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Financial Management for SAP Business ByDesign

Accounts Payable

SAP software system delivers robust financial management capabilities for small- to mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies. The solution’s accounts payable module offers increased transparency and improved cash flow capabilities via the automation of payment processing and payment clearing. Customization within the module permits users to define payment blocks, deduction types, and payment-clearing strategies with its expense management software.

SAP ERP accounts payable module integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, facilitating a user-friendly connection with Excel for powerful financial reporting. Business ByDesign’s electronic interface delivers real-time insights into bank balances so users can optimize core accounting processes and centrally manage payables with ease. 

Accounts Receivable

Business ByDesign ERP system helps small- to mid-sized manufacturing businesses optimize core accounting processes with real-time insights into bank balances for improved management. A user-friendly electronic interface supports the ability to centrally manage receivables with enhanced automation features. The automatic scheduling feature is designed to keep users current on outstanding receivables and also creates and sends reminders to customers with overdue payment items. 

Business ByDesign enterprise resource planning software solution provides real-time visibility into integrated ledgers for full transparency. Better forecast cash flow and manage payments due. Maintain control over outstanding payments with automated payment clearing and rapid processing. The accounts receivable module integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office Excel for enhanced financial reporting capabilities.

Cash Flow

Business ByDesign ERP solution provides financial management features that include a cash flow management module designed to help small- and mid-sized manufacturing businesses better manage statements and bank accounts. Cash flow management tools support the ability to identify future trends with real-time visibility and periodic forecast analysis using customer and supplier transaction data. 

The cash flow module within the SAP enterprise resource planning software system monitors liquidity status and provides forecasts to help businesses safeguard cash. Upload and monitor bank account statements for transparent financial transaction analysis. And expedite payments via automated financial processes.

Financial Management

Business ByDesign ERP system’s financial planning management module provides small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) a single, up-to-the-moment view of company financials by integrating core business processes with financial performance. The financial management capabilities of SAP ERP software help manufacturing and distribution companies meet global reporting standards using real-time analytics. Experience accelerated period-end closing processes and more efficient management of payables, receivables, inventory, and liquidity. 

SAP ERP software system helps SMEs accurately forecast cash flow by incorporating data from customer- and supplier-facing business processes. Gain better control over cash availability. Automation of payment and clearing processes helps to reduce errors and minimize costs. 

The financial management module in Business ByDesign enterprise resource planning solution includes the following business process features and benefits:

  • Gain the ability to manage general ledger accounts for multiple operating units.
  • Simplify fixed asset and inventory counting with current and accurate valuations.
  • Support multiple financial reporting standards simultaneously.
  • Streamline accounting processes with integrated ledgers.
  • Provide stakeholders with reports via enhanced reporting tools.
  • Better manage cash and liquidity with integrated forecasting tools.
  • Create employee policies to monitor expenses and manage reimbursements.
  • Obtain real-time insights into account balances via electronic interfaces.
  • Valuate payments in multiple foreign currencies.
  • Streamline tax reporting with robust reporting capabilities.

Financial Statements

SAP ERP software provides manufacturing and distribution businesses with a simplified accounting method for creating financial statements. All financial transactions are recorded according to a one-document principle and automatically posted to the general ledger as well as to all relevant sub-ledgers providing a complete and transparent audit trail. 

With the Business ByDesign enterprise resource planning system, businesses gain the ability to close books and create reports without the need for separate ledgers The fast-close functionality aids in speeding up the closing process and delivering more accurate and timely financial statements. Save time and reduce costs with the ability to create financial statements quickly. 

SAP ERP software offers manufacturing businesses the following features and benefits for creating financial statements:

  • Process tax declarations and determine accounts for corresponding postings.
  • View analytics of all financial transactions.
  • Create periodic liquidity forecasts.
  • Streamline expense approvals with built-in workflows.
  • Create financial statements with ease.
  • Speed up closing processes.

Foreign Currency

SAP ERP software offers manufacturing and distribution companies the ability to deal in foreign currencies with ease. The solution’s built-in framework automatically converts foreign currency transactions without the need for manual intervention. Automated processing of country-specific electronic banking and payment methods facilitates efficiency.

SAP ERP software system’s foreign currency functionality offers businesses the ability to calculate, file, and pay tax returns in country-specific currencies. Create parallel ledgers with different currencies to manage reporting effortlessly. The solution delivers robust capabilities for global reporting standards to help businesses maintain legal compliance in multiple countries.

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