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S2K Enterprise Overview

S2K Enterprise Management Software by VAI — An Overview

VAI provides flexible, fully integrated business software solutions that give companies of all sizes a true competitive advantage. With VAI’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, S2K Enterprise family of software solutions, you obtain reliable data that will streamline your business processes to make it more competitive, responsive, and profitable. Our ERP application features industry-specific modules for manufacturing, wholesale distribution, warehouse management, food, retail, and e‑business.

By delivering S2K Enterprise software with a flexible web interface, VAI provides the user with single sign-on capabilities for all web applications which will simplify the user experience, increase productivity, and minimize training costs. In addition, our web-based or mobile-based software provides mobile access enabling every user in the organization immediate anytime, anywhere secure computing. As a leader in Enterprise Software, VAI’s focus has always been to develop robust solutions that solve real-world business issues and drive bottom-line results. With S2K Smart Center, our customers can compete at a very high level, and by leveraging the flexibly and mobility that the web provides, they have unlimited growth potential.

VAI offers traditional software licensing for on-premise or platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and also provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) option utilizing VAI, which was first deployed in 2009, for our S2K Distribution, S2K Manufacturing, S2K Warehouse Management, S2K Food, S2K Retail, and S2K Service and Repair ERP solutions. With VAI’s S2K Enterprise PaaS and SaaS options, companies gain access to IT resources and can support numerous locations with the ease of a single, scalable, and premier ERP application. Additionally, users receive extensive firewalls, filtering, and data protection services that keep critical company information safe and secure. VAI Cloud includes High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) as a standard feature and utilizes first-tier security vendors. Users receive highly trained, certified enterprise-strength technical support with VAI S2K Pass and SaaS.

S2K Enterprise Advantages

Windows Application Integration

VAI’s S2K Enterprise software provides complete integration with PC based productivity products such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word. At the touch of a key, users can move data into Excel Spreadsheets, send emails to contacts, create customer letters in Word, and schedule appointments into their Outlook calendar. In addition, options like *View and *Excel allow users to create PDF or Excel files for all reports. This integration provides users with the flexibility to utilize desktop applications while taking advantage of the power, reliability, and security of the VAI Enterprise software.

Conditional Emails (Work Flow)

The S2K Enterprise Work Flow Alert’s feature supplies today’s management with the tools required for successful business making decisions, by providing automated, timely information and support via e‑mail. Alerts can be entered to specify tolerance levels, and multiple users can be notified of the same event. Internal flags have been incorporated, aiding in maintaining email frequencies. Maintaining a successful distribution operation relies on the timely communication between management and employees. The S2K Enterprise Work Flow Alerts provide the communication links necessary for optimum order processing and tracking. Through automatic conditional emails, these alerts can aide in achieving proper customer satisfaction, managing credit flows, effectively tracking inventory, and managing cost.

S2K Enterprise Technology

Many small and mid-sized companies are facing the challenge of an overly complex IT environment. As your business grows, your computing needs increase.

Implementing new applications may mean adding more servers, which can increase spending and staffing requirements. You need a business system that can help you become more responsive to your customers, improve productivity, operate without interruption and secure your data and systems — all without making large upfront investments in time, skills or money. You need a business system that is there when you need it and grows with your business. The IBM Power Systems™ family can deliver the power and capacity to run multiple business applications on a single system; integrating different functions to simplify your IT environment.
The IBM Power Systems platform delivers a complete business system with the features and functions you need built in. It is an extremely cost-effective business system.

By design, the IBM Power Systems family is highly secure and virus resistant. It supports proven, industry-specific solutions from VAI and other IBM Business Partners with innovative IBM technology. It has the capability to run numerous operating systems and application environments on one system. IBM Power System offerings provide flexible pricing with a keen focus on delivering value in your business. The result is a simple, affordable, highly capable solution featuring outstanding price performance, reliability and manageability, legendary security, and the flexibility to start small and grow to meet new business demands.

