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JobBOSS Shop Management Solution

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JobBOSS Shop Management Solution
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JobBOSS Shop Management Solution Overview

JobBOSS by ECi Software Solutions is the most flexible job-based enterprise resource planning software created, supported, and built for mid and small-sized job shops in North America, providing increased visibility, control, and the functionality job shops need with fully integrated customizable features.

JobBOSS software is an easy-to-use system that provides all the tools with affordable and robust functionality for all stages of your business, which includes: Quoting, Order Processing, Advanced Scheduling, Inventory, Payroll, Accounting, Quality (ISO and ASI), Data Collection, and Mobility. JobBOSS is one of a kind since it can be purchased as a subscription or as a standard license, with the option to be housed on your own server or in our private cloud.

Nearly 30 years ago, the first JobBOSS software system hit the market and revolutionized how modern job shop owners managed their day-to-day responsibilities in the front office and on the shop floor. Today nearly 7,000 shop owners know that nothing works better for controlling their job shops from quote to cash and every business process in between.

With JobBOSS software, stakeholders have complete visibility of the issues which face custom, make-to-order, assemble-to-order, and mixed-mode manufacturers. The core of the JobBOSS software system gives everyone from the owner to shop foreman to bookkeeper/controller real-time insight into quotes that need follow-up, new orders which have been received, production scheduling issues including bottlenecked work centers or projected late deliveries, material requirements planning whether material is bought to stock or directly to the job, real-time labor and costing information with bar-coded transaction processing, and delivery/shipping information.

In addition, JobBOSS software integrates all financial data, including customer invoicing and cash receipts, vendor invoicing and payments, complete general ledger processing, and integrated payroll, including tracking of time and attendance and job time; within this one single, integrated environment, information is entered once and automatically shared across the entire system ensuring you can deliver on your commitments to your customers.

Job shop owners evaluating JobBOSS software want to ensure that every decision they make makes them money and want to partner with a software vendor that understands small and midsize manufacturers. 

JobBOSS Shop Management Solution Advantages

JobBOSS is a shop floor management software system designed specifically with custom, make-to-order manufacturing companies in mind. It enhances the shop’s ability to track, cost, schedule, monitor, and manage the chaos, which is characteristic of custom manufacturing environments that are driven by customer demands of real-time performance.

Built using the latest technology, JobBOSS software provides a real-time view of your entire shop, from quote to cash, so you can make quick decisions with confidence. In addition, with three distinct product offerings geared especially toward your shop needs (Starter, Professional, and Enterprise), JobBOSS assures modern job shop owners that they are investing in a solution that they will never outgrow.

JobBOSS Shop Management Solution Technology

JobBOSS software is built on the solid foundation of the latest tested tools for developing a superior software solution. The traditional client-server architecture ensures a stable operating environment with web-enabled elements to allow job shop owners access to important business data when necessary, 247, no matter where they are in the world.

JobBOSS Shop Management Solution Modules

Materials Management for JobBOSS Shop Management Solution

Lot and Serial Control Module

The Lot tracking module in JobBOSS ERP systems is used to control and monitor, from receipt to shipment, the assignment of lot numbers to a batch of purchased parts. Once a part has been flagged as requiring lot control, jobBOSS maintains an audit trail from when it is received from the vendor until it is shipped to the customer. All information on a specific lot can be accessed instantly.

With the optional Serial Control module in the JobBOSS enterprise resource planning solution, trace produced parts from cradle to grave through production, including when the part was manufactured, on which work center, and by whom. In addition, purchased parts may also be serial-controlled.

  • Build Lot and Serial Traceability
  • As-Built Configuration to Meet FDA, FAA, and Government Contract Requirements

Material Control Module

Whether a job shop manages large inventories or purchases directly to the job, detailed material requirements planning data is available from within JobBOSS software whenever the shop schedule is updated. Material due dates may be driven off of lead time, or the shop/work center needs to maintain lean inventories.

