Kenandy ERP | Sales and Order Mgmt.

Sales and Order Management
In Kenandy ERP, sales orders drive your order forecast, along with other key inputs such as your forecasts, safety stock, and rework. Order Management is completely integrated with your manufacturing and financial operations.
Managing your order-to-cash process efficiently and easily is key to an effective partnership with your sales team, resulting in better management of your purchasing and production, higher satisfaction for your customers, and an improved bottom line for your business.
Kenandy is integrated with CRM. Your sales team can generate sales orders directly from your opportunities in Salesforce to streamline your order entry process with Kenandy.
Process orders smoothly and accurately, creating shipments right from your sales order. Invoicing is generated as orders are fulfilled and shipping confirmed, all with proper accounting of revenue recognition. Need to split an order? Kenandy cleanly manages multiple shipments and invoicing for partial orders.
Drive your purchasing and product planning with ease. Kenandy can bring together your existing sales orders and order forecast, along with other supply and production demands as input for your MRP. And with Kenandy, MRP can be run on a moment’s notice, letting you adjust quickly to changes in orders or product mix, find out current product availability, or determine how to respond to emerging sales opportunities. 
Kenandy ERP provides order management that’s simple and intuitive, from creating the order, shipping and invoicing, receiving payments, to processing returns and credits.