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Oracle E-Business Suite Overview

Oracle is the software leader in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), unifying Business Intelligence and Performance Management (BI), while supporting complex strategic, financial and operational management processes. 

Oracle provides a complete and integrated system for optimized management of enterprise-wide performance. With E Business Suite, businesses can achieve excellent management practices which drive competitive advantage and leverage their operational ROI.

Agile—Provides Information Integration from financial performance management, business intelligence, and transactional applications 

Smart—Enables advanced integration that improves agility and lowers costs of ownership 

Aligned—Drives pervasive intelligence across the enterprise by unifying financial, strategic, and operational management processes

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Oracle E-Business Suite Modules

Materials Management for Oracle E-Business Suite

Materials Management Module

Inventory Management

With Oracle Inventory Management you can improve inventory visibility, reduce inventory levels and control inventory operations. All of your material in each line of business and stage of the inventory lifecycle can be tracked in a single system. Increased transparency will reduce the need for local buffer stocks, and inventory will be located where it previously wasn’t known to exist.

Oracle Inventory Management is part of the Oracle Logistics solution and integrates seamlessly with other Supply Chain Management applications, including Oracle Warehouse Management, Oracle Order Management, Procurement, Discrete and Process Manufacturing, and Oracle Financials.

Features & Benefits
  • Improve Global Inventory Visibility: Oracle Inventory Management allows you to consolidate your disparate inventory tracking and control systems into a single, global inventory management solution for material in every stage of the product or production lifecycle as well as for your different business types. For manufacturers and distributors, this visibility is not limited to current state balances but also includes global track and trace information including inventory source and where-used analysis.
  • Reduce Inventory Levels: Oracle Inventory Management gives you a variety of tools to reduce your inventory levels. The more accurate your inventory levels and efficient your replenishment, the less safety stock you need to hold. The more proactive your exception management, the more readily you can respond to shortages, quality issues and backorders before costly expediting is required.
  • Control Multi-Mode Inventory Operations: Whether you are running manufacturing centers, distribution centers, service depots, spare parts warehouses or other types of parts storage facilities, Oracle Inventory Management provides the multi-mode inventory capability that helps you control all your inventory operations. Comprehensive material and transaction attributes capture gives inventory managers and operators flexible visibility into material aging, qualitative characteristics, material status

Oracle Warehouse Management

Adapt to Volatility and Innovation

Your complex warehouse operations must adapt quickly and easily to changes. Your company is constantly innovating — and as your business model rapidly changes, the expectations for warehouses change, too. Whether because a customer radically increases their order volume to accelerate their inventory velocity, or your business decides to ship products with the longest remaining shelf life to their best customers, your Warehouse Management Solution must quickly respond.

Oracle’s Warehouse Management Solution delivers adaptive customer processes enabling your organization to make logistics a source of competitive differentiation.

Converge Multiple Supply Chain Processes

Warehouses increasingly perform more and more functions — assembly, manufacturing, repair. They are part of extended supply chain processes including transportation management, procurement, manufacturing, order management, spare parts and repair operations, asset management, and maintenance.

Oracle’s Warehouse Management Solution pre-integrates with the processes and applications driving these functions in your company. As a result, you get optimized execution of materials handling transactions on mobile and traditional terminals.

Scale in Complexity from Small to Large Operations

Customers demand the goods they want, when they want them, in perfect condition — and to their unique specifications. Warehouses must handle more items, with greater velocity, in increasingly complex orders. To address these challenges, businesses need a robust and scalable solution. They need a solution that will help them to optimize their operations — no matter how large or small.

Oracle’s Warehouse Management Solution offers a broad range of materials management functionality from the most basic to the most advanced. No matter how big or small, you will improve inventory accuracy and labor productivity while reducing overall warehousing and distribution costs.

Sales & Order Management for Oracle E-Business Suite

Sales & Order Management Module

Oracle Partner Management

Oracle’s Partner Management solution enables companies to extend their business processes to work collaboratively with distribution channel partners. Oracle Partner Management efficiently manages the entire partner lifecycle — from recruiting and managing partners through marketing, channel sales and performance measurement. Partner Management gives you the tools and processes you need to sell more through partners and strengthen relationships while lowering partnership costs.

