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Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Overview

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, formerly Microsoft Dynamics Navision, provides growing small and midsize manufacturing businesses a robust, comprehensive, and cost-effective ERP software solution to support manufacturing processes.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system gives manufacturing businesses greater control over supply chains, production lines, corporate financials, and overall operations. With a simple and fast implementation process, MS Dynamics NAV can be up and running in a very short time.

Manufacturers can now better drive success and achieve goals with Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software suite, an integrated, adaptable business management solution that streamlines and automates business processes. Microsoft Dynamics NAV also delivers business intelligence and robust reporting by connecting customers, employees, and partners across a worldwide global marketplace. Flexible, with an easy-to-use intuitive design, Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides the tools necessary to fuel business productivity and enable confident decision-making with the ability to respond quickly to new marketplace opportunities.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Advantages

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Manufacturing ERP Software helps organizations accomplish more every day with Role Centers that provide access to relevant information, tasks, and business processes.

  • Role Centers provide a single, integrated view of the information and activities most relevant to user’s roles, helping to organize and prioritize work, and to manage tasks quickly and effectively.
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively with access to Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office Excel, and Microsoft Office Word from your Role Center, making it easy to find, use, and share information.
  • Access improved context-based Help that provides descriptions and explanations in a clear how-to” format.
  • Individualized user experience, via personalized menus and shortcuts, grants access to common tasks more directly and efficiently. Get up to speed right from the start with a familiar, intuitive, and user-friendly experience.
  • Minimize training costs and accelerate productivity from the start with software that looks and feels like other Microsoft products and technologies.
  • Work more efficiently with quick access to information and processes through action panes, easy-to-locate commands, improved access to lists, look-up windows, drill-back and inquiry tools, and custom links to applications and Web sites. Enable users to make fast, informed decisions based on real-time business intelligence.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technology

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP Software is largely developed on a .NET architecture and runs on Windows OS with MS SQL Server as its database. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is offered as either an on-premise installation or software as a service (SaaS) cloud delivery.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enterprise resource planning software setup and configuration are user-friendly by the use of wizards and sequential routines. Use wizards for creating setup configurations for security permissions, maintenance, auditing with role-based security features, and to remember user and company settings. 

  • RoleTailored Client (RTC) can be configured specifically for each user to show all the features, tasks, reminders, and documents needed to efficiently and productively streamline the day’s work.
  • C/FRONT enables easy sharing of information from Microsoft Dynamics NAV into familiar programs such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
  • Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow two-way communication between Microsoft NAV and other third party software via an ODBC connection.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV XMLport objects allow system administrators to import data into NAV in an XML format for a streamlined way of exchanging information.
  • Extensible web services allow for real-time data sharing and the integration of business processes across disparate business applications: The Web Services Layer connects with the Business Services Layer to provide security, policy validations, defaulting, and exception management. These two layers then interact with the Business Logic and Persistence Layer within eConnect providing reliable and secure integration solutions.
  • Extensible business reporting language (XBRL), an XML-based protocol, uses customary financial reporting criteria to export across many financial software products and technologies. 
  • Transact-SQL stored procedures, the database language that manages the ERP software application and database, is built to allow financial reporting to be consumed in multiple languages and formats. Financial information is imported automatically without the need for manual entry.
  • The software customization capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows users to make simple or complex modifications without extensive IT involvement due to its technology architecture and secure integration with the Microsoft technology stack (including SQL Server, .NET, Windows Workflow Foundation, etc.).Some of the software development tools that allow for customization to the Dynamics NAV ERP software are an application builder, which allows for additional functionality to be built, but does not allow access to the write-protected tables; a page and form designer, which allows the creation of up to 100 forms and objects and gives customization options of new menu items; a dataport designer that permits access to write-protected tables, the creation of business rules and new calculations, and the ability to customize reports; a solution developer, which permits complete development control and the merging of menus and new data types that can be integrated into the base ERP application; a table designer that allows users to customize multiple styles of reports or tables for organizational or individual user needs; and an XML port designer that allows for the customization of XMLport objects.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Modules

Sales & Order Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Service Management Module

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system software has been designed to streamline your organization’s service operations, enhancing efficiency and profitability. Easily manage customer calls and queries, track support tickets, allocate resources, create reports, and carry out asset management.

Enhanced integration with manufacturing, warehouse management, and assembly management helps to optimize operations by connecting the shipping of service items with the warehouse.

Planning and dispatching of materials provide deeper insight and better control of service processes. The demand overview gives the perspective to see all the supply and demand that is associated with an item, helping provide accurate delivery information to customers.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 offers the following management capabilities:

  • Service Order Management directly converts project quotes into service orders. Service requests can be created automatically or by customer initiation depending upon the terms of service agreements. Schedule impromptu service orders and get a complete view of service orders and service order quotes that are easily accessible via the service order log.
  • Service Contract Management allows for creating, monitoring, and managing contractual agreements with customers via contract templates. Easily view contract histories, quotes, gains, and losses; track invoicing and service history; and measure contract profitability.
  • Service Price Management offers the ability to set up and monitor service prices based on different criteria such as a service item, service task, or for a specific customer or for a limited period of time.

