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S2K Enterprise

Price Range $25K - $250K
Cost Per User $250/mo
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15 — Unlimited
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Lease, Subscription
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S2K Enterprise
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S2K Enterprise Overview

S2K Enterprise Management Software by VAI — An Overview

VAI provides flexible, fully integrated business software solutions that give companies of all sizes a true competitive advantage. With VAI’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications, and S2K Enterprise family of software solutions, you obtain reliable data that will streamline your business processes to make them more competitive, responsive, and profitable. Our ERP application features industry-specific modules for manufacturing, wholesale distribution, warehouse management, food, specialty retail„ and e‑business.

S2K Enterprise Management Software Smart Center

By delivering S2K Enterprise software with a flexible web interface, VAI provides the user with single sign-on capabilities for all web applications, which will simplify the user experience, increase productivity, and minimize training costs. In addition, our web-based or mobile-based software provides mobile access enabling every user in the organization to access immediately, anytime, anywhere, secure computing. As a leader in Enterprise Software, VAI’s focus has always been to develop robust solutions that solve real-world business issues and drive bottom-line results. S2K Smart Center enables businesses to compete at a very high level, and by leveraging the flexibility and mobility that the web provides, they have unlimited growth potential for business activities.

VAI offers traditional software licensing for on-premise or platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and also provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) option utilizing VAI, which was first deployed in 2009 for our S2K Distribution, S2K Manufacturing, S2K Warehouse Management, S2K Food, S2K Retail, and S2K Service and Repair ERP solutions. With VAI’s S2K Enterprise PaaS and SaaS options, companies gain access to IT resources and can support numerous locations with the ease of a single, scalable, and premier ERP application. Additionally, users receive extensive firewalls, filtering, and data protection services that keep critical company information safe and secure. VAI Cloud includes High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) as standard features and utilizes first-tier security vendors. Users receive highly trained, certified enterprise-strength technical support with VAI S2K Pass and SaaS.

S2K Enterprise Advantages

Windows Application Integration with S2K ERP Solution

VAI’s S2K Enterprise software provides complete integration with PC-based productivity products such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, and Word. At the touch of a key, users can move data into Excel Spreadsheets, send emails to contacts, create customer letters in Word, and schedule appointments in their Outlook calendar. In addition, options like View and Excel allow users to create PDF or Excel files for all reports. This integration provides users with the flexibility to utilize desktop applications while taking advantage of the power, reliability, and security of the VAI Enterprise software.

Conditional Emails (Work Flow)

The S2K Enterprise Work Flow Alert’s feature supplies today’s management with the tools required for successful business making decisions by providing automated, timely information and support via e‑mail. Alerts can be entered to specify tolerance levels, and multiple users can be notified of the same event. Internal flags have been incorporated, aiding in maintaining email frequencies. Maintaining a successful distribution operation relies on timely communication between management and employees. The S2K Enterprise Work Flow Alerts provide the communication links necessary for optimum order processing and tracking. Through automatic conditional emails, these alerts can aid in achieving a superior customer experience, managing credit flows, effectively tracking inventory and managing costs.

S2K Enterprise Technology

Many small and mid-sized companies are facing the challenge of an overly complex IT environment. As your business grows, your computing needs increase.

Implementing new ERP software and applications may mean adding more servers, which can increase spending and staffing requirements. You need enterprise resource planning that can help you become more responsive to your customers, improve productivity, operate without interruption, and secure your data and systems — all without making large upfront investments in time, skills, or money. You need a business system that is there when you need it and grows with your business. The IBM Power Systems™ family can deliver the power and capacity to run multiple business applications on a single system, integrating different functions to simplify your IT environment.
The IBM Power Systems platform delivers a complete business system with the features and functions you need built-in. It is an extremely cost-effective business system.

By design, the IBM Power Systems family is highly secure and virus resistant. It supports proven, industry-specific solutions from VAI and other IBM Business Partners with innovative IBM technology. It has the capability to run numerous operating systems and application environments on one system. IBM Power System offerings provide flexible pricing with a keen focus on delivering value to your business. The result is a simple, affordable, highly capable solution featuring outstanding price performance, reliability and manageability, legendary security, and the flexibility to start small and grow to meet new business demands.

Consider the Following Benefits of the IBM Power Systems:

  • Built-in operating system and database
  • Built-in virus resistance and security tools
  • Built-in backup and recovery tool
  • Built-in performance tuning tool
  • Built-in Web-based management tools
  • Built-in Web server

S2K Enterprise Modules

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