Features & Benefits
  • Align sales efforts across channels: Align sales efforts with collaborative partner flows
  • Reduce partner management costs: Reduce costs with distributed partner functionality
  • Monitor and improve channel performance: Monitor performance with dashboards and key metrics

Oracle Quoting

Oracle Quoting is an automated sales quote generation application that enables the easy, consistent and secure creation and management of customer quotes across all customer interaction channels, such as field sales, telesales, e‑commerce and business partners. Sales representatives using Oracle Quoting can submit a quote as an order, perform manual price overrides or create new customer information.

Features & Benefits
  • Increase Sales: Boost sales effectiveness and reduce sales cycle time by automating the quoting and approval process.
  • Reduce Costly Errors: Provide Sales Reps self-service access to relevant information stored throughout the enterprise, including pricing campaigns and inventory levels.
  • Enable Collaborative Selling: Quotes can be created and then shared across multiple channels from field sales reps to call center agents and web storefronts for collaborative selling.

Oracle Sales Management

Oracle Sales provides a comprehensive solution for planning, managing and optimizing activities across all sales channels. Automate the entire sales cycle, including account and contact management, opportunity management, forecasting and pipeline analysis, and order management. Business benefits include increased visibility into the sales cycle, increased sales revenues, and long-term, profitable customer relationships.

Features & Benefits
  • Share Critical Information over the Internet: Provide managers and sales reps instant access to critical information via Sales Portal Homepage.
  • Deliver Complete View of Customer: Provide comprehensive customer information, such as products installed, outstanding service requests, payment histories, key contacts, open opportunities, and quotes and orders.
  • Provide Task and Schedule Management: Provide the tools for reps to manage daily activities. Synchronize with company-wide calendars to drive awareness of upcoming campaigns and events.
  • Manage Leads: Automate, manage, and track generation of leads. Evaluate and distribute leads in real time using flexible, rule-based business logic. Manage and track lead follow-up.
  • Support Global Sales: Gain multi-language, multi-currency capabilities. Create virtual global teams by sharing leads, opportunities, quotes, contacts, notes, tasks, and more.

Oracle Proposals

Oracle Proposals is a sales application that enables users to dynamically generate proposals based on templates. It drives sales effectiveness by accurately automating the labor-intensive proposal process. Oracle Proposals allows users to create customer presentable proposals using standard, approved content. Users can personalize their proposal structure, sequence, look, and feel, all before generating a dynamic proposal and e‑mailing it to their customers. With Oracle Proposals, you can shorten sales cycle length by drastically reducing the time taken to generate proposals, eliminate errors in proposals, and enforce use of approved content.

Features & Benefits
  • Increase Sales Effectiveness: Boost sales force productivity by reducing the time taken to create proposals from days to hours.
  • Increase Accuracy: Improve business process compliance and project consistent, professional image by enforcing use of standard and approved content in proposals.
  • Lower Costs: Reduce costs and improve your competitive edge by creating professional, accurate proposals in less time.

Financial Management for Oracle E-Business Suite

Financial Management Module

Oracle General Ledger

Oracle General Ledger provides highly automated financial processing. It can import and post 42 million journal lines per hour, making it the fastest and most scalable general ledger on the market. It also provides tools for effective management control and real-time visibility to financial results — everything you need to meet financial compliance and improve your bottom line.

Features & Benefits
  • Gain Efficiencies with Highly Automated Financial Processing: Automate journal processing for recurring and allocation journals. Convert and load raw data from external systems or upload mass journal entries via spreadsheets. Run posting, reporting, translation, and consolidation processes in parallel to accelerate reporting time.
  • Establish and Maintain Superior Internal Controls: Guarantee data integrity with a single ledger to manage all financial information. Actual, budget, summary, foreign currency, statistical and average balances are automatically synchronized, rendering reports immediately available and always accurate. Mandatory checks and balances prevent the occurrence of out-of-balance situations. The chart of accounts can be customized to best fit your company’s needs, and is used to control information access.
  • Increase Enterprise Visibility: Increase visibility into performance by investigating and reconciling balances online. Drill down to any level of detail including detail balances, journals, and the underlying subledger transactions — all from a single drill path. Oracle Applications Desktop Integrator provides a desktop-based extension of Oracle General Ledger to analyze financial statements, create budgets, upload conversion rates, create reports, and more.
  • Capitalize on Global Opportunities: Capture and report on any number of currencies from the balance level to the subledger transaction level. Currency conversion, revaluation, remeasurement, and translation are all performed in accordance with local and international accounting standards.
  • Improve Financial Services Profitability: Robust average balance functionality comes standard in Oracle General Ledger to allow companies in the financial services industry to perform sophisticated transfer pricing and profitability analysis calculations to comply with regulatory reporting requirements. Oracle General Ledger is also integrated with the Oracle Financial Services Applications.

