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Bizowie Cloud ERP Overview

Bizowie Cloud ERP provides a full suite of functionality for middle-market manufacturers, distributors, and online retailers. Seamlessly integrating full-featured, GAAP-compliant financial accounting with robust operational modules, Bizowie empowers its users to automate tedious business processes, improve employee productivity, and make faster business decisions through real-time insights into financial and operational activities.

A diverse set of customers rely on Bizowie’s high-availability, high-security solutions, ranging from wholesale distributors to discrete manufacturers, job shops, food and beverage companies, financial institutions, publishers, nonprofit organizations, complex mixed-mode businesses and conglomerates.

Bizowie Cloud ERP Advantages

Developed using cutting-edge technology and designed specifically for the cloud environment, Bizowie offers a modern, user-friendly experience that rivals legacy competitors. Beautifully-designed interfaces make it easy for employees to get up to speed without costly training, and large-scale processing infrastructure ensures that reports come back rapidly. Bizowie’s Reporting First” workflow ensures that it’s easy for users to customize views, get rapid answers to questions, and get critical data pushed to their mobile devices – without leaning on IT resources or leveraging third-party reporting software.

We know that no ERP is an island. That’s why we’ve developed a wide variety of out of the box” integrations with shipping carriers, e‑commerce systems, and payment processors. And our robust EDI framework makes it easy to exchange documents with trading partners in real-time. With Bizowie Cloud ERP’s limitless integration capability, you’ll never need to key a document into multiple systems again.

Bizowie Cloud ERP Technology

With Bizowie’s robust, cloud-based architecture, you can cross deploying servers, updating client software, and coordinating backups off your list. Our SaaS (Software as a Service) model lets you leverage our extensive IT infrastructure, freeing up time and capital resources to focus on what you do best.

Just a few of the advantages of our cloud infrastructure include:

  • Multi-tenant environment with rapid scaling capability• Infrastructure spans multiple data centers in separate geographic regions
  • State-of-the-art security including end-to-end military-grade encryption, NIDS (Network Intrusion Detection Systems), firewalls, role-based access control, IP/location restrictions, and extensive logging to off-site systems
  • Robust message queue framework applies serious computing power to tasks, to ensure rapid responses
  • Automated backups to multiple offsite facilities
  • 24 7 365 monitoring by on-call, US-based engineers

Bizowie Cloud ERP Modules

Materials Management for Bizowie Cloud ERP

Inventory Control Module

Bizowie’s Inventory Control suite allows full-cycle management of your inventory – from finished product to raw materials, packaging, and consumables. 

Landed Cost Module

Get the full picture of your inventory costs with Bizowie’s support for direct and indirect landed costs. Apply direct (invoice-level) shipping costs automatically, and easily apply indirect (customs, duties, taxes, freight forwarding, etc.) costs from other invoices.

Location Management Module

With Bizowie’s Inventory Control module, the location of inventory is never a mystery. Track inventory across warehouses, zones, and bins. Keep tabs on in-transit, inbound, docked and cross-docked inventory. Designate locational priorities and triage locations to keep warehouse activities running smoothly.

Lots, Serial Numbers & Expiration Dates Module

Bizowie’s Inventory Control module provides full tracking of controlled items, including lot numbers, serial numbers, and expiration dates.

Rebates Module

Track accrued rebates based on vendor contracts as sales and fulfillment activities occur, and easily create AP invoices.

Replenishment Management / Materials Planning Module

High-volume operations can easily manage material requirements across multiple locations with Bizowie’s requirements management. Analyze inbound sales orders, global min/max levels, warehouse min/max levels, reorder points, manufacturing needs, and other requirements. Easily fill needs with transfers, cross-docks, purchase orders to vendors, and drop ships based on material requirements. Notify purchasing staff when planned replenishments won’t arrive in time to fill planned demand.

Warehouse Management Module

Mobile, barcode-based interfaces to common warehouse activities such as picking (discrete or zone/wave-based), packing, shipping, loading, receiving and put-away. Gain insight into bottlenecks and employee performance.

Sales & Order Management for Bizowie Cloud ERP

3PL Integration Module

Seamlessly connect with third-party warehouses through Bizowie’s 3PL integration layer. Synchronize orders, tracking information, stock levels, and receipts, and treat your 3PL facilities as a fully integrated warehouse.

B2B Customer Portal Module

Bizowie’s modern, user-friendly B2B Customer Portal allows B2B customers self-service access to common activities, including reviewing your product catalog and pricing, placing orders online, paying invoices, and tracking shipments. 

