Christina Morrison

Executive Director


Christina is the founder and executive director of For the last 20 years, she has creatively leveraged online technologies and entities to support and simplify web-based business research around very complex and expensive capital investments, such as the complicated world of enterprise resource planning software.

Christina spent five years as general manager of other prominent online technology platforms that supported accounting software research for all types of businesses (2020software, TechTarget). Christina soon realized manufacturers needed something more. In 2008, she embarked on an entrepreneurial path to build a more robust and valuable ERP Software decision platform that would serve the complexity and variation of many manufacturing industries and fabrication processes. The goal was to make the highly challenging research and selection process of ERP systems for manufacturing into a streamlined and scientific experience based on complex product indexing technologies and powerful side-by-side comparisons. In addition, manufacturing leaders could connect with the providers of these systems and get started on deeper evaluations through a simple one-step request process.

Working alongside manufacturers, ERP solutions providers, and the best web developers and designers, launched in 2009. Over the last 15 years, Christina's efforts have served over 950,000 manufacturers who have trusted for their ERP software system research, and many others have worked with her directly in their selection process.

In the digital marketplace, time passes a lot like dog years (where one year can equal seven), based on the lightning-fast changes that make the online research environment an actual fast lane. Despite these challenges, Christina has directed through several evolutions, leading her team of developers and designers to keep pace with advances in digital technology, such as redesigns and rebuilds that offer more compelling user experiences and that support the ever-changing Google algorithms and mobile search requirements. In addition, she works with many ERP specialists and advisors to keep ahead of the fast-paced changes seen in the development of ERP software systems and the domestic and global issues impacting the manufacturing sectors they serve. As director of, Christina manages to juggle the technologies, teams, and events ever present in the combined worlds of manufacturing and ERP software evaluation.

When balancing time away from work, Christina enjoys gardening, traveling with her husband Barry, and hiking local trails with "Murphy," their overly energetic yellow Labrador.

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