Oracle Payables

Oracle Payables improves margins, instills corporate and fiscal discipline, and optimizes business relationships.

Features & Benefits
  • Lower Costs: Automate invoice processing using a variety of tools including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), XML messages, Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) and business-to-business e‑commerce. Control cash flow, minimize errors, and eliminate inefficiencies by using specialized payment tools.
  • Instill Corporate and Fiscal Discipline: Enforce business rules to lower exposure to fraud, error, and unauthorized payments. Automate the routing and approval of invoices according to the unique requirements of your business. Leverage joint controls with other E‑Business products such as Oracle Purchasing and Oracle General Ledger.
  • Improve Business Relationships: Oracle Payables works with iSupplier Portal to help suppliers enter and check the status of their own invoices. Employees also benefit from Oracle Payables when it is used with Oracle Internet Expenses to provide employees with multiple ways to submit expense reports.
  • Grow Globally: International business requirements including foreign-currency transactions, global tax regimes, and future dated payments can be easily managed. To meet country-specific statutory requirements, Oracle Payables supports automated calculation and accounting of partially recoverable and non-recoverable value-added tax, sales and use tax, withholding tax, and regional and local taxes.

Oracle Asset Tracking

Oracle Asset Tracking is an asset lifecycle management application that provides tracking, visibility and control of dispersed assets for capital-intensive companies. Oracle Asset Tracking maximizes asset utilization and return on investment by automatically synchronizing the operational and physical events of assets with the financial updates in Oracle Assets.

As part of the Oracle E‑Business Suite, Oracle Asset Tracking offers tight integration with other products to provide a comprehensive, reliable and efficient asset lifecycle tracking application. This enterprise-wide integration helps achieve a single source of truth for enterprise assets while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Features & Benefits
  • Improve Asset Visibility with a Global Asset Repository: Oracle Asset Tracking integrates with Oracle’s other operational and financial products to offer a comprehensive, reliable, and efficient asset lifecycle tracking application, along with complete transaction auditing.
  • Streamline Asset Creation and Updates to Assets: Oracle Asset Tracking provides integration and synchronization with Oracle Assets. This integration automates mass additions, cost updates, and asset transfers, thereby significantly reducing the amount of manual intervention required to maintain financial accuracy along with physical tracking.
  • Asset Deployment: A single transaction can deploy multiple assets at different locations with full or partial quantities, or alternatively, users can deploy a single, specific asset. Oracle Asset Tracking offers self-service asset deployment, allowing users to perform deployment transactions such as install, in-service, out of service, or asset moves.
  • Asset Transfers by Internal Sales Order: Oracle Asset Tracking supports all asset transfers between internal organizations. Assets can be moved by various operational transactions, such as inter-organization transfer and internal sales order transfer.
  • Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) Integration: Asset maintenance history is necessary for effective asset management. Integration with the global asset repository enables an asset to be simultaneously tracked by Oracle Asset Tracking and maintained by Oracle Enterprise Asset Management.

Production Management for Oracle E-Business Suite

Production Management Module

Oracle Production Scheduling

Oracle® Production Scheduling, designed for schedulers by schedulers, enables you to take control of your production scheduling problem, and helps you to maximize shop floor throughput while optimizing resource investment. You can optimize the usage of your critical resources, calculate realistic and feasible schedules that the shop floor can execute, and easily determine the schedule that best meets your objectives. In addition, you can leverage the out-of-the-box integration with the Oracle E‑Business Suite (discrete, process, and lot-based manufacturing) to implement quickly and obtain immediate value.