Credit Management Module

Extend credit lines to customers and automatically place orders and customer accounts on hold based on user-defined rules, including due to overutilization of credit, past-due invoices, or other negative account activity.

Electronic Proof of Delivery (POD) Module

Record deliveries in real-time using mobile devices. Capture receiver information, GPS location, timestamp, and signatures at the time of delivery, and cross-reference with invoices for easy reference in your customer claims process

Estimation Module

Bizowie’s Estimation module makes it easy to create estimates for bespoke and configured items. Quickly put together a multi-level BOM (including existing parts, new parts, labor, 3rd-party services, machine time, and more), apply standard markups and margins, and generate custom printed estimates and proposals directly from the system.

Order Entry & Quoting Module

Bizowie’s Order Entry is designed to be simple and easy for your staff to work with, while providing a full suite of functionality. Quickly select items by SKU, name, catalog lookup, barcode scan, or onscreen customer history. Pricing is calculated based on predefined rules and can be overridden by designated staff. Easily access Available-to-Sell and Available-to-Produce numbers and dates without leaving order entry.

Order Management Module

Bizowie’s Order Management functionality makes it easy to manage your sales order load, whether you accept tens of orders per day or thousands. Automatically push orders to queues based on status, handle backorders with ease (including customer and order level rules for management of partial shipments), and leverage in-depth reporting.

Purchase Orders Module

Quickly and easily issue orders to vendors, directly from the system via email or EDI. Segment stock orders, special orders, and drop-ships for easy reporting. Three-way match POs with invoices and receipts, and track over/under and late POs with a click of the mouse.

Returns Module

Bizowie’s Sales Order module provides full-cycle management of returns, from authorization to receipt of returned goods.

Service Work Orders Module

Track field service activities and easily create invoices with Bizowie’s Field Service Work Order module.

Shipping & Fulfillment Module

Bizowie’s Shipping & Fulfillment module provides end-to-end management of fulfillment activity. Manage scheduled outbound shipments, leverage carrier integrations to eliminate manual data entry, plan and manage route shipments, and print documentation directly from the system.

Financial Management for Bizowie Cloud ERP

Accounts Payable Module

Bizowie’s Accounts Payable (AP) module makes it easy to manage your outstanding payables. Easily reconcile and match with purchase orders, ensure approval and receipt before payment is made, and manage deferred and prepaid expenses.

Accounts Receivable Module

Bizowie’s Accounts Receivable (AR) module provides quick and easy billing from sales orders and service work orders. Multiple invoices per order are supported, and creation of ad-hoc credit or debit memos is easy with a click of the mouse.

Budgeting Module

Bizowie’s budgeting framework makes it easy to manage multiple organizational budgets, ranging from simple GL-based budgets to more complex managerial budgets based on department, cost center, project, or dimensional combinations.

Commissions Module

Automatically calculate sales commissions based on booked, recognized, or paid sales, and easily issue payments to sales reps.

Fixed Assets Module

Bizowie’s Fixed Assets module provides consolidated management of the financial and operational aspects of asset management. Handle depreciation and sale/disposal side-by-side with maintenance management, work orders, and operational data tracking.

Foreign Currency Module

Bizowie offers full support for foreign currencies across modules, including accounts held in foreign currencies and revaluations.

General Ledger Module

Bizowie’s General Ledger offers a full-featured, GAAP-compliant interface to your chart of accounts. Easily manage your chart of accounts, make GL entries, and quickly run accurate financial reports – across the entire enterprise or dimensionally by operating entity, department, location, or employee.

Multi-Entity/Multi-Company Module

Bizowie has full support for multiple legal entities and multiple sets of books. Intercompany transactions and consolidations can be configured to automate complex inter-entity activity.

Royalties Module

Designed for publishers and IP licensors, Bizowie’s Royalties module automatically records and accrues royalties based on advanced rules.

Sales Tax Module

Calculate, assess, and report on collected sales tax based on defined rules.

Treasury Management Module

Bizowie’s Treasury Management module offers full-featured cash management, including vouchers/cash receipt posting, check printing (individually or in batches), bank reconciliation, bank deposit, and cash flow forecasting.

Production Management for Bizowie Cloud ERP

Bill of Materials Module

Bizowie’s Bill of Materials allows easy management of your item’s BOM. Multiple revisions, phantom items/BOMs, optional/configurable line items, and unlimited levels of subassembly detail are all supported out of the box

Job Costing Module

Job shops can quickly and accurately gain insight into their margin’s with Bizowie’s job costing framework. Inventory, labor, machine time, and vendor costs are automatically tracked throughout the process, providing quick insight into job, customer, category, and rep-level margins.