Financial Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Business Intelligence Module

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Intelligence provides crucial, real-time business information and an extensive range of analytical tools to assist in managing budgets, creating and consolidating reports, analyzing trends and relationships, and sharing knowledge.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software delivers Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities that provide the capacity to predict trends, reveal insights, and operate seamlessly at optimal performance. The intelligence, analytics, and reporting features are designed for companies, both large and small, to assist in managing the abundant quantities of information and data generated by ERP software systems.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV BI integrates naturally with multiple applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Analytics, Microsoft Office Business Scorecard Manager (BSM), Microsoft FRx, Microsoft Dynamics NAV ODBC Driver (NODBC), Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, and Employee Portal for Microsoft Dynamics NAV to deliver intelligence capabilities making it readily accessible to all employees for seamless collaboration.
  • Transform raw data into rich visuals with the use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV BI reporting tools to see new possibilities and risks at a glance.
  • Pinpoint new opportunities with real-time contact data, company insights, and news alerts. One-click Sync ensures that your sales team has up-to-the-moment information at all times.
  • Transactional Insight permits users to find all information from any transaction in the system which allows for deeper insight and further analysis.
  • Business Insight capabilities are fully customizable and can be used to monitor business performance by combining historical patterns and forward-looking trends, which is critical to the decision-making process.
  • Built-in tools such as report wizards and account schedules allow users to create reports to compare actuals versus budgets, giving a clear view into the effects of marketing campaigns.

Financial Management Module

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system offers a complete general ledger solution that provides finance and accounting solutions for tracking and analyzing all your company’s financial information. 

With end-to-end integration, administration of all financial tasks such as creating and maintaining a general ledger; managing analytical accounting, inventory, cash flow, manufacturing costs, bank accounts, and fixed assets; as well as posting transactions; preparing financial statements; and reconciling accounts and collections across multiple companies, locations, and currencies is easily managed.

Other financial management features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV designed to enhance manufacturing capabilities include:

  • FlowFields, which updates and recalculates continually to ensure that users receive up-to-the-moment financial data.
  • Cash Manager, a bank account management system that allows users to create and modify bank accounts, transfer funds between bank accounts, and also automates the complete check-writing process. 
  • Lookup Buttons that can be used to get direct access to information in a table format eliminating the need for any data re-entry.
  • Payables and Receivables, which allows users to define payment terms, payment methods, discount periods, and finance charge terms.
  • Security features that allow management to specify who can view what information using record-level security.
  • Traceability, which ensures that all transactions have an unmitigated audit trail, creating complete transparency.
  • Fixed Assets that defines particulars for an asset or group assets from acquisition to disposal and also reports the required depreciation conditions.

Production Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Project Management Module

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system delivers a complete software solution designed to assist in profitably managing every step from resources and budgets to jobs and invoicing. An accelerated workflow via automation helps to better monitor ongoing projects while also planning for long-term ones.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV software helps budget for costs and time, automate billings, track resource costs and usage, plan capacity, and predict availability lending to sound decision-making based on comprehensive information. Keep projects on track, align people and processes for smoother productivity, reduce errors by automating repetitive tasks, and provide accurate estimates for customers. 

Streamline internal communications between on-site employees and the corporate office with role-based views of relevant information, improve customer relations by accessing customer information with a user-friendly desktop interface, and increase collaboration with Web portals and shared project libraries. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software includes several granules designed to improve project management capabilities:

  • Basic Resources tracks resources and pricing.
  • Jobs tracks usage of jobs and data for customer invoicing by managing both fixed-price jobs and time-and-materials jobs.
  • Multiple Costs manages alternative cost structures for resources and resource groups based on either fixed charges, additional percentage, or increased fixed charges.
  • Multiple Currencies simplifies international business transactions by managing multiple currencies including payables and receivables, general ledger reports, inventory, and bank accounts.
  • Sales Invoicing can be fully integrated with Basic General Ledger and Basic Inventory to create, post, and print invoices and sales credit memos.
  • Purchase Invoicing can also be fully integrated with Basic General Ledger and Basic Inventory to create, post, and print purchase invoices and credit memos.
  • Purchase Order Management manages purchase order processes, purchase quotes, and blanket orders.
  • Employee Portal provides user-friendly access to live Microsoft Dynamics NAV data for employees via Microsoft Web platform; both Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server are supported. This feature allows for simpler tasks such as viewing, creating, updating, and deleting data in an easy-to-use and familiar environment.

Supply Chain Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Supply Chain Management Module

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software tailors the workflow process, manages inventory, helps to pursue new market opportunities, improves responsiveness, and provides efficient partner collaboration. 