Consider the Following Benefits of the IBM Power Systems:

  • Built-in operating system and database
  • Built-in virus resistance and security tools
  • Built-in backup and recovery tool
  • Built-in performance tuning tool
  • Built-in Web-based management tools
  • Built-in Web server

S2K Enterprise Modules

Materials Management for S2K Enterprise

Materials Management Module

Master Production Schedule (MPS)

Complete integration with Material Requirements Planning, the S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing Master Production Schedule (MPS) system permits users to view the schedule on a Monthly, weekly, or daily basis.

The Master Production Schedule (MPS) implements data from Manufacturing Orders, Forecasting, Customer Orders, and Purchasing modules to generate tailored schedules that save you time, materials and help you avoid shortages, wasteful use of materials, expensive shipping over-billings and last minute changes.

On-line, you can alter and modify due dates of orders, examine the production schedule for a specific time period, and even test the schedule for capacity constraints. Closing requirements are then automatically produced and sent on to S2K Enterprise’s purchasing and work order applications.

Feature Highlights

  • Material Requirements Reporting
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Cost Comparison Reports
  • Employee Labor Reporting
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Scrap Entry
  • Customer Orders — Order Verification
  • Purchase Orders — PO Receipts
  • Inventory Management — Physical Inventory
  • Inventory Management — Cycle C

Material Requirement Planning

Tracking proper material levels is an important and time-consuming aspect of manufacturing. S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing’s Material Requirement Planning (MRP) software module eradicates scheduling and purchasing problems and speeds up the work flow process. Powerful yet easy to use this feature aids purchasing and production managers evaluate current and future material and distribution requirements and permits further successful planning.

The material requirement planning system is closely integrated with the Customer Orders, Inventory, Sales Analysis (Forecasting), Purchasing, and the Manufacturing modules of S2K Enterprise, and is responsive to company and plant specific criteria. This MRP software dissects the current stock inventory of all raw materials and finished goods. With VAI’s material requirement planning system you can identify accurately when and how much material should be purchased or manufactured based on a time-phased analysis of production orders, purchase orders, sales orders, up to date inventory levels and forecasts. This demand analysis can be viewed daily, weekly, or monthly.

Complete pegging is sustained allowing the user to drill down to the important data such as manufacturing order due dates, production order due dates, and the customer orders making up the needs of an item.

A material requirement planning run will produce suggestions based on considerations such as minimum balance, lead time, etc. During End of Day processing, our MRP software will classify items as critical, expedite, or push-out. These suggestions can then be analyzed through the MRP inquiry function, and modified or converted into manufacturing work orders and vendor purchase orders.

Sales & Order Management for S2K Enterprise

Sales & Order Management Module

Order Processing

S2K Enterprise for manufacturing makes available a strong and intuitive order processing application to handle all areas of order generation. This powerful order processing system provides drill-down access to customer and item data. At the touch of a key, operators can view stock status across several locations, view sales history, complementary items, substitutions, and use customer shopping lists for fast order entry. Integrated manufacturing capabilities and a built-in Configurator’ provide a seamless connection between modules within S2K Enterprise.

Order status screens provide detailed shipping information including tracking numbers and carton contents, while a centralized Contact Management application provides effective communication with prospects and customers.

Work Order Processing

S2K Enterprise provides a powerful, yet easy to use work order processing application to address all aspects of the creation of a manufacturing order. S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing software supports multiple bill of material (BOM) for one finished item. In addition to multiple engineering and production revisions, users can configure the bill of material using unlimited features and options directly from order processing. The work order processing allows companies to generate orders to stock, made to order (MTO), or planned orders all from one screen.

In addition to scheduling each line uniquely, this feature enables you to drill down to material availability, costs, select substitutes, and even create change routing steps based on capacity. Order status screens allow inquiry into orders with shortages, material commitments, and show the effect on scheduling, and many other functions. Work flow triggers help control and enforce work practices around the enterprise as they relate to the design, manufacturing and support of engineered products by notifying management of critical issues through the use of conditional e‑mails.

S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing software also includes a production cost software application that closes the loop of manufacturing and accounting. It posts production costs to the General Ledger for inclusion in financial statements. Manufacturing variances are calculated for material, labor and overhead. Extensive management reporting includes standard vs. actual analysis, material variances, scrap reporting, labor efficiencies, etc. The result is a top-level overview of production efficiency.

