pricing, and access to self-service information improves customer satisfaction and retention. 

Acumatica Distribution Edition Technology

Complete Distribution Suite

Acumatica automates the quote to cash cycle from opportunity to fulfillment with embedded CRM, flexible order management, and automated warehouse transactions. Streamline purchasing with inventory replenishment, vendor bidding, and configurable approvals workflows. Access advanced capabilities for sales commissions, customer returns, inventory allocations, and matrix items. 

Enterprise-Wide Management

Simplify accounting with a full suite of financial applications to track daily operations and generate financial statements. In addition, Acumatica provides tools for reporting, analysis, budgeting, and planning. Extended applications are available for payroll, time and expense management, and field service.

Micro-Vertical Functionality

Access last-mile features designed for your industry. Manage product families with matrix items and manage perishable goods with first-expired-first-out (FEFO) picking. Comply with regulations with lot and serial tracking and optimize deliveries with field service. Leverage low-code or no-code customization tools to adapt Acumatica to meet specific industry needs. 

Designed for Connectivity

Leverage open APIs and plug-and-play marketplace applications to integrate data and processes across the business. The future-proof Acumatica platform is designed for big data and analytics with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Create rapid integrations with modern technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), warehouse robotics, carousel and conveyor systems, and more. 

Built to Adapt & Extend

Tailor Acumatica to meet unique business and specific distribution industry requirements with no-code or low-code customization tools. Change screens, add custom fields, automate transactions, and define business workflows without custom coding. Intuitive and Easy to Learn – Empower employees with technology that is easy to use with embedded help, wikis for user guides and training documentation, and free, online user training. 

Modernize warehouse operations with native WMS features, ensure product availability with inventory replenishment, and streamline quote and order processes with embedded CRM

Use efficient warehouse management, replenishment, and order processes to reduce costs, shorten lead times, and improve fill rates providing a distinct competitive advantage with lower pricing, higher profits, on-time shipments, and improved customer satisfaction. 

Easy Order Management

Order management is fast and accurate with connected commerce storefronts, point of sale, matrix items for order entry, and order creation from customer order history. Tailor workflows and automate processes to convert quotes to orders and to streamline order fulfillment and billing processes. 

Embedded CRM

The embedded CRM module provides a 360-degree view of customers including contacts, communications, activities, orders, invoices, and customer support. 

Superior Customer Self-Service

Reduce communication barriers with online commerce and secure customer portals for order management, quotes, account management, document transmittal, and automated customer communication.

Acumatica Distribution Edition Modules

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