Features & Benefits
  • Maximize throughput of bottleneck resources: Simultaneously consider capacity and calendar constraints on machines, crews and tools with automatic floating bottleneck detection to optimally schedule your shop floor. Create feasible schedules using sequence dependent setup minimization and campaign run optimization.
  • Improve shop floor performance: Schedulers can minimize the effect of unplanned downtime, easily identify exceptions, and use a powerful drag-and-drop scheduling workbench to quickly adjust schedules.
  • Quickly determine the best production schedule: Fast easy simulation enables your schedules to quickly compare scenarios and key performance indicators before deciding which schedule to release for execution. Planners can also review both planned and actual production orders to make their decisions.
  • Implement quickly by leveraging out-of-the-box integration: Production Scheduling is fully integrated with the Oracle E‑Business Suite, enabling you to start quickly by leveraging existing setup. It supports discrete, process, and lot-based manufacturing without the need for extensive configuration.

Project Costing

Oracle Project Costing provides a completely integrated cost management solution for all projects and activities across your enterprise, with the ability to cross currency and organizational boundaries. Line managers are empowered with timely, detailed cost information to monitor project performance in a format that optimizes their productivity — while financial managers track the total cost of running the business.

Features & Benefits
  • Monitor Project Performance: Utilize timely, integrated cost information to assure project execution meets expectations.
  • Capitalize on Global Opportunities: Link dispersed project teams to meet work demands.
  • Drive Enterprise Profitability: Enable activity-based and project-based management capabilities to improve cost performance.
  • Evaluate Expenditures: Compare expenditures to forecasts, budgets, and revenue to track progress and profitability

Oracle Shop Floor Management

Oracle Shop Floor Management enables comprehensive, real-time management of shop floor activities, including complex lot transactions, dynamic routing, end-to-end genealogy of products, and modeling and tracking of operation yield costs. A single repository of shop floor information helps ensure the continuum between planning, scheduling, and execution.

Features & Benefits
  • Manage Complex Lot Transactions: Split or merge lots. Update lot name, product, routing, and quantity. Enable bonus lot creation.
  • Track Lot Genealogy: Track products back to raw materials. Enable backward or forward genealogy surfing.”
  • Enable Dynamic Routing: Determine routing dynamically, depending on process needs or resource availability. Gain ability to jump to any operation.
  • Integrate Planning and the Shop Floor: Support lot-based jobs and operation yields. Schedule orders with network routing. Gain CO-product planning capabilities.
  • Gain Yield-Based Operational Costing: Accurately measure operation yield levels, yielded cost of products, and cost variance at operations. Support standard costing methods.

Supply Chain Management for Oracle E-Business Suite

Supply Chain Management Module

Supply Chain Execution

The Oracle E‑Business Suite Supply Chain Execution family of applications supports the complete order to cash business process, capturing demand from any channel, providing inbound and outbound transportation management, and supporting large, complex distribution operations. A unified data model provides a single, accurate view of the entire supply chain execution process, so you can plan, manage, and control the flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meet customer requirements. And when Oracle Supply Chain Execution runs on Oracle technology, you speed implementation, optimize performance, streamline support, and maximize return on your investment.

Seamless Integration, Complete Flexibility

Oracle Supply Chain Execution is part of the Oracle E‑Business Suite, integrating with other E‑Business Suite applications, including Oracle Manufacturing and Oracle Procurement, and leveraging technologies such as Oracle Sensor-Based Services. Implement one or several application families — or implement the complete Oracle E‑Business Suite for the fastest way to high-quality enterprise information

Advanced Supply Chain Planning 

With today’s rapidly changing business conditions, you need a planning tool that surpasses the traditional latency of disconnected planning processes or Excel planning spreadsheets. You can leverage Oracle® Advanced Supply Chain Planning to be more responsive. You can perform simultaneous material and capacity planning across multiple distribution and manufacturing facilities and time horizons in a single planning run, while at the same time accounting for the latest consensus forecast, sales orders, production status, purchase orders, and inventory policy recommendations. You can choose to start immediately with more advanced constrained and optimized planning, leveraging the out-of-the-box optimization, or you can decide to get to that point gradually by starting with unconstrained planning.