Financial Management for S2K Enterprise

Financial Management Module

Accounts Payable

S2K Enterprise Accounts Payable Module retains comprehensive vendor information, including contacts, e‑mail addresses, purchase order addresses and remit addresses. General Ledger accounts and pre-set distribution percentages can be assigned for each vendor. Robust inquiries create instant access to data including credit memos, vendor invoices, credit memos, debit memos, and payments. A comprehensive purchase journal as well as open accruals can be viewed or printed on demand. Accounts Payable Voucher Entry allows users to create one-time vendors and flag each invoice for 1099 payment history. Repeating vouchers can be pre-set to load monthly. Integrated Job Costing allows you to track expenses to a specific job and cost code.

VAI software also includes Purchase Order and Landed Cost price confirmation which allows you to match invoices to receipts and landed cost charges for posting and verification. Automatic tolerance levels can be set to notify buyers, through conditional emails, if invoice irregularities exist. S2K Enterprise’s Accounts Payable Module offers customized payment processing options including manual and automatic payment selections, hand written check processing, letters of credit, and wire transfers. Accounts Payable includes a bank reconciliation option that provides the ability to clear checks and print reports that show cleared or outstanding checks.

Accounts Receivable

S2K Enterprise Accounts Receivable application features powerful credit and collection screens which provide multiple reports, including global aging of accounts, highest dollar amount, or oldest balance. Accounting managers can easily review their specific accounts, enter notes on collections, schedule follow-up calls, and flag disputed invoices.

S2K’s comprehensive customer information fields include: Open invoices, payment history, credit information, sales history and open orders, all available at the touch of a key.

When interfaced with S2K Enterprise Order Processing application, VAI’s Accounts Receivable Module displays invoice details and allows invoices to emailed, faxed, or re-printed on demand. Order processing can automatically send credit manager emails and also perform credit-checking functions when credit issues arise.

S2K integrated suite includes a flexible cash receipts program, allowing users to quickly enter adjustments, post cash to customer accounts, and track returned checks. Payments can be applied by invoice number, purchase order number, or account number. Other features include recording overpayments, splitting payments across multiple accounts, tracking write-offs, applying payments and credit memos to specific invoices, and issuing charge-backs with ease. When write-off or returned checks are recorded, conditional emails can be sent to credit managers.

Financial Highlights

  • Journal Entries
  • Adjusting Entries
  • Recurring Journal Entries
  • User-Defined Financial Formats
  • General Ledger Inquiry 
  • Preliminary Year-End Close
  • Budget Entry
  • Approval Code
  • Posting Corrections
  • Dynamic General Ledger Search
  • Dynamic General Ledger Posting
  • Historical Data
  • Preliminary Work-Sheets
  • On Demand Financial Reports 
  • Information Center
  • Account Detail Drill Down 
  • Batch Screen
  • Consolidated Financial Reports
  • Inter-Company Transactions
  • Report Writer / Report Pro
  • Multiple Companies
  • Automatic or Manual Posting 
  • Profit and Loss Statements

General Ledger

General Ledger is the center of the S2K Enterprise financial applications. This powerful manufacturing accounting software module combines general journal entries and recurring entries, and collects data from the other S2K Enterprise applications, resulting in a comprehensive database for thorough financial analysis.

S2K Enterprise General Ledger is a cost effective feature that maintains audit trails of all transactions. This allows drill downs to the book of original entry. Run monthly and interim financial statements and status reports. Detailed current, historical, and budget data is maintained for comparative reporting.

This robust accounting software module for manufacturers also includes a report generator. General Ledger’s report generator program provides a versatile means for building and modifying balance sheets, departmental budget reports, profit and loss statements, per diem reports, and period comparisons. Secure access by user ID, and users can choose to view saved reports on the screen or print them. In addition, the S2K Enterprise spreadsheet export option provides authorized users the ability to move data to Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1, 2, 3 or any spreadsheet program for unmatched report flexibility.