Job Shop Functionality provided:

  • Purchasing
  • Receiving
  • Material and Location Adjustments
  • Transfers to Finished Goods Inventories

Sales & Order Management for JobBOSS Shop Management Solution

Job Entry Module

JobBOSS software gives the most flexibility for managing incoming orders of any job shop management package on the market, including a comprehensive sales order processing module driving supply and demand visibility of standard products or streamlined job entry for custom, make-to-order parts, which will be shipped directly from work-in-process. One-time orders for prototype parts or blanket orders for Kanban, or yearly contract orders can be managed efficiently and effectively.

Sales Order Processing Module

JobBOSS software solutions give the most flexibility for managing incoming orders of any job shop management package on the market, including a comprehensive sales order processing module driving supply and demand visibility of standard products or streamlined job entry for custom, make-to-order parts, which will be shipped directly from work-in-process. One-time orders for prototype parts or blanket orders for Kanban, or yearly contract orders can be managed efficiently and effectively with JobBOSS ERP.

Financial Management for JobBOSS Shop Management Solution

Accounts Payable Module

JobBOSS Accounts Payable helps to maintain tight control over expenses with up-to-the-minute information about payables, easy management of your vendors, and effort-saving automation of many routine or complex tasks that provides a great return on investment.

  • Input vendor invoices and tie them to outstanding purchase orders, job receipts, or expense them to the appropriate general ledger accounts.
  • Automate check writing with cash requirements reporting based on user-defined criteria and easily select documents for payment processing.
  • Comprehensive vendor purchase and payment information available for analysis.
  • Use a comprehensive suite of reports that can be sorted by calendar or fiscal year with on-screen display and search, or combine with Crystal Reports for greater reporting flexibility and power.

Accounts Receivable Module

JobBOSS Accounts Receivables module track invoices, process receipts, analyze customer activity, and integrates seamlessly with the Job Control module.

  • View un-posted, posted, and historical transactions, plus complete customer, period sales, yearly sales, payment history, and receivables summary information.
  • Track the customer information to improve sales and customer service, including ship to, bill to, and statement to addresses; and credit limit, payment terms, and account history.
  • Automate customer progress payments by creating schedules and authorizing invoicing and collection of cash.
  • Analyze your sales performance with receivables tracking for each salesperson or sales territory, including commissions, commissioned sales, noncommissioned sales, and cost of sales for the year to date.
  • Automate processes for writing off and adjusting overpayments and underpayments, as well as create and apply debit and credit documents for open balances.
  • Use a comprehensive suite of reports that can be sorted by calendar or fiscal year with on-screen display and search, or combine with Crystal Reports for greater reporting flexibility and power.

General Ledger Module

JobBOSS General Ledger manages the financial core of the shop with intelligent accounting and analysis capabilities that present the vital information every shop needs to manage its cash flow and profitability.

  • Multi-currency capabilities through the sub-ledgers into the base currency in General Ledger.
  • Budgeting capabilities with the ability to create budgets from scratch or based on the previous year’s budget or actual results.
  • Create additional regular, recurring, auto-reversing, or year-to-date correcting entries as needed.
  • Focus on key financial data with a comprehensive suite of reports.

Payroll Module

JobBOSS Payroll handles the processing of all employees’ paychecks and provides necessary company and US governmental reporting. Employee information, including deduction options, eligibility dates, and other employee personnel information, may be tracked.

JobBOSS Payroll may be directly interfaced with the real-time data collection system so that adjustments are minimal, and in most cases, after a brief review, checks may be printed and then posted. 

Production Management for JobBOSS Shop Management Solution

Quality Management Module

Compliance and quality management are critical for every small and mid-sized manufacturer. JobBOSS software solutions ensure that you are shipping quality parts and managing all quality processes with a quality management system tightly integrated with your job shop floor management system to help you maintain complete control of quality.

  • Automate and manage your quality-related business processes
  • Document non-conformances and corrective actions
  • Maintain histories of equipment and gage calibration
  • Control quality-related documentation, including revision history
  • Meet ISO9000, Six Sigma, and other unique industry and customer-specific requirements

Shop Floor Control Module

Maximize throughput by knowing exactly where the shop problems are before they become a problem, and experiment with​“what-if” scenarios to explore the impact of changes before actually committing the change to the shop floor.