Manufacturing Execution Module

Capture data from your shop-floor with our barcode-based Manufacturing Execution interface. Display work instructions and job-level/routing-level details, capture information, and allow employees to pick inventory and record production activities.

Planning & Scheduling Module

Bizowie’s Production Planning module allows easy tracking of available labor and machine time, automated scheduling of work orders, and easy reporting on over- and under-subscribed work centers or days.

Process Manufacturing Module

Bizowie’s Process Manufacturing functionality is a great fit for manufacturers in food and beverage, chemical, plastics, or other process-specific verticals. Split planned work orders into batches, accurately track inputs based on actual picks/variable UOMs, and track planned versus actual yield and scrap, directly within the system.

Time & Attendance Module

Track time through clock-in/clock-out or traditional professional services timesheets. Accurately capture expense reports and mileage through the same interface. Quickly report on summary data and export information for use in your payroll system.

Supply Chain Management for Bizowie Cloud ERP

Purchase Requisitions Module

Allow employees to submit requisitions for approval and processing by your purchasing department. Move through customized approval workflows before a vendor can be selected or PO issued. Store RFQ responses for easy retrieval.

Vendor Management Module

Track vendor details within the system, from basic contact information to metrics on turnaround time.

Customer Relationship Management for Bizowie Cloud ERP

Customer Management Module

Keep track of all the details of a customer’s account with our at-a-glance view. Track interactions with salespeople and customer service, view outstanding quotes and orders, and track the status of shipments and invoices on a single screen.

Sales Lifecycle and Lead Tracking Module

Ensure opportunities never slip through the cracks with our integrated lead tracking platform. Move through customized workflows to match your sales process, visualize your pipeline, and get reminders of upcoming meetings and follow-ups.

Additional Capabilities for Bizowie Cloud ERP


Generate custom printed documents and labels based on your needs, or leverage our library of pre-built documents to save time and implementation cost! Send documents via email or EDI, manually or automatically.


Any user can get an at-a-glance view of what’s important to them with Bizowie’s customizable, user-level dashboard. Pin custom saved reports, add pre-built visualizations, and review information on an at-a-glance calendar.


Create custom databases with user-defined fields, reporting, workflows, and printed documents. Link records to resources elsewhere in the system.

e‑Commerce Integrations

Bizowie offers out-of-the-box integrations with leading e‑commerce systems, including Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and 3DCart. Easily synchronize orders, update stock levels, and push tracking numbers without manual intervention.


Bizowie offers full EDI support out of the box. Connect with customers and vendors via ANSI X12 EDI, API connections, or file transfer. Leverage a VAN (Value-Add Network) or map and integrate directly within the system.

Human Resource Management 

Track information about employees, from basic contact information to details of performance reviews, trainings, and benefits/compensation. Track applicants to open positions, and build simple workflows for onboarding and termination.

Knowledge Management

Create unlimited knowledge bases with customizable permissions for who can view and modify them. Keep track of organizational knowledge like employee manuals and meeting minutes.

Payment Processor Integrations

Bizowie offers out-of-the-box integrations with leading payment gateways, allowing credit card payments to easily be taken directly within the software. Prepayments can be accepted on sales orders, which are properly booked against a deposit liability account and automatically allocated to generated invoices without manual posting.


Bizowie’s powerful reporting framework is designed to allow ordinary users the ability to quickly get answers to questions. Create custom reporting views, choose columns displayed, export data to Excel or print-friendly PDF files, create dashboards, and subscribe to reports via email. No third-party software or IT involvement needed!

Role-Based Controls

Assign users to roles determining what they can do and see in the system, and where they are permitted to log in from. Full logs are available detailing every click they make.

Shipping Carrier Integrations

Bizowie offers out-of-the-box integrations with shipping carriers, allowing full-cycle shipping activity directly in the system, with no third-party products needed. Comparison quote shipments, generate manifests, print labels, and even track shipments directly within the software.


Bizowie’s workflow framework allows step-by-step workflows to be created for common tasks and approvals. Move through predefined steps based on criteria, notify and remind participants, and require entry of data or attached documents before a step can be completed.

Services & Support for Bizowie Cloud ERP

Customer Service & Support

Bizowie provides expert customer service and support as part of our standard software license. Contact our team via phone, email, or support portal for quick assistance with features and functionality. All support is handled in-house – no outsourcing or call centers.

Implementation & Training

Bizowie maintains a network of implementation partners who perform implementation services, including configuration, data migration and load, training, and integrations. Our partners are hand-picked industry veterans with the experience and resources needed for an excellent implementation.

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