Production Management for S2K Enterprise

Production Management Module

Capacity Requirements Planning

S2K Enterprise Capacity Requirements Planning measures your company’s ability to meet manufacturing demand. Powerful inquiries allow users to view firm, soft, and planned demand, providing a comprehensive analysis of actual and projected capacity requirements.

Immediate changes can be to adjust the production schedule. Through to its tight integration with the rest of S2K Enterprise and flexible design, S2K’s Capacity Requirements Planning module can be used as both a short-term production scheduling aid and a tool for long range planning.

Capacity Requirements Planning provides decision making summary information, enabling you to identify situations where capacity is long or short, and allowing you to shift production and manage resources as needed. Multiple views allow you to evaluate machine, work center, and department capacities. Drill down into detailed scheduling data, including orders making up the demand, as well as bottleneck analysis. Bottleneck resolution is easy through alternate routings, which provide preprogrammed calculations of available to promise” (ATP) dates.

Feature Highlights

  • TP Calculation
  • Soft, Firm, and Planned Demand
  • Machine, Work Center, and Department Scheduling
  • Real Time Updates
  • Integrated Shop Floor Reporting
  • Finite and Infinite Scheduling Options
  • Capacity Rebuild Attachment
  • Daily Work Load Analysis
  • Alternate Routings
  • Online Document Attachment
  • Independent Capacity Loading
  • Integrated Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Tool Tracking
  • Outside Operations 

Shop Floor Control

S2K Enterprise features a Shop Floor Control system which monitors and records both material and labor usage on the shop floor. Item movements, physical inventory, cycle inventory, and product receiving are also features of S2K Enterprise for Manufacturing software.

The data collection device options of S2K’s Shop Floor Control include both RF devices and hand held scanners. Components are seamlessly integrated enabling you to monitor and carry out business in real time. This real time functionality allows you to immediately update a shop floor order’s requirements planning to clearly determine available capacity at a given machine, work center or department. Reporting and inquiries can display employee productivity, material variances, and comparisons of actual versus standard cost.

Feature Highlights

  • Labor Analysis
  • Real Time Data Collection
  • Drill Down Capabilities Throughout the Order
  • View On-Line Product Drawings
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Support Back Flush
  • Cycle Counting
  • Employee Tracking
  • Complete Visibility into WIP Across the Plant
  • Routing Step Modification
  • Work Load Analysis
  • Physical Inventory
  • Material Variances
  • Detailed Display of Work Orders
  • Actual vs. Standard Comparison
  • Suggested Inventory Movement
  • Fixed Station or RF Device Support
  • Recording of Material Usage and Scrap
  • Easy Entry of Labor Time
  • Required Transfers from Stock to the Shop Floor
  • Complete Lot and Serial Number Tracking
  • Production Reporting and Updating
  • Actual vs. Standard Comparison 

Supply Chain Management for S2K Enterprise

Supply Chain Management Module

Inventory Management

S2K Enterprise Inventory Management is a robust inventory system application, which allows you to track shipments, receipts and all changes in inventory. Item inquiries improve customer service through our stock status feature, which drills down to details of each transaction. The powerful inventory master file provides detailed product data, landed cost data, pricing, purchasing formulas, and processing flags for each item.

To aid in searching, product specifications are tracked within user defined fields. Complimentary and substitute status can be linked to each item to improve up-selling and increase fill rates. Multiple units of measure can be formulated with unique conversion factors for each item. S2K inventory software allows separate bar codes for each unit of measure, providing simple to track product movement within the warehouse. Complete tracking and historical data is captured through lot number and serial number tracking features. Utilizing the latest inventory reordering formulas, the S2K Enterprise Inventory Management software utilizes the most up to date inventory reordering formulas which will calculate reorder points based on forecasted or historical usage, demand, seasonal trends, and vendor lead times.

S2K Enterprise Inventory Management also features EOQ calculations, which direct buyers to the most cost-effective choices. Easily take advantage of special discounted pricing by grouping into buy-lines for purchase analysis by product group. Additional inventory features allow for global inquiries, providing views of current availability, inventory value, dead stock items, and suggested reorder quantities. Centralized or decentralized replenishment and purchasing can be flagged at the warehouse.

