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Supply Chain Management for ProcessPro

Supply Chain Management Module

Dock Scheduling

ProcessPro’s Dock Scheduling application is designed to schedule and manage inbound and outbound shipments. It provides visibility that allows the user to identify additional capacity that may be available.

Dock Maintenance Highlights

  • User configures days and times that are available for receiving trucks
  • User defines the number of trucks per hour that can be scheduled
  • The schedule can be set per day and can be set differently for holidays
  • Reservations for a specific customer can be created if a specific time slot has been reserved each day
  • The number of docks available can be specified by location

Logistics Scheduling

  • Drag and drop feature allows the user to drag sales orders or purchase
  • orders onto a truck to schedule
  • inbound and outbound shipments.
  • Reservations are viewed in the Dock Operations screen to alert users when a time slot is reserved for another customer or has been reserved by another user.
  • Reserved spots can be added on the fly.

Dock Operations

  • Record important details about the shipment such as driver identification, truck number, seal numbers, and
  • arrival and completion times.
  • User configuable pallet information allows the user to record pallet
  • exchange details.
  • Generate shipping documents such as bill of lading and packing slip when the shipment is complete.
  • Record special services notes to be presented to accounts receivable for special billings.
  • Generate pick lists by shipment to expedite the picking process.
  • Links with Automated Warehouse System to record completion of sales order picking.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic Data Interchange is a generic term for computer-to-computer transmission. EDI is the transmission, in a standard syntax, of unambiguous information of business or strategic significance between computers of independent organizations in many different industries. EDI users do not have to change their internal databases. EDI is the common language” used to get information from one computer system to another. Users must translate this information to or from their own computer systems, but this translation software has to be prepared only once. ProcessPro software’s EDI application can provide this translation.

It is becoming more common for corporations to only conduct business with companies that utilize an EDI system. Companies that have opted to use this tool are finding that they are able to work with others that they have never been able to work with in the past. This opens the doors to new possibilities and new revenues for growing companies.

There are several benefits to utilizing EDI:

  • Transaction accuracy
  • Save time and money with no re-keying of data entry
  • Improve customer service
  • Automatic electronic generation of Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, and more

ProcessPro’s EDI application will automatically generate all appropriate documents to fulfill order requirements from start to finish. ProcessPro’s EDI manages the most common transaction sets transmitted between companies making it the most effective tool for exchanging information between trading partners.

Master Production Scheduler

The Advanced Scheduler application makes production scheduling simple and easy to understand. With user-friendly features users are able to view/edit the batch ticket details directly from the scheduling screen, easily schedule machine downtime, identify batch tickets with shortages and other helpful reporting features. User-friendly features include:

  • Batch Tickets with shortages are highlighted when the schedule is loaded initially.
  • The drag-and-drop capability allows users to move the batch tickets within the schedule.
  • Scheduler tracks the original customer required date for ontime performance reporting.
  • Multiple users are allowed to generate schedules at the same time.
  • The schedule can be viewed in a variety of different options: time increments,multiple days, or multiple work centers.
  • Batch Tickets can be locked in the schedule to prevent movement within the schedule.
  • Color coding provides a visual status of the Batch Ticket.
  • The Missing Component report can be generated after the schedule is created to confirm any Batch Tickets that can be produced. 
  • Work center reports can be generated to provide a schedule to the line operators. 
  • Work Center Hours schedule determines hour availability by day.
  • User can define the work center type.
  • The allocated time in the schedule is driven by the Set Up and Cycle Time on the route.
  • User can change Batch Ticket start dates and work centers with the click of a button.
  • Batch Tickets can be scheduled outside of the normal work day.
  • Equipment down time can be scheduled.

Purchase Orders (PO)

Linked to MRP, Purchase Orders features real-time tracking, automatic updating of vendors and inventory account balances, and extensive reporting capabilities. Advanced laser form technology produces high-quality laser printed purchase orders for vendors.

Features of Purchase Orders

• Supports blanket orders with individual purchase orders released against the master order.
• Generates recurring purchase orders, drop-ship orders, special bid orders, and estimates.
• Tracks groups of items by the lot numbers assigned when items are received.
• Supports inventory tracking of individual items according to serial number.
• Allows the user to receive partial drop shipment purchase orders.
• Transactions immediately update vendor and inventory balances.
• Allows multiple suppliers for each inventory item with tiered pricing.
• Unit of measure conversion enables the user to purchase items in different units of measure than those in which the items are stocked or sold.
• Provides estimated Landed” cost on purchased items with average cost.
• Supports multiple remit-to addresses per vendor.
• Creates purchase orders and handles receiving.
• Works with Accounts Payable to track liabilities and invoice receipts.
• Records unlimited notes and memos with any line item.
• Assigns landed costs to purchases for analysis of freight and other fees.
• Displays or prints 24-month vendor purchase histories and vendor balances complete with graphs in Microsoft Excel.
• Real-time Business Status Report provides immediate status for open purchase orders, unbilled purchase orders, and period-to-date orders and receipts.
• Warns the user when a vendor’s balance exceeds available credit.
• Supports recurring purchase orders.
• Use standard comment text or create purchase order comments that are printed on the purchase order.
• Allows cancellation of open quantities after a receipt is entered.
• New vendors and inventory items can be added during purchase order entry.
• Creates a Return Order when necessary and applies it to the original purchase order.
• Cost tiers for vendors can be set up by item based on volume quantities or vendor specials.

Recommended Purchase Orders

• Creates recommended orders directly from MRP calculations.
• Scans inventory and automatically generates purchase orders for purchased items.
• Allows the user to easily convert recommended orders into actual purchase orders.

Standard Reports

Each report may be customized from a matrix of user-selected options and may be displayed, printed, exported to a spreadsheet, faxed, e‑mailed, or saved on disk. Available reports include:

• Business Status Report
• Open Orders Report
• Purchase Order Receipts
• Purchase Order
• Recommended Reorder
• Recurring Purchase Orders
• Vendor File Report
• Blanket Orders
• Landed Cost Receipts

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