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Production Management for SAP Business ByDesign

Production Planning & Scheduling

SAP ERP system provides a robust production planning and scheduling module designed to help manufacturing and distribution businesses efficiently manage production environments. The ERP solution integrates planning, production, and warehouse management to facilitate lean manufacturing and improve inventory management. Maintain lean manufacturing via robust forecasting functionality for increased profits and customer satisfaction. Plan, execute, and monitor multiple projects.

Business ByDesign is a comprehensive suite that facilitates integrated supply and demand planning for increased revenue growth and quality management. Meet customer demand and ensure on-time delivery. The solution offers enhanced project planning features, such as production transparency and traceability for clear identification of replenishment needs. Improved production analysis provides manufacturing and distribution companies with the ability to better plan materials and capacity requirements.

Business ByDesign enterprise resource planning solution supplies the following production planning and scheduling features and benefits:

  • Exception-driven planning and material flow analysis provides detailed decision support.
  • Multilevel material planning facilitates efficient, cost-saving replenishment.
  • Transparent production control fosters improved monitoring.
  • Built-in analytics deliver enhanced reporting capabilities.
  • Automatic and continuous inventory calculations provide real-time stock valuations.
  • Integrated demand planning based on historical data enables statistical forecasting capabilities.
  • Network diagrams and Gantt charts offer detailed scheduling views.

Project Management

Business ByDesign ERP system delivers a robust project management module for small- to medium-sized manufacturing and distribution businesses. The solution enables project managers to plan and track multiple projects via network diagrams and graphical tools. A workflow-driven task management system promotes efficiency and increased cost savings. The streamlined module is user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel for powerful analytics. Comprehensive task management tools provide project managers with detailed information on daily job requirements.

SAP ERP software project management module enables up-to-the-moment project data for simplified tracking of project costs, purchases, and time. Real-time data promotes collaboration between teams for a more streamlined experience. Gain the ability to integrate all project-related processes and documents from planning to execution with ease. A dedicated work center allows project team members to collaborate with each other and fulfill tasks from any location. The project management module also integrates with human resources, customer relationship management, and supplier relationship management (SRM) for complete planning efficiency.

Business ByDesign enterprise resource planning solution offers the following integrated project management features and benefits:

  • Sales quotes integrate with project management to give managers the ability to evaluate planned and committed resources early in the project process.
  • Sales order integration correlates sales order line items with project tasks to aid in costing out projects and maintaining budgets.
  • Expense reports integration automatically adjusts approvals giving project managers the ability to approve or reject reports posted to the project.
  • Purchasing integration permits managers to issue purchase orders directly from a project.
  • Employee time entry integration automatically populates employee time and task assignments for effective planning.

SAP Business ByDesign Modules

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