Customer Relationship Management for S2K Enterprise

Customer Relationship Management Module

VIA’s powerful suite of web-based CRM applications can help you economically find, attain, develop, and maintain your most profitable customers. With one central database, VAI’s Customer Resource Management provides an enterprise level view of all customer and prospect interactions.

  • Integrated Contact Management provides real time access to all customer and product information.
  • Marketing Automation tools generate effective, consistent and timely campaigns.
  • VAI’s SalesLinx application enables sales teams to work with utmost effectiveness, no matter if they are local or remote.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation campaigns allow you to mail, fax and email sales or promotional literature directly from the sales team dashboard.

The sort criteria enables selection of specific target audiences for campaigns. The group e‑mail feature sends promotional sales information, new product information, item coupons, updated price lists and other sales collateral instantly to a targeted customer or prospect audience.

Broadcast information from campaigns will automatically update in the contact management notes file, allowing for easy review and follow up. Increase the timing and relevance of your promotional messages using this powerful CRM software tool. VAI CRM software ensures the development of long term client relationships.

Remote Sales Force Automation

SalesLinx web-based feature provides downloadable data from the main server to a laptop, enabling remote access to customer information.

Regardless of location, sales representatives can update, create, or edit prospect records, enter order or quotes, check sales history and inventory, review status of orders, or use contact management functions.

Data synchronization enables the user to transmit orders and update the database on demand or at scheduled intervals.

Updated customer information and new leads are automatically forwarded to your sales team, maximizing productivity.

Additional Capabilities for S2K Enterprise

Additional Capabilities Module

(EDI) Electronic Data Interchange

With VAI’s integrated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities, customer purchase orders can be tracked directly to the order file, enabling you to invoice your customers automatically. UCCnet assists you in servicing your customers by allowing them access to a standardized global database of product information.

The S2K Enterprise Job Scheduler offers a wide range of scheduling options and gives users the ability to process reports at specified times and intervals throughout the business cycles. Jobs can be scheduled by entering various parameters to run repeatedly during a day and prior or after the End-of-Day and Consolidated End-of-Month processing.

Distribution Management

Since 1978, VAI has been providing ERP solutions to the wholesale distribution industry. As the list below demonstrates, VAI’s Enterprise for Distribution offers multiple solutions to for efficient supply chain management.

e‑business software helps you reach and serve customers in new ways.

Sales Analysis software identifies profitable and unprofitable items and improves vendor and customer relationships.

Financial Management application improves management of accounts payable and receivable, allowing for improved cash flow, reduced bad debt and effective reaction to business cycles.

Sales Analysis software mines and analyzes customer data, automates marketing campaigns and empowers your sales team.

Warehouse application integrates and automates multiple warehouse management processes, improving buying power across product lines and multiple warehouses.

Purchasing application optimizes buying power by automating planning, purchasing and ordering processes.

e‑Business Applications

VAI offers multiple e‑business applications which leverage the opportunities of the internet. This e‑business software is designed to help you lower business costs and improve efficiencies in your business processes. With unique productivity features and by making the right information available to your employees, VAI’s e‑business applications allows collaboration with your business partners and harnesses the internet to grow business across all sales channels.

VAI e‑commerce applications empower your customers with new avenues to buy your products, and offer new ways for your customers to service their own accounts.

IBM and VAI portal technology allows people to interact with your company and provides employees, business partners and customers with easy access to online information specific to their needs. Online users can instantly submit business processes across critical applications and communicate with other users to make better and faster decisions.

S2K Mobile

Use the iPhone to boosts your sales force to new levels of productivity and improve customer service with real-time wireless access to S2K. This mobile application allows your sales representative to access critical customer details when it’s needed most.

The S2K iPhone interface is designed for today’s mobile sales force. This powerful application allows users to connect seamlessly to S2K and instantly view, create and modify customer data directly in the field. One click of an icon allows your sales team to access customer pricing, order status, inventory availability and essential customer information. Sales professionals can achieve new levels of productivity by utilizing the real time data to make decisive decisions, collaborate on opportunities, and update orders.

  • Maximize Outside Sales through Real time
  • Improved reporting and visibility
  • Increase Sales Representatives time in the field

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