Expand manufacturing capabilities with the automation of Microsoft Dynamic NAV’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) that helps to reduce redundant tasks, increases accuracy, and aids in minimizing handling time and overhead. Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, which streamlines cross-department communications and reduces the need for extra training time. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP SCM solution gives the control needed over your supply chain by providing a customizable and detailed view of supply chain activities such as inventory levels, trend reports, forecasts, and transportation plans — in real time. Monitor supplier statuses, storage facilitates, production plants, and distribution centers for more effective tracking and management of all processes, from ordering and acquisition of raw materials, to manufacturing and delivery of finished goods.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 offers the following Supply Chain Management features:

  • Alternative Order Addresses, which is useful for managing orders from vendors that have more than one location from where orders are shipped.
  • Alternate Ship-to Addresses accommodates customers who have more than one address to where orders are shipped.
  • Alternative Vendors aids in managing purchases of the same item from multiple vendors. Customize for each vendor according to items, required lead times, and price agreements. 
  • Analysis Reports provide management with flexible and efficient ways to get pertinent information from the system to make day-to-day decisions with confidence. 
  • Assembly Management allows for specification of a list of sellable items, raw materials, and resources that comprise a finished item or a kit to replenish assembly items and to document customers’ specific requirements.
  • Basic Inventory tracks items in stock along with their units of measure, unit cost, pricing method, etc. Quantity and cost records of transactions are posted in the inventory ledger for costing calculations and inventory valuation. 
  • Basic Payables enables generation of vendor ledger entries using General Journals. When used with the Multiple Currencies feature, managing payables in multiple currencies for each vendor is seamless. 
  • Basic Receivables manages receivables using General Ledger. This feature also works with Multiple Currencies for posting customer transactions in different currencies.
  • Bin organizes warehouse inventory by assigning items to bins.
  • Drop Shipment handles order shipments directly from the vendor to the customer through automation. This feature keeps track of order costs and profits without having to stock items in inventory. 
  • Item Charges factors in item charges including the value of additional costs, such as insurance or freight charges, into the unit price.
  • Item Substitutions links items with the same or similar characteristics so substitute items can be offered when stock is unavailable. 
  • Item Tracking manages and tracks serial and lot numbers, both manually and automatically, allowing the shipping and receiving of multiple quantities from a single order line entry. 
  • Location Transfers track inventory as it is moved from one location to another and accounts for the inventory in transit and at multiple locations.

Customer Relationship Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Sales and Marketing Module

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) ERP software system assists in efficiently managing customer records, sales histories, contracts, and service agreements; creating and launching marketing campaigns; tracking customer activity; and forecasting and tracking parts consumption.

The built-in functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers reliable tools for sales and marketing teams by providing access to current information via seamless integration with Microsoft Office. Quickly and effectively analyze performance using powerful reporting tools and keep sales and marketing staff current and connected while mobile with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Service integration. 

Features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 include the following granules:

  • Campaign Management organizes campaigns based on contact list segments that can be defined according to specific criteria such as contact profiles, sales histories, and interactions. 

  • Task Management organizes tasks relating to all sales and marketing activities. Create to-do lists and assign tasks for other users or teams. 

  • Opportunity Management monitors sales opportunities by allowing the division of sales procedures into stages, presenting an overview of sales potentiality.

  • Contact Management maintains an overview of contacts offering a customizable approach. This granule integrates seamlessly with the Sales and Receivables granule.

  • Document Management records all interactions with contacts such as telephone calls, correspondence, and meetings. Microsoft Dynamics NAV integrates fully with Microsoft Office allowing documents to be attached to interactions in Word, Excel, or .txt files. 

  • Mail Logging logs all email correspondence. Log inbound and outbound email sent through either Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Outlook with the use of Microsoft Exchange Server. 

  • Electronic Invoicing sends and receives electronic invoices and credit memos, which are then integrated, along with scanned paper invoices, into the document management application.

Additional Capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Human Resource Management Module

The Human Resource Management (HR) functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software efficiently organizes and processes detailed employee records: Maintain all employee records such as employment contracts, absences, qualifications, confidential information, experience, skills, training, education, and union memberships. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV HR software helps to manage all areas of human resources easily and accurately by eliminating the time-consuming, manual process of redundant data entry and decreasing the margin of error. RoleTailored access and tight security features ensure that sensitive information gets delivered to only the right people.

Other features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Human Resource Management include the ability to:

  • Store personal information. 
  • Track job openings within your organization.
  • Extract a list of candidates for newly-opened positions.
  • Keep track of employee benefits and company items such as keys, credit cards, cars, and computers.
  • Record all types of absences in customizable units of measurement.
  • Attach comments, alternative addresses, and relatives’ names to employees’ records.
  • Keep payroll in-house instead of outsourcing it.
  • Meet complex regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Generate reports.
  • Remember employees’ birthdays and important dates.

Services & Support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Support Options Module

The service plan benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP software range from basic and self-support resources to personalized account management. Support resources within tiered plans include varied levels of support calls, unlimited online training, access to a technical and support portal, access to upgrades and updates, new version rights, cloud services support, and more. 

When you need personal, one-on-one support, Microsoft Dynamics NAV software support professionals can handle most requests immediately. And when an on-the-spot solution isn’t available, guaranteed response times help to ensure customer issues are answered promptly. All these benefits combined maximize the value of Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

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