Features And Benefits

  • Reduce Planning Cycle Time — Holistic Supply and Distribution Planning: Oracle® Advanced Supply Chain Planning enables you to run holistic plans that span long term aggregate planning to short term detailed schedules, multiple manufacturing processes (lot based, process, discrete, configure-to-order, and project based), and all organizations across a virtual supply chain. As a single solution for distribution, supply chain, and manufacturing planning, it is based on one supply chain model, one planning engine, and one setup. Its flexible configuration, however, enables you to define different models that can co-exist (hub-and-spoke planning; single plan) and evolve as your organization grows without requiring reimplementation. Extensive defaulting logic, paired with a productivity enhancing UI and strong exception management, enables planners to quickly use the tool to make their planning decisions.
  • Comprehensive Distribution Planning: Oracle® Advanced Supply Chain Planning offers comprehensive support for companies that focus more on solving distribution and replenishment problems. Distribution planners can leverage a comprehensive Distribution Planner Workbench that presents global visibility of material positions, automates allocations and redistribution between regional and central distribution centers, with the ability to manually override, consolidates individual shipments into optimal truckloads, highlights exceptions, and releases planning recommendations for execution while taking into account kitting, end item substitution, date effective sourcing, distribution, allocation rules, global forecasting, alternates (components, suppliers, facilities, and ship methods), and supplier capacity constraints.
  • Increase planner productivity and reduce decision making latency: Planners can leverage robust exception management and root-cause analysis in combination with graphical supply chain pegging to identify and resolve problems from end demand to the lowest level component or resource requirements. Extensive use of workflow to enable process automation and automated corrective action enables you to significantly reduce the non-value added costs of manual activity. In addition, planners can leverage extensive personalization to tailor their workspace to their needs. Combined with the powerful simulation and multi-planner collaboration capabilities, it enables them to perform their planning tasks quickly and efficiently.

Additional Capabilities for Oracle E-Business Suite

Additional Capabilities Module

Oracle Human Resources Analytics

Improve Productivity, Manage Compensation and Improve Retention

Oracle Human Resources Analytics helps organizations improve overall workforce performance and managerial effectiveness while reducing costs. With numerous key performance indicators, more than 85 reports, and four dashboards, Oracle Human Resources Analytics provides your human resources (HR) professionals and front-line managers with the tools to gain up-to-the-minute insight into productivity levels across your organization. The resulting benefits help reduce workforce costs, increase employee productivity, effectively manage employee compensation, improve retention, and reduce voluntary turnover.

Features & Benefits
  • Compensation: understand how compensation impacts performance, ensure compensation is equitable and consistent across roles, and align incentive compensation with objectives and company goals
  • HR Performance: assess HR performance against recruitment and retention goals, monitor and improve employee productivity, and assess compensation competitiveness to attract top talent
  • Retention: understand drivers of employee turnover, proactively identify top performers who are likely being recruited by competitors, and reduce recruiting and involuntary termination costs
  • Workforce Profile and Compliance: reduce time and cost of compliance reporting, increase employee satisfaction and retention, and manage overall profile and background of workforce


Oracle iSupport enables you to provide a secure, self-service web portal that delivers self-service functionality to customers and employees 247. Its sophisticated knowledge management system provides the information needed to solve problems, manage product configurations, and track orders, payments, shipments, returns, and contracts. The result: you improve customer satisfaction while driving down service costs.

Features & Benefits
  • Provide Solutions via Knowledge Management: Enable users to conduct basic or advanced searches across multiple repositories. Tailor knowledge base content to different user types. Track solution usefulness, then rank searches accordingly.
  • Drive Sales: Provide notifications about special events, product upgrades, and contract renewals on customer homepages.
  • Speed Resolution for Complex Issues: Capture all critical data upfront via an option to require customers to answer key questions online before contacting an agent.
  • Empower Large Customers to Manage Their Own Users: Enable customers to designate employees as administrators of their own user communities.
  • Support Transactional Inquiries: Allow customers to access and search orders, invoices, payments, contracts, returns, and service requests. Permit customers to initiate product returns.

Services & Support for Oracle E-Business Suite

Services & Support Module

Oracle Support Tools and Resources

Oracle Support Services offers comprehensive maintenance and problem resolution offerings for your Oracle technology and application products so you can get the level of support that suits your business. The breadth of our knowledge and the scale of our support organization ensure your technology’s future. The result for your enterprise is optimal performance, a lower cost of ownership and a greater competitive advantage.

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