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Financial Management for Kenandy ERP

Financial Overview Module

Kenandy’s financials are tightly integrated with our manufacturing and order management applications, ensuring that your accounting, sales, purchasing, receiving, production, and distribution operations are in synch all the time. This end-to-end enterprise management approach is designed to make Kenandy easy to operate, quick to deploy, and always up-to-date for every part of your business.

Accounts Payable Module

You can enter, manage, and pay all of your supplier’s bills from one place in Kenandy. When you’re ready to process payments, Kenandy allows you to quickly organize and retrieve your bills. Pay the bills you want to pay to manage cash or take advantage of special terms. Kenandy gives you a complete view into all of your bills, including the payment amount, method, date, and status. With accounts payable and receiving working together, AP helps you track payments due and avoids payments for missing or partial shipments.

Accounts Receivable Module

Kenandy ERP tracks all of your receivables and supports multiple payment methods. When funds come in, Kenandy makes it easy to match payments to invoices and helps you easily complete the process. One simple process, designed to keep your accounts current with clear visibility into your receivables.

Employee Expense Reporting Module

Easily create expense reports to streamline the expense entry, approval, and reimbursement process. Monitor the status of all your employees’ expense reports — see reports that are open and not yet submitted, submitted for approval, approved to pay, and more. Once your report is complete, a click of a button sends it through your approval process. Expense reporting that’s simple and efficient.

Banking Module

When your receivables come in, you can use Kenandy to deposit the funds. Manage bank deposits, reconcile bank statements, and always have visibility into cash on-hand.

Financial Statements and Reports Module

Kenandy includes standard financial statements for Balance Sheet and Income Statement, plus a range of additional accounting reports to track your business. Not finding what you need? The custom report writing and analytics capabilities of the sales​force​.com cloud computing platform make it easy to quickly create even sophisticated reports combining multiple types of data.

Fixed Assets Module

With Kenandy, you can manage all your fixed assets, including depreciation schedules, making it easy for you to maintain your books as efficiently as possible.

General Ledger Module

Kenandy gives you full control over your GL accounts, making it easy not only to set up the accounts you need, but to manage sub-accounts, account types and default accounts for consistent accounting, proper classification, and the roll-up and financial reporting you need to manage your business.

Multi-currency Module

Kenandy provides multi-currency functionality to help global businesses transact, manage, and report in any number of currencies. You can do business in any transaction currency and the amounts are converted and stored in the company’s functional currency as well as multiple reporting currencies. It is easy to maintain your exchange rates (e.g. daily or monthly rates) and even vary the rate based upon the type of transaction (e.g. sales, purchase, etc.)

Standard Costs Module

Kenandy provides the capabilities you need to properly account for inventory value and cost of goods sold. You can use standard costs to properly manage COGS and inventory value, track average and most recent costs, and report on cost variance, all built with your kind of business in mind.

Kenandy ERP Modules

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