Starting in the quoting module with the​“what-if” scheduling feature to determine the capability to promise and continuing with the robust shop floor control module, the shop foreman can experiment with finite or infinite planning models to determine the best solution to a given scheduling issue with JobBOSS.

In addition, the intuitive program white-board visual scheduler comes standard with the JobBOSS Professional Edition so that you can readily determine the best course of action through adjusting shift scheduling hours on the fly, dragging and dropping work to another day or another work center, or adjusting the available machine or personnel resources committed to a shift. In addition, to readily see the impact on a given order, know the impact on the entire shop with the key business indicators on the ShopBOSS Dashboard.

Supply Chain Management for JobBOSS Shop Management Solution

ShopView Module Offers Real-Time Data Collection Functionality

Review up-to-the-minute information regarding order and job status to the operation and material level at any time with ShopView within JobBOSS for improved inventory control. Coupled with real-time data collection, provide your customers with real-time status information on orders at any point in the production process.

Customer Relationship Management for JobBOSS Shop Management Solution

Customer Relationship Management Overview

Extend your control beyond basic job shop management with JobBOSS ERP to analyzing and managing customer relationships to ensure that every interaction is a memorable one. With a CRM system tightly integrated with the leading shop floor management solution, every modern job shop owner can improve business decisions and

  • Organize and simplify the process of managing your customer relationships.
  • Identify top customers and see pipeline quotes.
  • Record customer conversations, set follow-ups, and manage activities.

Additional Capabilities for JobBOSS Shop Management Solution

Automated Workflow and a Quote to Cash Solution

Even the smallest job shop must manage a plethora of business processes that fall outside the realm of shop floor management. To ensure that everyone is​“in the know” and nothing falls through the cracks, implement an automated workflow management solution that can extend seamless control throughout the entire enterprise with JobBOSS.

  • Automate your business processes with a quote to cash solution.
  • Immediately improve efficiency, accountability, and compliance.
  • Gain visibility and complete control of your processes both within and outside of manufacturing.

Services & Support for JobBOSS Shop Management Solution

Customer Portal for Modern Job Shop Owners

JobBOSS provides 247 service and support to modern job shop owners through a customer portal providing detailed information regarding quotes and order status to the level that is determined by your company. Customers can review order dates or drill down into the detail of current operation and material status. Greatly reduce customer inquiries by granting access based on user login to this customer self-service portal option.


Every shop is unique. The versatility of JobBOSS allows for each license to be tailored to your specific needs. The JobBOSS custom development team can assist with select modifications as well as data migrations, data imports, and 3rd party integrations.

Training and Education

JobBOSS training team provides a variety of training options based on each company’s training needs.

Classroom Training

With classes offered all over the United States and Canada, JobBOSS regional classroom training offers a variety of classes specifically designed around a user’s role and skillset. It is not one size fits all. The 2‑Day Job Control Workshop is a great boot camp for new users, while our more focused 1‑Day classes are great for specialized roles and intermediate to advanced users.

Virtual Training

Live, online, instructor-led classes offer role-specific hands-on training for modern job shop owners. Each session encourages attendees to ask questions, interact with other JobBOSS customers, and participate in instructor-overseen labs. Users leave these sessions having learned, demonstrated, and are able to apply their knowledge directly to the software.

On-Demand Video Tutorials

JobBOSS has training when you need it. With hundreds of short online video tutorials available through our customer portal 247, you can learn at your own pace. Whether you have a specific question or are looking to obtain general knowledge, you can find answers here.

Consultant Training

On-site and remote consulting is a great way to learn the ins and outs of JobBOSS and how they apply to your business. Our experienced consultants personalize each training around your company’s specific needs and find the solutions you are looking for.

Help Guides

Have a question while using JobBOSS? Pressing F1 will bring up help guides that are relevant to the page you are on, quickly finding the solution. These solutions can then be favorited or bookmarked for later use.

Training Database

This database comes with all JobBOSS installations; it comes with artificial customers, vendors, materials, and jobs so users can practice without tampering with company information.

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